My Travel Bag (One NEW Packing Method)

My Travel Bag (One NEW Packing Method)

hey there today I thought I would share
what is in my travel bag with one new packing method. I have a carry-on
suitcase and I have a weekender type bag that’s going to fit under the airplane
seat the one new packing method is for my personal item carry-on bag these are
both considered carryons this is a carry-on suitcase it can be a large
duffel bag anything that fits the luggage requirements for a carry-on
suitcase for your major airline is acceptable and this is considered a
personal item or an item that is going to fit per their luggage requirements
under the airplane seat in front of you the one new packing method which gave me
the idea for this video is I packed a packing cube inside my personal item bag
because for our trip to Pawhuska Oklahoma I have packed a lot of my shoes
in the carry-on suitcase and I don’t usually travel with that many shoes but
you can see I still have space for shoes in the outside flap of my suitcase if I
needed more but this is a very short trip so that’s why I’m able to do this
in this first packing cube is a change of clothes because we’re getting to
Tulsa Oklahoma and they were going to be touring all afternoon and evening and so
I wanted to change into shorts that were fall colored that Ree Drummond would
approve of and then I have another shirt in shorts for later or for tomorrow one
trial tip for packing your personal item bag if you want to use a packing cube in
there is because packing cubes are smooshy
that’s gonna be my smushy side so if I have to smush my bag or put my feet on
top of the bag I’m gonna let my smooshy side be on the floor side if that makes
sense I need to have like my liquids I want that to be on the opposite side and
I’ll try to keep or workaround that if I need to smoosh something near there if
that makes sense so essentially I have packed everything
lengthwise and so I have two rows my packing cube and then my pal
and then I also pack a crossbody bag I want to have both hands-free so I’m
going to use a crossbody that does go with Burgundy’s and in it I have my
wallet and it’s gonna have all my cards and some cash and then my new glasses
case and then my chapstick and my equals because I’m sugar snob
or a fake sugar snob and that crossbody can fit in my personal item bag and when
you get on the airplane you’re only allowed two bags all right so when I get
inside the airplane that’s when I pull out my crossbody or when I get off the
airplane I’ll just pull out that crossbody and put this back on my
suitcase I bought this personal item bag late spring because it is so large I
don’t know if it’s still available on Amazon or not but I will link it below
the reason I bought it is because when I’m walking through the airport this
flap will fit over my suitcase handles letting me be hands-free while I’m
walking through the airport in my personal item travel bag I also packed
my sunglasses in a bright case because it’s easy to find in an black lined bag
I always try to take an empty water bottle a lot of airports have great
water fountains nowadays it’s not the old timey ones and then I keep my
Powerbank charger this has all the cords in it that you need to plug it into the
wall to charge it before you leave and then this will charge your phone fully
two times and then I have two of my headphones one fits my phone and then
one fits an old timey airplane entertainment system if I have to use
that kind of plug and then I have an attachment that fits to my phone from
that and in since its fall I’m going to take my cardigan because it goes with
the burgundy colors that I’m going to be wearing if I get cold on the airplane my
mother-in-law just got here and she said that it felt like it was 40 degrees on
her airplane I have my liquids bag I have pretty TSA PreCheck but I always
like to keep those liquids on my person so in case my bag gets
to the belly of the airplane I’m in control of these and they’re gonna be
totally pressurized normally the whole time and just yesterday I was putting
shampoo in my normal squishy bottle which I love and the top just slid right
off and I learned my lesson don’t buy the off-brand
I’ve left my go to Borgo tub shampoo container in a hotel and so I bought
this one at our grocery store and it hasn’t even lasted a whole year but
these containers they’re awesome I tested it upside down all night and it
worked fine it kept my shampoo in there we’ll see how it does but I have used
these on other flights for like thick lotion but shampoo and some face
moisturizer is a really they’re really runny liquids and so that was my test
for this one but I have it comes in a set of five and then I am bringing my
mousse because my mom and I are sharing a room and she is not bringing her
mousse and then I’m also bringing my moisturizer a regular sized bottle I am
bringing my Gold Bond diabetic lotion this is super thick and does not leak
out of these old containers that I have just in case any of you are wondering
lipgloss and mascara count as liquids and they need to be in your liquids bag
I also have eyeprimer and my foundation and I only have a little bit of
foundation left and I plan on throwing this container away so I don’t have to
pack it to come home and then I have my eye makeup remover from Mary Kay to
paste I drop in Vaseline that I keep just in case I need that I also packed a
little amenity kit and that’s got band-aids because I’m wearing brand new
shoes for the most part I have my key for my trip home I have a little case
that I pull out to put my hearing aids in when I get on the airplane
I have a pack of Kleenexes there are the band-aids there’s something else in here
Oh a little plexus pink drink or one of the days
Oh my fingernail file carrier this is what it comes with it’s like glass or
crystals something I’ll link it below it was a treat to myself you get two of
them and then the one that I keep in my purse
I just used my little emery board because that’s the fingernail file that
I prefer I do have a video about how to make your own DIY amenity kits
especially for a long-haul flight things that you would pull out and when you get
on the airplane thank you for visiting my travel tips by laurie channel i know
your time is valuable if you haven’t subscribed just click on subscribe and
the little bell beside the word subscribe and you will get notified once
a week when I upload a free travel tip video another important travel tip is to
know that if your suitcase does get checked last minute you are going to
have to hold this bag or carry the bag on one shoulder the entire way to the
baggage claim so just be prepared for that one of my subscribers was not and
it was very painful and inconvenient for her okay if you’ve watched my ultimate
travel tips I like to use a perimeter of my suitcase for my shoes and that’s what
I’ve done in there and then I’ll pack the other packing cube in the center and
that’s just pajamas another couple of outfits and then I have my makeup
deodorant let’s see toothbrush my vitamins my face
white my makeup brushes are in this little bag and I don’t have any of these
bags that I can link for you they’re old and then these are also called packing
cubes and the reason that they are great is that they also have a handle but this
is great for undies bras socks it can also be used for technology cords it’s a
place to pack all of those things as well and these come in a pack of four I
got these sandals because they’re almost neutral like khaki looking but they’re a
little elevated heel and they are so comfortable they were at DSW and there’s
Steven but I will link them below and then these are my regular Merrill’s that
are super super old they’re more for hiking but I did not want to bring my
teenie shoes and these give me a lot of support as well if you can think of
another travel tip or something that I’ve left out be is an essential to you
leave us a comment below we have a community down there of positive
reinforcement great smart efficient tips down there so
share your positive and great ideas please do not leave any links because
YouTube will spam you and I will not ever see your awesome comment but thanks
again for taking your time and happy travels to you

93 thoughts on “My Travel Bag (One NEW Packing Method)

  1. I traveled for two weeks in Europe wearing Keenโ€™s shoes. They were the most comfortable shoes ever. The travel bag with the stripes was very uncomfortable when I had to carry it or use it on my shoulder.

  2. I use a Pashmina-type scarf around my neck when I go on plane. It can help me feel warmer, cover my mouth if I have to cough, cover my face if other people cough or sneeze, if people are wearing too much perfume, eating something that bothers me or garlic – Iโ€™m so allergic, even smelling it is bad. This time my scarf will have a zipper on it with a pocket. I use catheters, so I will put 3 catheters with sterile wipe packs in the scarf to make it more convenient and private for restroom.

  3. Girl, you are the reason I started using packing cubes!! I'll never travel without them again!! I pointed my sister to your Pawhuska video b/c she and her daughter are going for a visit in November!

  4. I am obsessed with your channel. โค๏ธ Being in a long distance relationship with someone from England I have been traveling often and you are making the stress of packing and airports and planes so much easier.

  5. If you or your child, etc. have health problems and require medical equipment and medications, these can be carried on separate from your luggage and there is no additional fee.๐Ÿ’Š๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿฅ

  6. Hi Laurie, I pack in my carry on (I have the same striped bag) some of my clothes in compression packing cubes. I can pack more than outfits.

  7. Dear Laurie! I have become one of your biggest fans and Iโ€™m taking a long haul flight in about two weeks and Iโ€™ve never been out of the United States so your comments and tips are so helpful I canโ€™t tell you enough how much Iโ€™ve learned from you so when ideas pop into your head just keep it coming because I was so excited to see you had a new one today and why didnโ€™t I think of a packing cube for my personal carry-on thatโ€™s genius level! I think Iโ€™m trying to defeat my anxiety by being prepared and Amazon is my best friend and you of course! #TPWrocks (I keep forgetting your name so I keep calling you the pilots wife youโ€™re famous in my house!)

  8. Laurie ! I now work for an airline and I need help with a to go o bag that I can keep on hand so if I want to take a quick no rev trip

  9. I bought your travel bag in the navy stripped version – and even better, I got it during one of Amazonโ€™s โ€œlightening dealsโ€, so it was about $10 off the regular price. SCORE! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  10. Sorry I meant squishable silicone bottle. Rather than carry a large tube of foundation, I squeeze the amount I want into a small screw top jar – takes up less space.

  11. I will be flying for the first time next month. I am 61 and was terrified at the thought. I was more afraid of navigating the airport and security. So I started watching your videos. I now am excited to fly, feel I can get thru the airport as well as know what to pack and the best ways to pack. Not only that I picked up a few outfits that are cute and comfortable using you tips. Thank you sooooo much.

  12. I never buy any bag or suitcase with a dark liner: orange, yellow, pink any bight color only so I can see everything in my bag only!

  13. Thank you, Laurie, for making these videos. All your tips helped to make our trip to Ireland much better. Thank your husband for the tip about the large binder clip for the curtains. That came in handy for our last two nights.

  14. I saturate cotton rounds with my makeup remover and toner to save valuable space for other liquids as these then can be packed and not considered a liquid. I also bought a cushion foundation I just refill when it gets low/ dry and that is another product that gets to go from liquid to solid.

  15. Had a holiday in April, just booked another overseas holiday for next May. So, back to your informative, knowledgeable and practical Travel Tips. Exciting!

  16. I typically bring a backpack as my personal item. In it, I always have a small packing cube with a change of clothes (leggings, long sleeve tee, tank top, socks), a packing cube with all of my underwear for the trip (I donโ€™t want to purchase AND launder new panties if my suitcase goes missing!), liquids bag, makeup bag, technology bag, first aid kit, and crossbody purse.

  17. Hello, I am also a sugar snob, I also carry Stevia in my purse. Those slender packing cubes I use for weekend trips. They hold a whole outfit, shirt and underwear, I usually only take one pair of jeans or shorts for a few days.

  18. As always – entertaining educational and inspiring. I couldnโ€™t imagine packing without cubes. Headed cross-country (Eastern time to Pacific time) in a few days. I think of your tips every time I pack.

  19. I also use packing cubes for many things. One trip I did I packed the cubes by day. Including underwear and pjs. Worked very well. I have also started using โ€œSimpleโ€ facial wipes. This eliminates the need for then,i quiz cleanser. They work great. I have sensitive skin and have not had a problem with these at all.

  20. Hi Laurie! I hope you had a great trip! I just bought a really inexpensive tote bag at Walmart ( think it's the Time and Tru brand). It's nylon so it weighs practically nothing, looks good doing it, has plenty of room, and has the sleeve that goes over the luggage handle. Best of all it folds up so flat when you don't want to use it that I can tuck it into my carry-on luggage once I get where I'm going. I pack it with the two smaller purses I will want to wear at my destination, making sure that I have used them like packing cubes. Because I don't check a bag I can just slide this bag over my suitcase handle and off I go. Something light like that might be just the thing for someone who doesn't want to have the bag weighing down their shoulders.

  21. I learned this recently, but if you get the chance, put moisturizer on your face, arms, hands, legs and feet right before your flight if you can. Especially a long haul. It will help prevent your skin from drying much longer than if you wait.

  22. I love watching your videos. I have used a lot of your tips, but why don't you put your shoes in bags? It's really unhygienic. With all the things shoes pick up I wouldn't want any of those things inside my bag.

    I use regular plastic bags and put one shoe in each. It's really unhygienic to have them out like that.

  23. Awesome tips! I also purchased the same bag from Amazon except mine has a bottom compartment mainly for shoes. I love that compartment as I put my neck pillow, a light blanket for the flight and socks in it. It compresses the pillow so it is perfect! I tried to leave my personal item fairly light for the same reason that when you have a connection, or having to walk a long way with it on your shoulder in case that your carry-on luggage gets checked on the flight involuntarily.

    I, too, have a packing cube inside my personal item. In it, I put one set of changes of clothes, and I make sure I use the smallest packing cube for the purpose to compress to avoid bulkiness.

    After traveling 4 times this year, I have streamlined my packing. I no longer carry my shampoo and conditioner although my very thick corse hair requires them. I figure, when I travel, as long as I have my straightener, I am OK. In lieu of skincare products, I streamlined to just face wash and Coconut Oil Hair Serum by FOCUS which I purchased through Amazon. Because of an accident, I discovered that this oil serum makes my skin super soft and silky. I am waiting to use up all of my skincare products and then, I will be using just face wash and coconut oil on my normal daily routine.

  24. Great idea with using a packing cube in your carry on Laurie! I'm going to try it today as I'm getting ready to leave the UK to come home to the USA tomorrow. I brought an extra lingerie bag for dirty clothes so I'm going to rearrange a bit so I can fit my medium packing cube into my carry-on! I'll let you know how it worked out hun~ ๐ŸŒนJoan

  25. Plz make a video for people who are moving from other city or country!!! A new immigrant Bcoz we have to Cary immigration document basics etc plz help

  26. I like to put my night gear in a place thatโ€™s really easy to access so that I donโ€™t need to search for it, especially the first night when Iโ€™m jet lagged. Usually the zip pocket on the inside of my suitcase.

  27. I made my first plane trip in 25 years back to Hawaii to see family. Your videos were instrumental in helping me plan and feel more comfortable on my flight. (Well, Xanax helped too. Not much but just enough.) It was so easy to pack and then repack for the trip home. My sister was impressed! Thank you so much. Oh, also arriving at the airport really early helped also. No line at TSA, time for a potty break, filling my water bottle, talking to people, and getting my mind calmed down.

  28. Thanks for the link. I love that you pointed out that sleeve on the personal bag that goes over the suitcase handle. That will make things so much easier. There are lots of colours to choose from too.

  29. In my liquids bag I always bring saline nose spray and wetting eye drops. The air in planes is so drying! This is especially true for LONG flights. I also always wear compression socks on flights. It keeps blood circulating in my legs and my feet don't swell.

  30. I use a contact lens case for small portions of thick liquids. One side has vaseline that I use for eye makeup removal, and the other holds my foundation. In all my travels, I've never been called out for not having my mascara in my liquids bag!

  31. Instead of bandaids on your heels for new shoes, I use clear chapstick and it works excellent. If wearing for a long day you may have to reapply. I have noticed with bandaids after a couple of hours they roll up and off. The clear chapstick is super and I also use an off brand that is like 79 cents a stick ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ™‚

  32. I have only recently started traveling with my company, and your videos have helped SO MUCH! Thank you for all the tips and advice!!!

  33. On my recent international trip flying with a new airline I panicked when arriving at check in to see huge signs saying 'one carryon bag only'. I had a big packpack as well as my large cross body. (I knew allowance was limited 7kg (15.5lbs). I was stretching with 7.5kg as I was carrying a lot of camera equip.) People with English as a second language are not the only ones who would take this 'one bag' stipulation literally, but all was fine and both fitted under the seat comfortably. There is no way I can pack carryon only with a 7kg limit so I usually check baggage. I purchased a similar bag as this 'personal item' from Amazon – just thin stripes instead of large stripes. I used it for an overnight hospital stay and found it a bottomless pit with the dark lining. I was constantly searching for things. Highly recommend those pouches in light colours. When full it would be heavy as it does fit a lot.

  34. With my neck and back as they are, I now ONLY use a small spinner underseat bag as my personal item. Itโ€™s by Chocolate New York on amazon, but now many brands have underseat spinners. Itโ€™s so great and thereโ€™s only one time in an aisle seat where it didnโ€™t fit under. But regardless itโ€™s light enough for me by myself to put on top if I prefer. Packing cube would be a good idea for all my in-flight โ€œstuffโ€ I remove from the bag though!

  35. I just love watching your travel videos and have learned how to pack and travel a lot easier. My one tip that maybe you have never tried is to use LUSH products They make all sorts of Shampoo and Conditioner BARS, They also have lotion bars, toothpaste tabs, perfume bars and soap bars. What I love about these LUSH bars is that they are not liquid and I can put them in my carry on and free up more space in my liquid bag for other stuff that I want to take. I love the shampoo bars, they lather up just like liquid shampoo and make my hair great. Thank you for all your great tips, I love them!

  36. Thank you as usual, I got the under seat bag and love it–got the one with pink roses on it! Keep your video's coming, love them

  37. Although I have been traveling for years, I finally made the decisionย for my 10 day trip to Portugal and the Azores next summer to do this trip with a carry-on suitcase and carry on bag. After watching a gazillion packing videos I went and purchased a Lug Puddle Jumper Wheelie II for theย overhead compartment, Puddle Jumper carry-on for under seat, and the Lug trolley case. I can't tell you how impressed I am with this luggage!!! Light but very sturdy and love all the pockets and how the trolley case was made to fit into both the Wheelie and carry-on. Already "play packed" and can fit nicely everything I need for this trip in the bags I purchased. Just a little tip as I have had the zipper break on one of my suitcases in the past, it is a good idea after going through screening to put a luggage strap around your bag just in case you have to last minute check it at the gate and itย ends up being thrown around with all the other bags.

  38. I am flying Lufthansa Airlines to Germany in the spring and from all information I can gather, they are very restrictive about your personal item in terms of size. It seems like it will be hard to find anything that will fit under the seat. I wonder if you have flown with Lufthansa or have any knowledge of this to share.

  39. If you are elderly or disabled and need wheelchair assistance, have your tips (cash) out, ready to give to the escort. Plan and budget for connecting flights along the way. I forgot once to get money for them on a layover. They didn't get a tip because there was no time to get more cash.
    Also, take electrolyte tablets or drink mixes that you can put in a water container after security. Diabetics can carry flavored glucose tablets on them if they feel faint etc..A little hard candy is sometimes nice for flights too.
    Another fine line to balence is how to stay hydrated, without having to pee all during the flight. Any advice Lori? And thanks!

  40. Hi Laurie…thanks for the tips…I see the stripped bag is available …but was wondering…I saw one with a separate zipped shoe department on the bottom…what is your opinion about that version. Thank you!

  41. How and what do you do if on medications I have literally a carry on full of medications/ diabetic testers and cpap machine and masks and hoses it will just fit in an overnighted bad then I need the rest of stuff ouch

  42. Hey Laurie another great video ๐Ÿ’–
    Have you tried using cling wrap under lids on bottles to help stop leakages.

  43. I put my change of clothes in a gallon ziploc. I squeeze out the air and it compresses it like a mini space bag would. Takes up less room that way:)

  44. I use a lot of products that fall under the TSAโ€™s 3-1-1 rule. Some of the travel containers I use are empty sample containers from Sephora and Nordstrom. These work great for things that I only need a little of while I am traveling. I got some "single use" packets of toothpaste, that I can usually get 3-4 uses out of, from my dentist. You can find them on Amazon. I found some 10 ml spray bottles on Amazon that I use for perfume, face toner, makeup setting spray, hairspray, hair dangler, any liquid that I can think of. They have 3ml sizes too if you want an even smaller option. For some of the thicker serums I use on my face, I put in half ounce dropper bottles, even if I donโ€™t fill the bottle.

    I save my old shower puffs to use when I travel and then throw them away before I come home, so I'm not worried about packing a wet puff.

    I looked up the tip you had for making travel soap using dissolving paper, and the company that sells the paper also sells dissolving paper pouches. They got the idea from the laundry detergent "pods." I'm going to reach out to them for more information because I'd love to make dissolving packets of shampoo and conditioner using the products I like, but donโ€™t know if you can fill them with a liquid product. Iโ€™m going to try the technique of making pouches from straws for travel size liquids if the dissolving pouches donโ€™t work out. I like the idea of not bringing home empty bottles if I donโ€™t have to.

  45. I noticed you use Mary Kay, you should ask your MK Lady for a sample of the extra emollient night cream. My mom and I use it instead of Vaseline. It is very similar in consistency and creates a barrier for your skin, but it is better for your skin.

  46. This video at 6:07. You showed a container you said you put your hair nates in when you got on the plane. Iโ€™m sure Iโ€™m not spelling that right

  47. I have spent hours looking for the right carryon personal item bag! We are flying twice next year. American in January and Delta in October. Of course they have different measurement requirements for bags going under the seat! I thought they were about the same. This is really hard, for me anyway. Tfs!

  48. Would a solids make-up palette be counted as a liquid? I was thinking of purchasing a palette that contained a solid foundation, concealer and eye shadows. I thought this would be an easier way to travel than individual pieces. What do you think? Thanks!

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