My New Studio Tour! Cameras Lights and Goodies from Flexispot

– Ow! Finally found the new place
that we’re gonna move into. We just signed the lease the other day. One thing I am gonna
miss a little bit though, is this little view we do have. If you look over that way. Let me expose you guys. There’s the Hollywood sign right there and the Griffth Observatory. But this whole place only
has one washer, dryer that this whole unit shares so there’s probably like 30, 40 people using the same washer and dryer. So I’m about to do my last
batch of quarter-fed laundry, very excited about that. Dang it. Forgot the laundry key. Laundry room’s usually locked
because it’s not uncommon to get your clothes
stolen out of the dryer. Yep, definitely not gonna miss this part. And another thing, y’know
how you’re not supposed to leave any gear in the car? Well every time I was done with a shoot, I would have to go up this staircase, this set of stairs. Have another set of stairs to go up. This is brutal. Dylan, are you excited to move? – Yeah, let’s (bleep) do it. (motorcycle engine) – Welcome to the new studio. Hey thanks for keeping the studio safe. And here we are at the new studio and real quick I just wanted
to say, thank you guys. This literally wouldn’t have been possible without you guys, we’re just about to hit 200,000 subscribers today or tomorrow. This is literally been like
completely unreal to me. I have been talking about having my own studio space for literally over ten years and finally, finally we are here. This is actually not a massive space. It just looks kinda of big because I have a 10 mm lens on this 80D so everything looks nice
and wide and distorted. But really this used
to be a two car garage and they converted this
into a studio space. The guy that lived here
before me was a DJ. So he liked sound proofed all the walls So I could scream! And nobody will complain, this is awesome. This would not have been possible
without you guys, so yeah! Having this space, I’m
realizing there’s two things that’s making me so motivated and inspired to film
a ton of stuff is one, having all the gear already
kind of pre-setup here. ‘Cause I’m really, really
lazy and I don’t think we should underestimate how lazy we are. It’s so much easier to
go and film something if the camera is right
there and ready to go opposed to having it
tucked away in the corner, you pull it out and you’re like, “Oh these batteries aren’t
charged, let me charge it. “Oh let me dump this
memory card and da da da.” And I’m realizing that the more accessible I make everything available
to me and simple to me then the more I’m gonna use it because literally, just the
simple task of pulling out the tripod from the bags, setting it up putting the plate on the
camera, putting the battery in. They’re little steps and
they don’t take long, but if you do it everyday
you just kind of feel like not wanting to do it, opposed to me always having like a
RED camera, right here. I just push the button on
it and it’s ready to record. My point is that you
can have all the gear, and the skills and the ability
and time to do awesome things but I found myself struggling
to go out and shoot and create because of
like little inconveniences so really the big motivating
factor for this space for me is to just have everything
very available and easy. So just having this space
that is just dedicated to filming is seriously a dream come true. So why don’t I just
start off with this setup and I’ll take you around. Over here, we got the Canon 80D. The EOS R is a better camera,
but I’m shooting on the 80D because this is the camera
I can just leave here all the time because I wanna
use this as my vlog camera. Every time I take it out,
I wanna bring this with me. So I want a camera that just
stays here all the time. So, we got the 80D right here with 10 to 18 millimeter EFS lens. And I got a dummy battery
running over to a V mount battery just because again, I don’t want this thing to
constantly run out of battery, I don’t want to have to change it. This V mount battery will last
hours and hours of filming and I don’t really have to worry about the batteries being charged. And up here I have a Canon M50 with a 20mm prime
lens for the overhead shots. This is a yellow-orange paper roll and we have Westcott Flex light up here just kinda adding a little
bit of that glow behind me. It comes with this little dial so I can kinda adjust the intensity of it, but it just kinda takes this background and makes it a little less flat. It just kinda gives me a little
bit of that little punch. And then of course, I got
my beautiful RED camera here so I can flex as much as possible. And then I have a Mole-Richardson Fresnel. It’s an LED fresnel and those are awesome for shaping lights. So it creates a nice little
highlight for the camera and also a little sharper glow. It’s a little bit more
controlled than this one. This one’s just like a nice, round bubble and this one’s kind of
shaped a little bit. Main light over here
is one of my favorites. The Aputure 120D’s on wheels and we have the dome light on it, which makes it so much more convenient ’cause no matter where I go, I can just slide it around very easily. Again, I’m trying to design this place so it’s very convenient to film in. And I actually really love
this corner right here, which is just dedicated
battery charging station so I got my chargers all set up right here and I got my spare batteries down there. And down here is just all for memory. All my hard drives or
just unorganized footage. Over here we have our Movi
Pro and all this crap. I’m not even gonna go into what each ne of these things is or else this is gonna be a 30 minute video. And you can’t have a studio without comfortable seating for your audience. Packing station over here so when we load in and load out,
I just kinda go here, get everything organized, packed up and then it goes out the door. Mozzarella, you’re kinda
in my way right now. You okay? Are you alive? Here’s some of my glass and
a lot of people always say, “Why do you always go with Canon cameras?” Well this is partially why,
all these are EF lenses. I feel like that’s one
of the big selling points of EF lenses is if you take it, you can throw it on something like this but you can also throw
it on stuff like this. You can buy it and you can literally use it your entire career. And then this right here
is my giveaway shelf so all this stuff in here is gonna
be given away to you guys. DJI Osmo, giving away this thing and a bunch of accessories
for it in next week’s video. Now as much fun as all this
stuff is to talk about, let’s get real. As content creators, most of
our time is spent right here. Now as soon as I found out exactly how sound proof this place is, the first thing I went and bought, one of these guys. I just went to Guitar Center and was like, “Gimme some good speakers.” I don’t even know what
model number this is. I think it’s the JBL three Mark II? I didn’t really do much research, but the guy told me that these were good and they’re fairly accurate, enough at least for what I’m doing. In my apartment I always had
to listen through headphones because I had neighbors in every single direction imaginable. But man, this has been total game changer in how much fun it is
to just like be in here by blasting music. I get so motivated and so inspired. But it’s really a game changer. I don’t think I could have another studio without a set of speakers in it and… You wanna come in? You’re gonna come in? She just like runs into the door whenever she wants to come in. All the music I use in my
videos are from Epidemic Music. You can try them free with the link below. 30 days for free, no obligations. It’s like a monthly
account, kinda like Netflix and you can use as many
of their songs as you want for your Youtube or Instagram or whatever. But I promise you that
if you start struggling with creative block, just play through a couple of their songs and you’ll be like pumped to
pick a camera and go shoot. I have some foam setup on the walls to try to get rid of some echo. This is more temporary. I ordered some better acoustic panels which should be coming pretty soon so I’m hoping that’ll help. But from what I understand, the goal is to just try to at least deaden all these flat, bouncy surfaces and kinda blocking the corners from just reflecting a lot of
the sound back to you. So I’ve been trying to put as much stuff on the shelves as possible to try to just absorb all those sounds to get rid of that echo, but man getting an
acoustically treated room it’s kinda tricky ’cause
there’s no real rule book on it. I hear a lot of people say that it’s a lot of trial and error. So I’ve been randomly like tacking all this acoustic foam all over the place just trying to get rid of it
and I think it’s been helping. But hopefully as soon
as those panels come in, this will just be dead silent in here. But even with all this stuff there is one thing that I
find to be the most important, which is this very
simple button right here. Didn’t work. I gotta push it again I think. There we go. There, the standing table. Sitting for extended periods
of time literally can kill you. And it comes down to the fact
that your heart isn’t meant to be just stagnant for
that long of a period. I highly recommend that you stand up and walk around at least once every hour. This table is from Flexispot. They sent this out to
me a little while ago and I am loving this desk. For electronic standing desks, they’re pretty reasonably priced and they seem to be solid. This one has been holding up really well. It has a timer built in to let you know. Every 45 minutes is
what I have mine set to, but it beeps and then
it just let’s you know, “Hey, stand up for a couple minutes, “and then you can sit back down.” Now do I look like a huge dork right now? Hell yeah. But guess what, I’m
getting my heart rate up, getting my energy levels
up, I’m multitasking. I’m getting work done. I just cycled 5.4 miles today. It slides on wheels so it’s very easy to move it around your office, but as soon as you sit on it,
the wheels lock into place so you don’t have to worry about
sliding all over the place. Now just to be fully transparent, Flexispot did send this to me for free, but I’m not getting
paid to say any of this. I’m not getting any commission off sales or anything like that. I’m just doing this
because this is something that I actually really believe in. Just hit six miles, woo! Thanks to modern medicine and science our life span’s are getting longer. We’re expected to live
longer than ever before, but our health span is getting shorter, which means we’re gonna
spend more years alive but less years walking
around and being healthy. We’re gonna spend it in a bed just like wired up to a bunch of UV things… I don’t know what they hook you up to, but they hook you up to
stuff that doesn’t look fun. So these dorky little contraptions just aren’t for weight loss or fitness. It really has a huge impact on how you’re gonna spend the
last 10 years of your life. Are you gonna spend it in a bed or are you gonna running around? Studio is almost done getting set up and also check out this yard that we have. We have a hot tub so
that’s gonna be awesome. Only issue is that there’s
no lighting out here so at night it gets super dark. – [Kari] Those are Black Widow eggs. – I’m kinda terrified,
those are pretty big eggs. I’m gonna find a new studio space now, this is not gonna work. I just bought a bunch of
these LED string lights and we’re gonna kinda just put it all over from up there
and string it across. They’re LEDs, so each
bulb only uses one watt but puts out a decent amount of light considering the amount
of energy consumption. So this 25 bulbs, which is 25 watts and this seems to be the cheapest way to make a normal yard look epic. Imagine how awesome this
whole background would look if it was just kinda sprinkled in with little bits of lights. So, I was looking at a couple
of solar powered options and I came across this thing. This is actually a Mason Jar Lid so you thread this onto Mason Jar,
and then attach this hook, and then you can hang it wherever and they’re not that expensive. You could get it with the
whole Mason Jar as well, but it becomes quite a bit more expensive. And I see Mason Jars at the dollar store, so I bought a couple of these,
we’re gonna hang them up. Hopefully they look
awesome and if they do, then I’ll link them in the description. I swear if Kari wasn’t a
teacher, she could be like a hardware and DIY building stuff channel. (power drill whine) Last time I stepped in dog poop and then I climbed the
ladder and I came back down, and I was like, “Why does
my hands smell like poop?” – Woo! – We’re gonna have to
get another set of these. This is awesome. This is what they
generally come looking like and then you just kinda
unravel this little LED here. I’m so domesticated. I’ve only been living in a house for a couple days now and I’m all excited about setting up these
little mason jar lights. Tune in next week where I cook some cookies. Check it out, this is what it
looks like during the daytime. It’s gonna use these solar
panels to soak up that sun and then turn off the light. Ooh! Okay, I’m scared. Turn it back on, quickly. Now, we are hanging this in a tree so it’s not gonna get
that much direct sunlight. I’m a little bit concerned about how much light it’s gonna get. But we’re gonna hang these up and we’ll see in a couple days or so if these are still glowing at night. This is kind of our living room but we’re also gonna convert this into kinda like an editing bay so we have one computer set up over here. And of course, all of them are gonna be Flexispot tables. That’s gonna be Gio’s workstation, Dylan’s about to set up his workstation, And this is Lefty’s workstation. Being productive over there? All right, let’s build this table! This table was actually
very, very simple to install. You just put it together and there’s six screws total to put together. And it gives this one tool and this is all you need to actually put the whole thing together so that was actually very simple. Hey so Dylan, what do you think
about your brand new desk? – It’s aight. – Dylan, they sent you this desk so you have to act kinda excited, okay? Take two. Hey Dylan, what do you
think about this desk? – Aw, it’s cool man! – That’s not more. Make me believe you. Hey Dylan, what do you
think about your desk? – I’m (bleep) love it! – You have three different
height settings that you can program in so this is your standing position so I’m gonna program this
as your standing position. And then when you bring in your chair, we’ll set in a secondary position. Now all we gotta do is clean up this mess, which we’ll do right after the hot tub. Ooh and today, a few more
finishing touches came in. These are acoustic panels here. Talking into this I can
hear it absorbing my voice, it’s kinda crazy. I got a couple of these
and I gotta set them up and I gotta set them up on
all the major walls here and that should help a whole lot. I also got that rug, which I was told was supposed to help with
the reverb a little bit. And a more legit backdrop holder that’s supposed to hold multiple backdrops instead of just that one. The backdrop over there
I got for like 35 bucks and it works but it doesn’t
really go up very high. And I figured since these are
gonna be permanently set up, I might as well get myself a legit set that can hold a couple
different colors all at once so that I can switch out
the colors very easily. Got the sound panels all
done and listen to this. (clapping)
Oh my god, no echoes. Sounds so much better than it used to. This is what it sounded
like when I first started. (clapping)
Sound test. This is test number one. Got the new back drop set in so see it’s a little bit higher and there’s three different
colors I can choose from. The previous one didn’t go as high so it would cut straight through my head and this one still cuts through my head a little bit but not as bad. And it’s easy to change
the different colors. You’re feeling a little blue-ish today? Let’s try that out. Let’s wrap this up by
reading a few comments from the last video which was all about the OSMO Pocket. Top comment was, “I’m really surprised “as to how well the OSMO did in low light “compared to the GOPro. “Great video once again,
the studio looks lit.” Thank you and yeah, I agree. The low light on this
thing isn’t terrible. Matti says, “Fresh new studio, I like it.” Thank you, Matti. “Bring the camera closer, “I am not used to this
distance between us.” I’m actually really close to the camera. It just looks a little bit distant because of that super wide angle lens. But like, I can literally
touch the lens right here. I mean it’s like it’s… You’re right there. I could zoom it in a little bit more and then that would look a little bit more normal, like this. That looks pretty good actually. But I kinda like the rawness of this wide. “Why don’t you use green
screen cloth in the background “instead of orange! “So, you can do green screen?” (chuckling) I should get a green roll, I think that would be kinda interesting. But that’s kind of dangerous. I think it would be an interesting look, but I don’t know how
comfortable I feel about you guys have easy
access to all my footage being like super easy to key out and you guys could go
crazy with the background. I am afraid of to do that. I do want to experiment with a bunch of different
colors so we’ll see. Pets Health says, “I will be so happy if I win OSMO Pocket. “As for me, this camera
be perfect for my channel, “where I am filming homeless pets “to increase their chance to find home “and for another videos
about pets and their health. “I think this camera will be perfect “because it’s pocket sized “and because when you care
filming cats and dogs, “you never know when the
right moment comes up.” Yeah, all you guys trying
to win this OSMO Pocket, you better step up your game. (chuckling)
I mean come on. Pita, what do you think? Do you think he should
win the OSMO Pocket? Yeah? Okay. Pets Health, congratulations
you’ve won the OSMO Pocket, so I’m gonna send this out to you and Peta says thank you very much. And I’ll talk to you guys later.

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