My Polish Family Vacation ? [Kult America]

I came to Poland for the first time in the year 2000, searching for my family heritage, but what I actually found, was a society that was perfect for starting my own family. The values I’ve learned here have provided me an intrinsic advantage to finding satisfaction and happiness. So of all the adventures we’ve had here in Kult America, I’d like to introduce you to the one that I hold the most dear. My family during the vacation. Kasia and I decided that we want to have a really nice family vacation and there are many great destinations in Poland, but we really love Podkarpackie. We locked into a really charming hotel bed & breakfast actually, I should say and it’s in a renovated space that a pastor used to live. Today we go to Osada Kresowa. My girls are already well-versed with the pottery. For me, it was the first time and I wonder why didn’t I do it before? I made a mug with a mouse, a dog, a cat and I also made a moon and a bowl. It was very cool. What are you making? I don’t know. I think it’s a cup. Is it easy to make when I tickle you? Tickle ??? Okay What, you can’t focus while I’m tickling? Dad, then it going to be broken and then it’s going to be your fault. She’s gonna break it and that’s gonna be my fault, so I will let the artist work. The thing what charmed me the most in Kresowa Osada were these four craft houses, where you can really see everything that was cultivated once. I met my wife Kasia during a language exchange in Cracow. Today, she’s the President of a Media company in Warsaw, has a master’s degree in journalism from Jagiellonian University and is the best mother on earth. Probably the one thing we don’t share is Kasia’s love for yoga. When I heard that we’re going on a trip, I immediately started to pack, but with out my blocks I can’t do anything and I’m board so I very quickly unpacked. My oldest daughter Zuza is an artist at heart, there is probably no end to her creativity. The other kids tell her she is strange and actually I agree, but that’s what makes her absolutely special. One of the memories from my childhood is when you fell some smell and I felt this smell again today. It was the smell of iron. It was something like a strew that you hit and after that the hole was made, and you could make many patterns. I made a cat, I mean lynx. It’s interesting to mix 1500 degrees Celsius, fire and kids, but actually here in Podkarpackie that can be done in a perfectly safe manner. My daughters don’t do that everyday, but I fell that it left a good mark on us. I can say, it carved us out a bit. Then finally we sat down for a really, really amazing dinner. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the food in Kresowa Osada. Dad eats trout. And the thing that surprised me the most and in a positive way, was the fact that it was the real borderland kitchen. There were, for example Russian, Ukrainian, Jewish and Polish dishes. Today, we eat “ruskie” dumplings and ice cream. The food was amazing, and I like good food. And later we were shooting archery. Archery is something that I’ve done before. It was just hard for me, beacuse I can’t shoot an arrow. Dad showed me it, but I don’t know how to do it. My both girls have a great passion and love to animals. Horses are very special for them. I like horses very much. There was an outstanding gentleman named Karol. What impressed me in Karol was not only the ability to ride a horse, but also how he could convey this skill in a fairly short time. I felt very safe when he had my both girls under his care. When I took the horses I started to acrobatics. The acrobatics were pretty hard. My younger daughter Zoe had a privilege of riding a full size horse, which was her dream for as long as I can remember. So I was really, really happy that we were able to make that happen. I miss Śnieżka – it’s a white ponny. Zoe has an extremely outgoing personality, she is brave and adores horses. She’s also extremely girly and sometimes outspoken. Another little return to my childhood was a walk to the waterfall. I felt exactly like I was a few years old. We are like 5 or 10 kilometers to the Ukrainian border and our new friend Karol was nice to us to show us this really secret place, where there used to be a mill and the village that was burned down. Today is covered the most in forest and Zuza is taking some nice photos. Epic place for a little family vacation. After that we went to a cemetary and the cemetery was unique. It was for sure pround and beautiful place. It was the only one cemetery where I didn’t feel sadness. It was a mixture of people living in the areas: Germans, Jews, Poles, Ukrainians and that’s a kind of abstract from today’s perspective on a region. And although it might seem like a dark place to visit with kids, I actually consider to be very historic. I’m really happy for our last point today – fireplace. And I think that today’s evening will be the one of this moments when my daughters will be building their memories. And I hope that someday they will come back with their thoughts to this place and this time. Now, I want to go to a fireplace and eat the sausage, because I’m hungry. And then there’s me, I came to Poland alone, I’ve become many things but what certainly would be nothing without them… It was very fun to be with mummy and daddy. Hi mommy!

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