My Travel Pack | Extreme Minimalist

My Travel Pack | Extreme Minimalist

Hello friends, this is Youheum. I’m an extreme minimalist and digital nomad. I’ll be sharing how I pack minimally. I’ll first be going to Dallas for a short trip. Starting September I will be living and working as a digital nomad in Japan for 3 months. I’ll be visiting Korea for 1 month. Right now I am packing for a short-term trip but I’ll show you what I add additionally for longer stays. This is what my 1 week pack looks like. And this is what 4 months looks like. The slight difference is just from my filming gear. Right now I am kindda debating if I need a winter shoe when I am going to Japan. My bag is from Pakt. It comes in plastic-free packaging. In celebration of Plastic-free July, I’m sharing a 15% off discount code with you. Feel free to use the code HEALYOURLIVING for your own bag. I am very grateful to receive this as a free gift. I enjoy the simple design and durable material. I do think that this is a Utilitarian’s dream bag. Everything is folded in a Ranger Roll style. I’m taking 2 extra outfits and outer. I also have 3 extra underwear in here and 2 extra socks with me. I’ll also have what I am wearing to the airport. I’m also thinking about taking my laptop bag with me when I am visiting Japan. For personal hygiene, I’m taking my bamboo toothbrush, natural tooth powder, and a bar of soap for washing my face, body, and hair. I also take my reusable utensils and cups with me everywhere I go. I’m also taking my homemade sunscreen. I’m using this reusable zip bag liquids and other personal hygiene products. Because I am low-waste, I also have a menstrual cup in here. I try my best to keep it sustainable and natural but I know that I can never be perfect. I focus on trying my best in the present moment. I also have my refillable fountain pen, sketchbook, and ebook reader. So I usually sketch or read during my flight. Some of you already know that I wash my clothes by hand at home. I currently have 15 articles of clothing and 2 pair of shoes. If you are curious, feel free to watch my capsule wardrobe tour. These are just my everyday carries. I’ll do a whole video on this in the future. If you want to know more about the details of my pack, feel free to read my blog post. I’ll share what I wear as pajama, how I often I was my clothes, and what I think about travel gifts and travel pollution. During my long-term trip, I’ll also be working so I will be adding my gear to my basic 1 week pack. I keep it minimal. I’m just taking my laptop, microphone, camera, memory drive, the chargers, and I’ll also stick my tripod in there too. So starting September I’ll be sharing footages from my temporary home in Japan and Korea. I’ll go through my hiking trip and gear this month. I can thrive and be happy with minimal possession but I understand that minimalism is not for everyone. Feel free to do what’s comfortable for you and if maximalism is your thing, I accept you no matter what. I don’t force anyone to extreme with minimalism. For me, it doesn’t really matter how often I travel. It’s all about having fun and being in the present moment. I also don’t think that I always have to long distance or go somewhere gorgeous in order to find nourishment. If you enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe to my channel. Thanks again for being here my friends. I hope to see you again soon.

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  1. So inspiring!

    I was wondering how your refillable fountain pen holds up in an airplane? I've really been wanting a refillable pen but I'm afraid of it exploding at inconvenient times.

  2. How i wish i travel light but trying to minimize what i currently have but still a ton. Kudos on how you do it! ??

  3. Excited to see your Japan/Korea content soon! I'm going to see family and friends in Europe in September and it'll be my first time doing a minimalist pack for a longer trip. I did one for a short trip recently and it was the best feeling!! Thank you as always for the inspiration <3 Safe and joyous travels to you!

  4. I’ve seen the Pakt bag through the Minimalists blog. It really intrigues me but I worry about the weight on my shoulder since I’m so used to traveling with bags that have wheels.

  5. HI, thanks for sharing this. I wonder what kind of soap you use for all of you body includes your hair? I felt skin and hair is very different tissue and the cleaning idea couldn't be the same, but would you recommend and soap which works for both? Thank you .

  6. Not only I enjoy the contents, I love opening your videos for background noise too. Very soothing and calming. ❤

  7. This is very inspiring, thank you!! I am really excited for the hiking video, as I'll be going on a working holiday soon and the hiking gear is the only thing I'm concerned with.

  8. I just came back from theatre summer school and I just took a small backpack. In one of the acting courses, the teacher actually said, limiting yourself to the bare necessities can be a blessing for creativity.

  9. I just love the way you're living. I know i can't be extreme minimalist because i have lots of books, home clothes and my diy decorations, but i still feel like some king of minimalist. In the future i would love to live in tiny house or mobile home. It would be so nice. And also to live near nature. Thank you for your videos ❤

  10. Hi , I really enjoy your videos ? please can you tell me what tripod do you use? It’s so convenient to travel , Thank you ??

  11. tourism is not minimalist at all, making a living with redundant minimalism videos is not minimalism, pretending you are always "good, cute, cool" is an obvious sign of hypocrite, and ignoring critics is confirmation of evilness.

  12. Having traveled Japan in winter, I’d highly recommend a winter boot. I have a pair of Melissa boots and they are made of recycled rubber. Depending on where you’ll be, it may snow quite a bit.

  13. Boring! Extreme Minimalist….I thought you’ve decided to become homeless, that’s the real shit. Go for it.?

  14. I am donating about 10% of my possessions today. I hope to continue the trend soon enough. I want to donate up to 30% of what I currently own. It will take some time to get that all sorted out. Got to sell some bigger items I also do not need. My gaming electronics, my guitar, and special dvds.

  15. Hello! Thanks for these awesome videos. I really enjoy your channel. I'm from Korea and living in Bucheon which is close to Seoul so If you have some time and want to meet up, please let me know and contact me! No pressure though! Hope everything goes well 😀

  16. I find minimalism practical, but everything requires maintenance.
    Your kitty, assuming it's yours, also requires nurturing…do you provide for her? She looks cared for and very loving.

  17. I tried to minimalise my bag for my 6 week trip. But i always have 3pair of shoes. One sneaker, one flipflop, one sandales in warmer climates. And so much toilett stuff!! I think this needs also some training.

  18. Enjoy your time in Japan ? I was living there for 3 months earlier this year. If you need any recommendations or anything feel free to reach out.

  19. I tried traveling with Pakt One bag. Every time it was to heavy to actually carry around on my shoulder. It's very uncomfortable to carry around. I'm still amazed how all these influencers are able to carry this bag around with all that stuff.

  20. I love watching your videos and hearing your voice. It is so calming to me and I can feel a deeper peace ☮️ in your voice. ? You have inspired me to move into this way of life, both minimalism and zero waste. I appreciate every time you say “I am not perfect and I also accept you in the path you choose.”
    Thank you for being here on YouTube and sharing your beautiful life with us. ??

  21. You solved life, inner peace, self development, happiness in life and definitely your priorities straightforward. We go exercise, NLP, therapists, reading, searching, popping antidepressants, dealing with anxiety attacks and still carry the shitload of unnecessary stuff and always think, what if what if and then complaint cause we have so much credit card debt and so much waste. Congrats, you won the biggest prize for living as a human with only basic needs and still functioning and be happy!

  22. If all the people in the world were like u, the world would be a much better place. Nature will be protected.

  23. You're very lucky to have a hair and skin type to be able to use just a castile bar soap and tolerate DIY face products. I have very sensitive skin and curly hair so that would never ever work for me. I have 3 hair products (Shampoo, Co-wash, deep conditioner) and 4 face products (Wash, lotion, acne med, sunscreen) and am completely content with that being my minimalist routine! I tint my eyelashes every few weeks at home instead of makeup as well because they are blonde. Different strokes and all that. I also see all these minimalists using coconut oil for their hair body and face or such and for some of us that's just impossible I would be one giant zit. Let alone when I pack for long term travel I have to bring my prescription meds and special free and clear powdered laundry detergent. UGH living that delicate peach life.

  24. Thanks for sharing, that bag looks awesome! I switched over to bar soap for everything and I will NEVER go back! The traveling aspect alone is crazy worth it! Have a great trip ❤️

  25. please dont make your own sunscreen. sunscreens sold in stores go through strict controls to earn their spf ratings.

  26. Do you have any issues with the fountain pen leaking when on the airplane? I find that keeping the cartridge full (e.g. minimizing the air space) can help prevent spillovers. I also keep the pens in a separate bag when traveling by air just in case there is a spill.

  27. Your videos are so relaxing to watch and listen to and you’ve truly inspired me about how much consumerism has negatively affected my life. I’ve been embracing minimalism more and more these days and I’ve never felt more peaceful and present 🙂

  28. Sweet heart, I just LOVE your channel and the kindness you spread! So healing in itself… Do you have had any problems carrying your big bottle while flying when passing security checks? Or won't you check in everything as hand luggage?

  29. btw u will need a winter shoe when u go to japan. My friend is from japan and it will get cold and snowy some places they dont shovel the snow on the ground.

  30. Could you give me the link to where I can buy the barefoot shoes that you own, please? I tried searching for that brand online but I am left unsure as to whether I found the right model…

  31. 와우~ 4달 여행에 짐이 이렇게 적을 수도 있군요~
    반성할께요~ 전 너무 많은 짐을 가지고 여행하고 다녔네요~ ^^

  32. What do you pack for winter? Would a large coat fit in one of these bags? I am travelling to the states from australia in december (from summer to winter) so I will have warmer/thicker clothes. I would love one of these bags but would it fit a big jacket and jumpers and jeans?
    Love you calming videos <3

  33. I love minimalist travel. I used to pack a 45 liter bag… but was always made to check it… even though it was supposed to be max size carry on. I went smaller… buying the 35 liter Minaal 2.0 convertible travel backpack. Now the airlines always let me carry on. No more checking bags… no more wondering who is tossing my bag around and worrying it might get diverted. No more waiting at carousels… I go for months at a time.. to Asia with just one 35 liter bag. (Yes… tight Ranger Rolling is the best for packing clothing.)
    . BUT… now I'm going to go even SMALLER… I'm buying the 21 liter Minaal Daily bag… And that will be all I take. I've heard of people traveling for months with just a 17 liter bag… even smaller than I am going to have.
    I just don't understand the young backpaxckers I see in Thailand and Cambodia loaded down with huge expedition backpacks on their back…85 – 120 liter… and then even another, smaller backpack on their front.. "Turtle Backpackers" we call them.
    What in the world do they carry in those huge bags? ?

  34. I LOVE the gopakt bag. I have wanted it for a long time but the price has stopped me from purchasing. You believe its worth the price?

  35. It's not extreme minimalism, but I do think that you did well. Liked and subscribed 🙂
    I love the fact that you are low waste.

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