100 thoughts on “my natural summer makeup routine | Madelaine Petsch

  1. Thanks you for the french sub because I speak english a little so it’s better when I understand all video 🤧❤️❤️

  2. Never ever dye your hair I am just warning you…you probably won’t…you have the most beautiful hair ever.❤️

  3. 🥳 if anyone ends up wanting to try Glossier cloud paints feel free to use my discount link xx ✨🤗https://re.glossier.com/12432e20

  4. I remember every step of your make up, but im watching it constantly becouse im in love with your films and how positive you are💋

  5. Hi! I loved watching you do your makeup! Let’s support each other on yt! I have 60 subs! 🙂 btw your gorgeous and so talented in makeup! 💕

  6. Your lips are so perfect, I thought they overlined them on the show or did something but they look the same way without the lipstick. Omg I'm so jealous!!!

  7. Hey l love you l can't stop listening to your videos and waching your videos and I can't stop laughing at your videos you are so so very funny and I can't stop loving you are the best and amazing person your my favorite

  8. Кто тут тоже русский и практикует английский? (Эм, ладно… А ещё! Ещё я знаю её благодаря ривердейлу)

  9. I wish I could do this less of makeup but not when you have cystic acne and acne scars. But I do like tinted moisturizer’s with a little spot conceal.

  10. Watching you do your makeup always is so relaxing. Would love to see a fall makeup video or a step by step look for your Riverdale makeup!🙏🏻❤️

  11. Madelaine how do you not have any dark circles!? I cannot put conclear with just fingetips!!😭😭 we need a skin care💜

  12. I don’t wear make up but i tried wearing it in 10th grade and i would always use my hands but i quit after like a month of wearing make up bcs i didn’t like it

  13. Давайте все напишем,что такое на русском,что бы Мэделин подумала,что мы умные😹❤🌚

  14. At first I thought this was a fake account but then I saw it was a real account and I was like oh my gosh I love riverdale just ask my bestie I talk about it 24/7 I love you as Cheryl blossom and please reply and tell me if there if gonna be more seasons not just a fourth season!

  15. Я русская, и хочу сказать, что в этом комментарие нет ничего полезного

  16. I love your hair! Tbh you don't need any make-up you look really pretty without it, but it was a good video I found out a few new things for a natural look that actually work on me.

  17. Amei essa maquiagem linda e discreto 😍 mas com o verão do Brasil, as vezes não consigo colocar nem um pó, só um batom mesmo😂🤦🏾‍♀️

  18. Can you film a video showing all your makeup routine products? Like saying their name and where they are from, please? Cause I have terrible skin and I have nothing for them… and being a redhead doesn’t help my problem 😪
    You are my idol! Thank you for everything! ❤️

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