My Story: How Travel, Sustainability, Minimalism, Mindfulness & Yoga Changed My Life

My Story: How Travel, Sustainability, Minimalism, Mindfulness & Yoga Changed My Life

Hey y’all! My name is Miranda and this is my story. A few years ago I decided to completely change course. I broke up with my boyfriend, I quit my job, I sold all my stuff. I wanted to start a new journey around the world… Asia Europe South America North America Australia Travel with a twist… I really want to discover and share the benefit the other people, places and the environment. I meditated in Myanmar, volunteered with elephants in Thailand, and with sea turtles in Sri Lanka, I tried teaching English in India, hiked the Himalayas of Nepal and the Andes of Peru… In these videos, I’m excited to share my journey into travel, sustainability, minimalism, mindfulness, yoga, getting outside, and various combinations of those things. And hopefully inspire you to find more joy in your own unique journey. Thank you so much for checking out Mirambling. Make sure you hit that subscribe button and the notification bell. Til next time, Remember to Enjoy the Journey!

18 thoughts on “My Story: How Travel, Sustainability, Minimalism, Mindfulness & Yoga Changed My Life

  1. Absolutely loved this, it was really inspiring 🙂
    When I first found minimalism I was a complete hoarder… Marie Kondo's book completely changed my life for the better. Nice selling all of my possessions I was able to start living my dream of travelling… And since travelling I've learned the importance of minimalism even more, being light and overall just not putting too much worth into your possessions. Life is for experiencing and enjoying, not for letting items hold you back!
    I also appreciate how long this must have taken to edit! My videos take SO long sometimes, If you get chance come over and check out our travels and digital nomad life! 🙂
    Thanks again for sharing your minimalism lifestyle and for hopefully inspiring others to take this lifestyle on board – especially in a world full of consumerism. I find minimalism so fresh!

  2. Great round up of what you're doing. Love your videos and looking forward to more popping up on your channel. Thomas

  3. Brilliant trailer style video. Its great that you have such a wealth of awesome videos to intersperse your video with!

  4. Great story! I would love to do an around-the-world trip like that, it sounds like the adventure of a lifetime.

  5. What an awesome story! Best of luck with all of your adventures, it looks like you've had an absolutely amazing last 2 years!

  6. That's a great mission, Miranda. Travel can teach us a lot, and I love that you're using your channel as a learning opportunity

  7. And this is why i watch you! You're one of my favourite people to get a notification for because of your storytelling and your personality! If our paths ever meet let's just do Yoga and share stories! 🙌❤

  8. good luck in your new journey, can't wait to see all the things you share with us! And the elephants were so cute, they are definitely a must do when visiting Thailand.

  9. Wow looks like you had amazing life changing experiences and travels. Glad to discover you.

  10. Looks like your travels have transformed you as a person! Thanks for sharing your lifestyle 🙂 it's very inspiring.

  11. I am happy to hear you had such positive changes in your life. We started travelling 2 years ago and are in love with the lifestyle.

  12. Miranda you're an inspiration! I had the same plan! Selling all my stuff and go on a world trip. All my family members & friends screamed and asked me not to do it, and I didn't… but now I'm preparing again to do it and hopefully I'm as brave as you are, when it comes to make a decision again 🙂

  13. This is such an inspiration to just live the life you want to and to see the world at the same time!
    I don't think we're quite as brave as you to go full time, but we certainly love the idea!
    You always surprise us with your videos Miranda!

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