MY NORTH KOREA HOLIDAY (not what you think)

MY NORTH KOREA HOLIDAY (not what you think)

100 thoughts on “MY NORTH KOREA HOLIDAY (not what you think)

  1. Want to see how I got into North Korea and how much it cost me? Watch here:

  2. Your Videos about North Korea is most informative videos, i have ever watched!!!!!
    Thank you!!!
    I am def. sure USA, Japan,China North Korea goverments watching your videos

  3. Wow he has got a tattoo which look like Nepalese flag. But i am not sure that it's Nepalese flag.

  4. it looks limited, nothing developing in that country as they are sucha un-democratic country lead by dictator. Alot of dirt as ofc the people don't have a choice with the low payment their earn there

  5. Never been there but the most beautiful thing in this episode is the lovely kids. I loved the way they look, their uniforms, their smiles and everything. Innocent creatures in a bad place.

  6. The disclaimer is half true. You were not "paid" in cash but you know you were PAID IN FAVOUR: entering, filming in North Korea. Good for you because it's very difficult . I hope that you won't belive for a minute that the PRK let you in &film out of charity, rather trying to make a propagandist out of you. Anyway a milestone and interesting to see their efforts to put a beauty "face" to their dire situation. If sanctions bite in a rich country like Iran, those impose on PRK will stagnate that land

  7. On minute 3:15 you can see a little girl with a weed leaf on her cap. Is weed legal in North Korea?

  8. North Korea still a very closed country. Nice you are opening it up to the world. Very brave of you to travel there. Roads empty. Not many cars. Looks really rigid.

  9. My impression of North Korea. Lots of farming, bicycle rides, average looking apartments. Nothing much.

  10. To be honest I never thought north Korea would be like this because the way how the press made it seem like if it was a poor country

  11. Those buildings for workers look horrible, but it I guess that it is much better than having kids on the streets with no food. At least they can be at home with their parents, if they were given by the state.

  12. Wow N. Korean people still look hungry after WW2 lmao…😂 (please dont send backlash this is just a joke…just a reminder cuz 2019 *ahem*)

  13. If you are a kid who always wanted to know what it felt like during the time of world war 2 and the Cold War, DPRK is the place for you

  14. this video is graphically altered…wtf. @13:36 Pause and skip frame by frame until 13:37, watch the boat on the left. The top disappears and reappears. What else had been doctored in these videos?

  15. What else arent they showing you? i think i love the countryside seems to me like a normal life anywhere. if i were there i would rather stay in the village and foget the city.

  16. 12:05 wow Nepalese flag tattooed on body.. I am from Nepal and I would love to travel to North Korea and many other places that you have visited.

  17. its not hard to get into north korea compared to eritrea, syria or yemen. They only show you whta they want you to see, its only to try and influence you by the attractiveness of the culture.

  18. Some of those kids were over acting. I hope they didn't get into trouble for deviating from the script.

  19. That particular ceremony with the kids happens only once a year. Until the next tour group comes by 2 days later and they tell them the same thing.

  20. Must be nice to know that after you were done eating that meal. You left more scraps on your plate than the person serving you eats in a week

  21. Your promoting a dictatorship government which they do a lot of worse things with their own people what you enjoyed in North Korea the Korean people wishing to have it from long times I am very sad 😔 for the North Korea people

  22. Your videos about N.Korea tell more about the country than anything I´ve seen in the last 20 years. No docummentary, no journalist, tv, or whatever, is so informative about N.Korea. Lots of info in what you show, what you say and what you say between the lines. Perfect attitude as a narrator, too, wich is much appreciated in this days. Thanks a lot. I´ll keep on watching your videos, saludos desde España.

  23. Great to get a view of the east coast for a change.
    Your pronunciation is great too, Nick. But you surprised the kids with the honorific form of thank you. They are used to being talked down to, by adults. It takes awhile to learn the high and low forms of speech, and how to use them appropriately. But you can be sure they love that you tried to speak their language.
    Life among the folks in the North reminds me of that in the South, in the 60’s, definitely a more innocent time.

  24. The cult of personality is particularly strong in N.Korea, the statues, marking the footprints were 'beloved' leader tread on a visit…

    Ironic given that communism forbade religion (opium of the people); to see the worship of God replaced with worship of a human.

    Human nature?

    In the West, we also worship rockstars, Hollywood, so, it is not unique to N.Korea, although the expression in N.Korea is certainly different to ours

  25. You damn fool… « it’s not what you think »! Well of course! They’ve taken you to places where only the elite of the country has access to! You’ve been shown a fucking masquerade carefully designed to make foreigners believe in the greatness of the country and the happiness of its people. But meticulously kept behind the scene is misery, famine and extreme repression.

  26. Just want to thank you so much for a view of our beautiful world we live in. Yes I am concern for you but feel your efforts are fantastic. Thank you so much for an eye opening experience into other parts of the world!

  27. There are many people in the western world that are impoverished as well. That is not mentioned at Disney .

  28. It's amazing they allow tourism but then I suppose the got to present a face. You took a major chance doing all of this

  29. Just shows you where the Freaking brainwashing starts People need to STOP going to that country all you did is support the IDIOT LEADER. ASSHOLES!!!

  30. It's a sad situation, on one hand if North Korea doesn't open up to the world economy eventually they will either collapse or be overthrown. One situation likely gives you another dictator or the country collapses spiraling the country into complete and unseen poverty. Even if the south could eventually reassimilate with the north it would be years until the infrastructure was there. Sadly there is likely nothing good in there future so it seems at least.

  31. This Series is amazing! Its so far away from that propaganda that we hear here in Germany about North Korea. But im sad. This Videos show the Future of Germany in 10 to 15 Years. Were on the way to be a socialist/communist Country. Thats why i have to leave Germany, the Country were i was born and growing up. Were i will go? I dont know. This answer knows only the future.
    Farewell Indigo Traveller, keep up the good work!
    Greetings from a Guy that lost his Country.

  32. Does anyone else miss the teenagers? There is a serious dearth of them in these videos. Perhaps that is why some parts of videos look so gloomy…

  33. looks like nk has affected this guy like he is afraid or something ,he is like tired or idrk
    that country is wierd and dark

  34. Just look at all the brainwashed Americans saying "Everything is staged! This is only what they want you to see!" Really fucking sad how hard the government's brainwashed Americans.

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