My SUMMER Holiday Routine … | #Vacations #Sketch #Fun #MyMissAnand

you thought what I am doing wake up early at 6:30 in summer vacations I’ve joined Summer Theatre Workshop this summers which starts at 8 O’clock so I need to get ready for it today I am going to share with you My Summer Vacations Routine and i’ve brought it for you on your demand s so must hit Like to this video and get this video to 1,50,000 Likes you know I always ready my bag keeping all that important stuffs at night now need to have only lunch and bottle and we have so fun in theatre workshop like playing games, skits, drawings also do things to save our nature now its my breakfast time lets see what I’ll get in my breakfast we remain there till 1 pm so I carry my Lunch we need to keep well hydrated in summers so I’ve an hack to keep cold water for longer time I half filled this water and kept it like this in freezer overnight now fill it with normal water and this bottle was looking so simple so I pasted colourful stickers on it hit Like it you liked this hack now will get ready for my drama class so enjoyed a lot in class our group has written this wrap faced a lot of dust outside so need to wash my hands and face I like to have this Lemonade in summers and I like this milk chocolate to which I eat while watching TV Di lets play with dolls Ok see I’ve a new doll now its my Lunch time here I watering plants which is my daily chore now I am going for swimming Either I come for swimming or go to play with my friends or sometimes i have some challenge or toy opening video so I am back and yeah I’ll take a shower now this is my family time where we have dinner together with my family listening to all that gossips or sometimes even get bored too now I gonna do my bag pack yeah its a bit messed this is my favourite one I like to do night study so I will do it feeling so sleepy my study time over so I am going to sleep so thats all with my vacations routine if you want to ask me you can comment me on my Instagram or community

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