My One Fear for PvZ Picnic/Battle for Neighborville [DISCUSSION]

My One Fear for PvZ Picnic/Battle for Neighborville [DISCUSSION]

NOTE: I excluded some text to make it better to understand me. Text surrounded by stars are edited in for the same reason. They’re not exactly what I said but what I intended to say instead. Hello everyone, who’s catching in on the recording of this, I am *recording* at the same time I am live, (hopefully it doesn’t lag that much) but I just wanted to talk about my one fear for Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville… …and… this is unscripted so it’s not going to be very structured… The one thing I’m worried about for Battle for Neighborville is… and the reason why I say that is because GW1 and GW2… suffered in terms of population on PC. [PAUSE] Side note: matches are usually found only on Turf Takeover in GW1 and GW2 on PC. [END OF PAUSE SEGMENT] …that’s for… …a few reasons, and I hope that… Popcap will try to do as best as they can to… keep the PC population alive later on. At least so the game can go on as much as it can. I think the reasons why GW1 and GW2 lost popularity *on PC* is because… The way that it was handled *at the beginning was bad.* So GW1, I think people left it because GW2 released. And they wanted to play the brand-spanking new game, obviously. GW2 I think is for different reasons… definitely post-launch support. At the beginning of the game, there was definitely support, but the problem is, there were always problems rising left and right… and so it was hard to keep people interested. Not to mention, that, in the same year that GW2 released… another shooter came out, which was Overwatch. And, seeing all the problems with Rose, (the character balancing in GW2), like Rose, the Scientist Trio, Electro Brainz, AC Perry, Citrons, Kernel Corns… there was a whole bunch of balancing issues at the beginning of the game, and it took months to fix most of those issues. *For example,* it took a very long time for them (PopCap) to fix the Electro Brainz bug, when they could’ve just released a hotfix instead of releasing *it in* a big, major update. And I think that was very detrimental to the game, and it attracted more people to Overwatch. And why *I’m* saying like Overwatch isn’t on consoles, is because most people *who play* Overwatch are on PC. And I think that’s what made a lot of people leave the PC community. At the least the GW community, and, that caused people to leave. What PopCap could do […] better for Battle for Neighborville is… listening to the community… (well, they have to take into consideration that they can’t please everyone) I mean they did listen to the community, but they did the wrong changes *They have to* do all the right post-launch support (balancing), and…they fix the game *in a good amount of time with the proper changes*, try to make it as balanced as possible in the beginning, and try to keep […] the near future and far future have a variety of content, while keeping its balance. Because people are going to get very tired of the old, and…we’re going to have to maintain a balance so it doesn’t… …make people lose interest in the game. They (PopCap) might’ve already thought of a launch date, but I just hope that… that they don’t…release it near another major shooter, that is similar to GW2. Because Overwatch […] it is pretty different from GW2, but it is classified as a class shooter. Both of them are, and so seeing that GW2 wasn’t really balanced that often, people went over to Overwatch, because *of GW2’s bad balancing*, it’s the brand-spanking new game, it was hyped a lot, it was advertised a lot… GW2 did have a lot of advertisements, I think they did well on that point, but again it was the balancing *that deterred people away from GW2.* And it was pretty similar and if you would want to play the better game, then you would probably want to play Overwatch, and, play the brand-spanking new game. Right now, what comes to mind is not many shooters that are very similar to Battle for Neighborville that are releasing… [PAUSE] I didn’t finish the thought here, what I meant to say is that there are not many shooters that are similar to Battle for Neighborville, that are releasing around the same time. Though, we don’t know the actual launch date of Neighborville yet. [END OF PAUSE SEGMENT] Probably another Call of Duty is going to come out in 2020, but I don’t think it’s going to […] detract it from the *PC* community, because one: Call of Duty is mainly played on consoles, not really PC, and the PS4 support it’s receiving is immense. So people are going to be playing mostly on the PS4. Which is not going to detract from the PC community. I don’t think […] (!!VOLUME WARNING!!) Cyberpunk 2077 is going to… *detract from the PC community* because… Cyberpunk 2077 is a single-player game. Battle for Neighborville is a multi-player game. With some single-player quests, but […] it is definitely not the main focus. It is probably mainly going to be a multi-player game, and […] Cyberpunk 2077 is a single-player game, so they’re pretty different genres, so I don’t think that’s going to detract people from playing Battle for Neighborville. Honestly, they just have to launch it at a good time, they have to provide good post-launch support (balancing the game), and they have to do one more thing I did not *fully explain…* Good advertising. Exposing people to the game. Because, as it stands, it is very early in its (Battle for Neighborville’s) reveal, it didn’t receive an official reveal, it was just… talked about within mainly GW communities and the EA playtesting *community*. I know that they’re doing another playtest for PC, which is great for exposing it, but then again, Origin is not the first game distribution market that people go to on PC, it’s Steam. […] At least that’ll expose and advertise a little bit… […] I don’t know *when* the game is going to launch, if it’s not launching… *before* E3, then I think it’s great to have an E3 trailer, just like the other Garden Warfares, so it can get exposure. [sipping my water and putting my mug down] Even if it releases near *E3*, then it’s great for that (Battle for Neighborville). Anyways, that’s all I have to say about Battle for Neighborville, and that’s my one fear about it. So I just hope that the PC population is populated enough so that I can play games other than Turf Takeover, which I’m tired of playing all the time. […] The way that PopCap could do that is: ample exposure and advertising, good post-launch support, by balancing the game and making sure that the launch date […] get *in the way* of other games that might steal its (Battle for Neighborville’s) spotlight. Anyways, thank you for watching, if you’re tuning into the YouTube video, if you’re on the stream, I’m continuing the stream, and I will see you next time. *Mario Party 8: How to Play Mini Games* Ayo congrats for making it to the end screen Pat yourself on the back for discovering these easter eggs :3 If you want to translate these captions then feel free to! Yes hacks were enabled in BG footage but ONLY OFFLINE!

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  1. An edited transcript of what I said is now available in the captions. They are edited in a way where it better delivers the message I'm trying to say. Feel free to translate what I said in other languages if you can! I have community contributed captions turned on.

  2. Also rose really play
    a big rule in bc it broken but i never really get destroyed by rose because they are so ez to handle i don't know about you guys i advice you to lower your sensitivity i will always prefer to have a good aim have a good aim play a big rule in the game

  3. nah overwatch was one of the only games that rlly couldve ruined gw2 since its blizzard and their community is mostly pc players this game will be good launching late this year modern warfare wont kill it

  4. How are you playing on Zomburbia when it is daytime? is this a glitch or something because I never seen this before I thought Zomburbia was only playable in Night.

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