My Summer Crush | Hannah Stocking

My Summer Crush | Hannah Stocking

Hey girl, do your thing, do your thing and switch. Hey girl, do your thing, do your thing and switch Hey girls It’s a boy! Hey ladies Oh my god. Oh my god. Hey Hey, we’re having a pool party. You should all come Sounds cool, I guess, right? Sure! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Whatever You’re all invited. Come on, all of you. Let’s go Okay, bye Bye. Hey, see you soon guys I already have a crush on him. I call dibs on the main one driving Guys, a cloud! I think it’s gonna rain! Oh! Oh no! I can’t get my hair wet! I can’t my hair wet! No, anything but that! Oh my god, your hair looks great. It better not get wet. How much longer do you need? Four hours Oh that’s it? This house is beautiful Oh my god it’s hot. I wonder whose house this is and like what he does for a living. Look at all these beautiful people There’s my crush right there. Oh my god. He looks so hot Do I look good enough? Yeah, you look great. Should I go over there and talk to him? If you don’t you’re a scaredy-cat Hey, I’m so glad you guys could all make it. Hey! We’re gonna have a great time today There’s just one rule, try not to get wet No! So I just don’t wanna get my hair wet Thanks for having us, it’s gonna be so fun. I’ll be right here This party is awesome. I know, where are the drinks at? Oh, not the hair! The hair! Oh my god, do I look okay? Your extensions, your extensions! Those were expensive! Hey yo. Yo. This party’s getting pretty lame man. It is. You want, you want to throw the girls in the pool? Let’s throw the girls in the pool Oh, brilliant Look, Hannah! It’s dry! Yes Not today cabana boy You got lucky I don’t think so Hey Instagram party people. I’m over here at the pool having fun No, no, no, please. We can talk about this Hey Take me instead Thanks Hey Fi, what’s up? Hey. I think it’s time for somebody to go in the pool today Okay Come at me I see how it is No one gets my hair wet. What? It’s on. It’s on like Donkey Kong Hey, hot guy. Hey, hey hot guy from the car Oh, hey. Hey How come you haven’t gone in the pool yet? Oh cause I’ll go in on my own time Just don’t want to get my hair wet. Come on! Nope. No, no, no, no, no. I’m okay Hannah! Guys I’m dry! She’s fine. Her hair is dry Guys I’m dry! Go, go! Oh my god, are you okay? I saw you falling Um, I like your hair You know, I’ve been waiting to talk to you all day I’ve been waiting to talk to you all day too Yeah, I like frizzy hair Really? Is this your tooth?

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  2. "Omg! It's the cloud guys I think it's going to rain!!!!!!!"
    Hannah:"I cant get my hair wet!I cant get my hair wet!"
    Everyone:" Ohhhhhahhhh

  3. at 2:42 they say its dry and it is but when they zoom out its wet and then goes back to dry. Just to point something out for you lol

  4. The first one was the most recent thing

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    Whduiwpiojd Sneha ndmbwe qjd

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  6. You’re all invited cmon let’s go

    Okay thanks bye~

    They never even got in the guy said let’s go but then they say bye.

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