My Seoul Office Tour + Non Teaching Job Q&A | Life in Korea

My Seoul Office Tour + Non Teaching Job Q&A | Life in Korea

Well, hello, good morning, sorry if my voice sounds really gross because I’m sick and it’s like 7:45 in the morning So this is my office and I thought I would give you guys a little tour because we’re actually moving offices soon So I feel kind of safe sharing the place where I work now because it will change by the time that this is uploaded Let’s go take a little tour. So this is my desk. It’s unapologetically Messy, but so is everybody else’s because we kind of live here. Mainly it’s all tea. So let’s pick one Okay, and let’s go look at the Kitchen, but before we go into the kitchen, I need to introduce you to someone important Okay, and so as you can see, this is a pretty open floor plan and our CEO actually doesn’t have an office either They sit just not here, but they sit like open with us, which is really nice. So yeah now let’s go to the kitchen This is something I found so funny when I started working here, but apparently it’s like not super uncommon It’s a ramen drawer. It’s like a hidden drawer Of ramen Here is a meeting room meeting room B and I like these tables because we can write on them and Do it all while we’re having a meeting, which is fun Next is I think everybody’s favorite part It’s kind of where we’re all allowed to sleep or relax and here we don’t have like really strict working hours We just basically need to finish working what we’re working on in a timely matter So if you want to take a nap in the middle of the day if you need to it’s okay Especially when like a lot of our work is staring at computer screens and your eyes and your head can really hurt Just come take a nap. We have lots of choices This is usually where I sit because there’s easy access to where I can put my tea, I work here, I sleep on the couch This is our weird storage room Snack room, it’s really messy right now because we’re moving. I almost forgot the most important part of my office That’s kind of it for my office tour so I did my Q&A back at home. Yeah, this is my lovely place Oh, I have one more place to show you then. Let’s head to the Q&A Welcome to our rooftop So this is usually just for smokers I come up here to get a really good view of the sunset to watch the snowfall It’s kind of raining and I’m not wearing my jacket or anything My toast is gonna get wet. But let’s take a look. This is rain clouds not smog The air is actually really really clear today, but you’re supposed to be able to see Namsan right there Clearly not today Now on to my house see you there hi guys, so I’m going to be doing the Q&A actually back in my apartment And I’m quite a bit sick, so Ignore me if my voice suddenly goes raspy But I just wanted to clarify a few things before we jump into the questions mainly being I am in a very rare Situation. I’ve had my ups and downs in this company. I’ve been working here for about four years, Overall I’ve had an amazing experience. Everything down to the work environment is So so rare and I just got incredibly lucky I was in the right place at the right time A lot of times, and so I just want it to be very clear that it’s very very difficult to find the Opportunity that I did, I don’t want to discourage you but I just want you to be realistic when you’re thinking about moving to Korea And finding a job I’ve known many people who have come here and they’re brilliant at what they do, but there just is never an opportunity For them to take. It can be really really disheartening It’s not like there’s a lot of jobs out there like yours for the taking. It’s really difficult There aren’t a lot of jobs they’re usually not in a lot of different industries especially if you don’t have the F visa and I’m sure if you’re watching this you don’t have the F visa because if you did You wouldn’t need my advice. There’s just so many moving parts and they need to click Exactly in the right way for you to get your job. So please be aware of that You know, it could take years honestly for you to find anything. It may never happen So I don’t want to start off as like a complete buzzkill But I just want to put that out there that it’s really difficult what I am describing is atypical, rare, and I hope I really hope that you guys all find a situation like me it just may take you a very long time So that being said, sorry Let’s jump into the questions. So jerk obsessed asked What is your job and why don’t you still work at YG after my internship. So I am a marketing manager I do a lot of content creation Social media management Facebook Ads customer service as well kind of wear a lot of hats That is what I do currently and why didn’t I stay at YG? A lot of reasons, one I had to go back to America and graduate I still had a year of university left and two, I was like aight as an intern but to be a full-time Member of that company I definitely needed to have skills that I just didn’t have, like not only being fluent in Korean Which is a must, but so many other skills. I just like was not on par with YG I honestly didn’t even think of applying So yeah That is that is why So Josie asked, why did I decide to work in Korea as opposed to the US? So I studied in Korea for a year I knew I wanted to come back and I knew that After college was when I had to do it because I’m the kind of person that gets really comfortable in a place really easily So I knew that if I graduated college in America found a job in New York got an apartment in New York I would just never Really want to leave so I knew that if I if I was going to leave it had to be then so that is why I went to Korea. Valeria Aronia, 95 ask how did you find your current job? What was your first job in Korea? so when I was an intern a fellow intern at YG was also a Part-time worker at this brand-new company I remember she was telling me that it was really like American style and really cool and blah blah blah or some reason of all the things I forget for some reason I remembered the name of this company when I was looking to apply to Jobs in Korea. I actually just went straight to their website and Submitted my resume and thankfully they were like literally about to start their English language team I didn’t use any sites. I just luckily knew the company and they happened to be ready for me So and that was my first full time job in Korea. Lyric Seoul asked where can you find listings there? There really aren’t that many awesome sites in Korea If you can speak Korean, There’s a site called 사람인 (Saramin) I would say like an indeed of Korea and then there’s also a website called JobSeekr And that is more catered to English speakers or Non-koreans looking for jobs in Korea. You can also use LinkedIn and indeed I know that my boyfriend, especially with like if you’re a software developer he gets a lot of messages on LinkedIn But I would warn you on Craigslist. Teachers jobs are pretty legit You can you can look up teaching jobs on Craigslist. Non teaching jobs on Craigslist Probably are either sketchy or they won’t be able to sponsor your visa. Use a lot of caution on Craigslist Sian tani For teens ask how difficult is the interview process every single company is different for me I submitted my resume They emailed me back with kind of a questionnaire and then a couple Like tasks I had to do after I submitted that they asked if they could Skype me which was the worst experience Because um, I was still in college at the time. I like sat down got all ready for my Skype interview like obviously I was nervous and literally like a minute before they were supposed to call the fire alarms went off and It was an actual drill where we all had to leave our building and it was snowing outside so luckily I have a roommate that was like seven feet tall and she just like walked in front of me because there was like hundreds of Kids trying to go down the stairs, right? She’s like move like she’s got an interview So thank God to Krissy I got out and like into the library just in time and the interview went well And then we had a follow-up interview and then I was actually offered a part time job While I was still in school and that was kind of my probation period once they like decided to offer me a full-time Position we signed contracts. That’s how it worked Hey legitlej asks Do you need contacts to get a job or do Koreans consider you as their equal? So for me I was doing a job that’s kind of like specifically for a foreigner there weren’t any Koreans competing against me Basically, I would just say that contact helped a lot just because job listing boards don’t really exist So if you’re actually in Korea and you get to know people in the industry that you want to be a part of They can introduce you to someone who can introduce you to someone and eventually you might find a job. For example Like some of my old co-workers who have moved on have emailed me Asking if I know any foreigners who want a job at their company It’s not necessarily like I’m gonna give these people a gold star and they’re immediately gonna get hired It’s more like they just don’t know where to find foreigners Online if they want a job. Yeah Nami asked how do you convince your capable worker Despite being a non-korean in the Korean world? So again for me I’m doing a job that’s pretty much for a foreigner I bring something valuable to the table. I have an insight that nobody else has in my company So yeah that is kind of how I prove my Worth is that I I do what I am meant to do and nobody else can Hey Thursday noon asked what sort of experience is needed or preferred in the marketing industry So you need at least two years of experience? To get a visa at all. For me I had a lot of internships in the startup world in a proper like major international corporation and at a Korean company So it really showed them that I could work in a lot of different environments. I would just try to do something varied I guess in in size but Consistent in what you are actually doing so I was doing a lot of community management content creation and social media stuff So they knew that I could do it No matter what situation. I was in I could I could mold myself and continue to do those tasks. Really? Well, you can work for something related to Korea that does- that might help anything helps Honestly. Kyra Plaza asked about the process of getting a visa and does the company need to sponsor it So the process is really really annoying and I am so so thankful that I’ve had amazing HR managers who have gone above and beyond and helped me out. I literally owe them my life What I needed to provide was a lot of paperwork a lot of letters from former employers I’m on an e7 visa, which is a working visa. It’s specifically for PR and marketing I can only work in that sphere I could switch companies and they could pick up that visa and I could just transfer the name Of the company I’m working for but my life is tied to my job Like if I don’t have a job, I don’t have my visa anymore But if you have a working holiday visa, you don’t need to be sponsored Your visa is your own but if you don’t have a working holiday visa You need to have your company sponsor you. Sarah Junan asks how was making friends at work? really really easy I’m not saying this just because a lot of my co-workers watch my channel Hi guys, but everyone I work with is super duper nice My CEO would especially in the beginning did a lot of things to make us like become friends You like force us to become friends every Friday We would like shuffle our names up and get put in random Groups to go out to lunch together because it’s really easy to like stay in your like marketing team and design team She would like mix take one person from each team and force us to like go mingle and like become friends. So as a result We’re all pretty close. Yeah, that’s how I made friends Sean life asks How strict is the rule about your major being related to your job and do I have to do the 야근 회식 ( yakeun Hoisik) (mandatory work dinner) stuff? Rule about your major very very strict Especially if you’re doing an e7 visa, your major has to match what you want to be So I was very lucky and majored in communications Media Studies So that was able to transfer to PR and marketing you have majored in something random like landscape design You cannot come to Korea and do marketing Just as simple as that you have to do landscape design and that sucks. It’s very very strict And then do I have to do the like staying late or doing the like, 회식 is like eating out with all your coworkers and it usually goes really really late and you drink a lot and blah blah. My company is quite young and it is quite American-style my CEOs wanted it to be very like Non-korean basically is what they wanted. We actually don’t have any hierarchy Terms we call people by names. We don’t say like ,we say 대표님(Depyunim) which is CEO but other than that, we don’t say like Teddy NIM or any of that and as far as 희식 should go, um, They’re not super often and they’re not required. They’re super chill They’re usually like oh, you know someone’s leaving to go to another company let’s have a party and then we just like go out to dinner and That’s it like it’s it’s really Chill. Very very lucky because I’m a grandma so I would not do the 희식 I could not do the 희식 thing Mikako Murphy asked was there any culture shock moments when I started working? Not really I think being invited to co-workers weddings is super fun. In America We wouldn’t invite unless you’re like super super close. You wouldn’t invite your co-workers to your wedding here Everybody’s invited if you were a co-worker like once in their lives You’re invited to their wedding and then on holidays we get gift basket It’s like at Chuseok, but they’re usually like super healthy things like one time I got gift basket of tuna and um olive oil, and another time I got blueberry juice and one time I got like ten of the biggest most beautiful apples I’ve ever seen in my life So, yeah, it’s it’s always fun to see what my company will come up with next. JS Freeland Do I speak Korean in my office these days? I honestly barely talk in my office at all because I’m just like working and listening to podcasts so I like don’t even speak I feel like all of our chatting and all of our emailing and all of our meetings are in Korean and I just like have Dictionary out at all times and like try to keep up. I’m pretty okay. I’m pretty okay My co-workers can either speak English really well or understand it really well so we either will speak in English or have Those weird conversations were like they speak in Korean, but I answer in English and we still understand each other But we aren’t speaking the same language we do a lot of that when I speak mainly because I’ve gotten in the Horrible habit of speaking in English I speak in English, but I absorb everything in Korean. If that makes sense Just sort ask advice for those who don’t know Korean but want a job. It sounds harsh but, learn Korean. I mean if you want to come to a foreign country and Work there. You need to learn at least a little bit of the language. I’m not saying be fluent, I’m not fluent, but like Basics you need lamely pink asked how do they deal with mental illness is it taboo? I honestly don’t know how American companies even deal with mental illness my co-workers that I’m close to we Talk outside of work about stress and depression. But other than that like it doesn’t really it doesn’t come up We have like monthly play days where we just take a day off work and play I don’t know I feel like it’s just as taboo as it is in America right now I guess, I’m not sure to be honest. Audrey Wei asked working holiday visas Can we work in a coffee shop or a hotel or whatever? Yes, if they hire you you can work pretty much wherever you want to, lucky you! Hey melody asked I wrote these all down in a Word document so they’re not the same as exactly what you asked I’ve heard that Korean work life is crazy and hierarchy based and that men have higher pay than women How much of that is true? Our CEO is actually a woman. We have a lot of women in power positions I don’t think we play that game. We did have one like super misogynist 아주씨 (older male) guy, but he didn’t last very long in the company. That was great to see him say goodbye We also have days off for women if it’s that time of the month and it’s particularly bad You can take a day off and it is not counted as a vacation day. It is counted as just a Woman’s resting day is how they call it So I really don’t think that my company is Anything like the typical Korean companies that you’ve heard of. that was actually the last question and I got a lot of questions about specific Industries, like where can I find a job in the fashion industry? Where can I find a job this industry and to be completely honest? I don’t know. I’m gonna link down below Some people have made videos about it or their Instagram accounts who I know work here and work in the industry But I just don’t want to give you any false information or false hope. I still hope that was helpful If you have any questions that I didn’t cover, please still leave them in the comments You guys know that I answer all my comments, so I will get back to you. Good luck on your job search Good luck in your schooling. Good luck in everything seriously I am so lucky and I often think that I’m like in The Truman Show and I’m just gonna wake up one day and It’s gonna be fake. Until then, I’m really really happy here I did have a very very very negative experience related to work that like I would absolutely classify as emotional abuse and it honestly F***** me up big-time. Um, but it was a an American that did it go figure So yeah, I don’t want to paint it like I have the perfect job and like I’m SuperDuper happy I am now. I went through an incredibly dark time. Even the happiest stories have like a lot of junk Anyway, so I will catch you guys later. Thanks as always for joining me and see you next time

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