My New Travel Must Haves – Massage Monday #477

My New Travel Must Haves – Massage Monday #477

Hi everyone. I am Yasuko and it’s time for Massage Monday. Last week I was traveling and I now have something
added to my travel must haves. Whenever I travel this Trtl pillow is a must
which protects my neck from going all over the place as I sleep. I’ve done a video on this a while ago and
I’m still using the same one. My new travel must have is this pair of compression
sleeves. I first learned about the compression sleeves
when my elderly client had a blood clot. I got these for my long hiking trip to Havasupai
after hearing that these would be good for circulation and recovery from the long hike. I am not a hiker but maybe thanks to these
I didn’t have any cramps during or after the long hike. These kept my legs warm during the chilly
nights too. I took these with me on the airplane to see
if they help my legs in any way and they sure did. My legs and feet usually swell during the
12-hour flight to Tokyo and it’s usually hard to put on shoes before getting off the
plane. But this time there was no swelling. I could put on my boots no problem and my
legs felt more energized. In fact, the benefits of compression sleeves
are: – Reduce swelling and fatigue in lower leg
– Increase blood circulation – Prevent varicose veins
– Prevent blood clot (DVT) – Reduce muscle soreness and injury
– Alleviate pain from calf cramps, Achilles strains, and shin splints So these are compression sleeves which cover
calf muscles between the ankle and knee. There are also compression socks. I’ve read compression socks are better than
compression sleeves for recovery and travel purpose because the blood can stagnate around
the ankle if you use the sleeves. And these compression sleeves are better for
activities. I’ve also read it’s just a personal preference. So I would get both and try them for yourself. Either way, the calf muscle, more specifically
soleus is called the secondary heart because they help pumping the blood back to the heart
and these compression wears help to do it by gradually putting the pressure on the calf
whether you are active or not. Now I understand why more and more athletes
are wearing compression sleeves these days. If you have any circulation issues, please
check with your doctor if the compression wears are right for you. I just got these on Amazon which had great
reviews and they were very affordable and I’ll put the link below but you can get
the high performance ones customized too. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you back next week. Make it a great week. Feel free to comment below and please don’t
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5 thoughts on “My New Travel Must Haves – Massage Monday #477

  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful and well-researched recommendations. I know that many many people appreciate your advice and healthy peace-inducing massage techniques. Wishing you a happy holiday season.

  2. hi yasuko! thank you for the awesome tips you always give! i don’t live in japan but i am curious. do you also teach classes when you go to tokyo?

    i’m also researching about Reconnective Healing ?

  3. I like the idea of the trtl pillow but I hadn't thought of compression sleeves or socks for all those things. I've been getting a bit of trouble with shin splints, have no idea how! There was a lot nerve damage done to my right leg when I had cuada equina back in 2001, so I'll check with my Dr but if she says yes then I could be onto a winner. The only time my right leg, particularly from the knee down, has any heat in it is when I'm in bed. I'll also do my own research because I got my medical records from both hospitals and my Dr surgery, I was shocked to find out everything that is wrong with my spine but I'd never been told about. Certainly not in the way I should've xxx

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