My New Apartment Tour! ? 2018

My New Apartment Tour! ? 2018

Oh hey guys! What’s up? Welcome to my apartment! Come on in. Alright, first off is the kitchen, and I love
that this is a very spacious kitchen. We have this big counter here to prep food
and we also sit here to eat here as well. There’s a lot of space, and everything’s pretty
standard, except for this area. Our fridge is the area where we put up
polaroids of our friends. So whenever our friends would come over and
see our apartment, we would use this polaroid camera to snap
a little picture of them. Some of these photos are from different events, like this one is from Coachella, and then
this is from my cousin’s wedding recently. So it’s all just memories and the people
that we care about and love the most. Another thing to note is I really love having
fresh flowers in my home. So I recently bought these at the flower market in LA. And I have a lot of fun just picking different
colors for whatever I feel like at the moment. I’m really feeling the yellow vibes right now. I also really love diffusing essential oils,
as you may have seen in my essential oils video. And today I have lavender and frankincense,
which are two of my favorite scents to diffuse. Alright, so now we’re in the living room,
and this is probably the area that you’re most used to seeing because I
shoot all my videos here. This is the area that gets the best lighting,
so I just love how fresh it feels and looks in here. Over in this corner, I have this other little
bouquet of flowers here. And I love this pink carnation. I think it’s super cute. And here I just have some decorative items on the table, just a pair of glasses and this hip magazine. I love this side table. I actually took it from my old house because
we weren’t really using it there. This circular, gold-bronze material really matches the circle mirror that we got, which I love. I love the circle theme here. As you can see, we also have a circular coffee table. And then the coffee table legs are in a kind of
in a triangle crisscross shape, which matches the crisscross shape of the rug. I really tried to pair different shapes here. So here I am on our gorgeous couch that’s
from West Elm, and the funny thing is, this is actually the third couch that we’ve had in this apartment because I ordered the first one. It was too small and the color was not exactly
what I wanted, so I returned it. Got a second couch and – The second couch, I just looked at the dimensions wrong and it was just way too big for our space. So this is the third couch. It’s really like the happy medium. I literally went through the
Goldilocks and the Three Bears scenario. You guys have already seen this gorgeous pink throw. I use this to decorate my couch in the back
of my videos. And this is from Urban Outfitters, but it was gifted. And behind me are some frames of artwork that I got,
all from Society 6. So I’ll link everything down below. Over in the corner, I have this bell lamp
that I thought looked really cute. In reality, it looks better than it functions. It kind of functions like a spotlight, and
probably a regular floor lamp would have done a better job lighting up the living room, but I just like it for its looks, basically. Alright, so I can’t not talk about the shell chair, which is one of my favorite pieces of the apartment. I was searching far and wide for an affordable
version of this chair. Basically, I found this on Instagram by @eggcanvas
and she has a shell chair in her apartment. She has the real one. This is like a designer chair, and the one that I bought is a replica of the designer chair. I’m not ready to spend thousands on a chair,
but I just think it’s so beautiful. And this one is well-made enough, although –
I’ll show you guys. This thing just comes off so easily. Sometimes when you sit on it, this back will come off, which is fine. You know, you gotta make sacrifices
for beauty and design. I think it’s comfortable enough. I can sit on the chair and it just looks so gorgeous. I just love it so much. And over here in the corner, I have my brand new plant. I just got this guy a couple days ago, from
the flower market as well. He is called a fiddle leaf fig tree. I’m a brand new plant mom, so any tips you
have, leave them in the comments below. I’m very excited to be taking care of this
thing, giving him a lot of light and water. By the TV, I wanted to show you guys a couple of the board games that we are loving at the moment. The first one is Settlers of Catan,
Game of Thrones version. This is a pretty epic game. In reality, we’ve been playing the Settlers version. And you can play the Game of Thrones version. We just haven’t bothered to learn that part
yet, so I’ll let you know how it goes once we learn to play that version. It seems pretty epic, though. And another one is Codenames, Disney edition. This one’s super fun. I mean, both games, we love to have friends
over to play board games. That is basically the thrill
that happens in this apartment. The most excitement happens in this living
room because of these board games. Over on this side is my desk. This is usually where I do all of my work.
I’m on this computer. If I’m recording podcasts or something, I’ll be in my closet on my laptop because my mic is in my closet. But this is where I generally edit videos,
emails, do social media, anything that pertains to Lavendaire
and getting work done. I’ll also show you how I organize my drawer here. I love that the drawer already has dividers. So on the left side I put some tech stuff,
like my tablet, some hard drives. In the center, I have little boxes where I
hold other tech stuff. I keep my journals in the center, my little
camera in the center. And then on the right side, I keep pens and
post-its, staplers, stationary stuff. So it’s pretty minimal and organized here
and I really, really love it. Also, this chair that I got for my desk is amazing. It’s this green velvet chair that I just really
think is such a pretty color. And I got it off Amazon, so I’ll link it down
below so you can check it out too. P.S. I really am inspired by this shade of green, and I’m trying to look for a similar shade
for 2019’s Artist of Life Workbook. Surprise! The door next to the living room goes to our bedroom. So once you walk in, you’ll see the vanity,
and I already gave a tour of the vanity. That’s another video that I’ll link down below. But aside from that, it’s just our bed and
then I have this artwork on the wall that says “calm”, which I really like. And it’s pretty simple. I really just use this room to sleep and put on makeup. Then we have a bathroom
that I’ll just quickly show here. I can’t do a voiceover there because the light
is really loud and it’s really annoying. But on the counter I have the skincare products
that I use most frequently. I have a ton of other products that are in
the cabinets. But I’ll show you my skincare routine in another nighttime routine video coming up soon, so look out for that. And then there’s another door in the bathroom
that leads back to the kitchen area. So there’s two doors to the bathroom. It just kind of loops around my apartment. Alright, that’s it for this tour of my apartment. I hope you guys liked it. By the way, I had to film this by myself. It was quite the struggle but I hope it was worth it. And if you’re interested in seeing more tour videos, seeing how I decorate or organize my space, I have a whole playlist called Tours & Organization. I’ll link it below and also right here. And lastly, don’t forget to subscribe and watch my relevant videos that I’ll link all down below. Alright, love you all so much. Bye!

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