My Ultimate List of Packing Tips and Travel Tips

My Ultimate List of Packing Tips and Travel Tips

Today I am sharing my ultimate list of packing tips and travel tips to help you be set before you jet set. These packing tips are going to help you before you travel and my other travel tips will help you in the airport as well as in the airplane I will set you up for success in this ultimate list of packing tips and travel tips. Grab a jouranl and take notes because I am going to talk fast and lead you through these acrostic letters S, E, and T. for the ultimate list of packing tips and travel tips World travelers are called jet setters; people who travel to another country in the world are called globe trotters. You may be a first time traveler or avid traveler. However you travel, I will help you be set when you jet set. From my ultimate list the number one travel tip begins with the letter S. Slim line packing method. Use a slim line packing method or rolling or packing cubes or cramming it in in the last minute.

83 thoughts on “My Ultimate List of Packing Tips and Travel Tips

  1. I love your videos. I'm flying for the first time in October to Florida and your videos are huge a help!

  2. All of this information is so helpful. I find I know most of it but I love how it reminds me! Happy Monday Laurie❣️?

  3. I love your videos Laurie! I’m planning my first trip to the united kingdom in the fall and I’m not sure about which shoes to take – can you link the ones you mentioned in the video please?

  4. I love the idea about the packet of gum. I am flying in December (first time in awhile) and I was concerned about lifting the suitcase into the overhead. I like your friend don't think I can do it. Thank You for the reassurance that someone might help.

  5. My husband and I just got home from our trip to Las Vegas and I'm so grateful for your videos. Uou helped my planning and what to expect so much easier. July 31st the entire family (5kids) heading to Florida thanks for relieving some stress and fear. ??

  6. Love the tips. Acronyms are helpful. I recently learned that you can link your EXISTING debit and credit cards to various airline mile memberships. So instead of opening a new credit card, you can rack up miles doing that. Many even reward you for paying your regular bills.

  7. Thank you Laurie! I found your packing videos and clothing suggestions very helpful for our Mediterranean trip this summer!

  8. Is it crazy that I feel like we are friends lol. I watch your videos all the time. We travel a lot so I’m always looking for things I haven’t figured out yet

  9. Hi,
    Can you please tell me where I can get a trip pass for Paris? It's supposed to allow people access to the the metro and museums.

  10. This is the best video you have made! Great points. When I travel I figure out where I'm going, where I'm staying and pull up a Google map, you can see restaurants, how close a grocery store is to where you are staying, souvenir shops, museums, bus or train station. Great, GREAT VIDEO! I love the part about leaving early for the airport, why people DON'T do that is amazing! Traffic, slow TSA lines, I always arrive early.

  11. Thank you so much for this Laurie. I'm leaving for a trip in two weeks. Your channel has helped tremendously ❤️❤️.

  12. Always love your tips! A couple of questions….1) link to folding headphones and 2) backpack-love that the backpack opens from the back, but viewing the photos it seems like the items would fall out once you unzip it. Do you find that is the case?

  13. Good tips Laurie. I just found out that the plastic sleeve that my daily newspaper arrives in. It fits my shoes well. I just to buy shower caps.

  14. Good ideas as always. Love the idea of asking to speak with the pilot to calm your nerves (esp for a kids' first flight!)

  15. Laurie,
    I found your travel tip videos last fall ?
    I pretty much fly ? every two years.
    Soooo….I subscribed and started to follow your videos.

    I watched and absorbed every flying tip you recommended .?
    From packing ? , to airport do's & don'ts, to what to wear, ?? & flight etiquette.?
    ✨Your tips totally changed my flying experience 100%✨
    Last June I went on another trip and I have to say I was totally stress free … for the first time ever.
    I travelled with far less than ever before with my tiny new carry-on , packing cubes & I was organized.
    ? Sending you a ✨BIG ✨THANK YOU ✨for sharing such helpful information?

    ? Laurie, I sincerely hope you keep doing your travel videos….it truly changed my travelling experience?
    P.S. … I used to carry a suitcase as big as a trunk for years and do the bag check also.
    Let me just say my friends were shocked when they say my tiny carry-on and tote.
    ?? Sincerely, A Happy Happy Traveller ???

  16. Is contact solution considered meds or does it need to go in my liquids bag. Also does mascara need to go in the liquids bag?

  17. Like you, I love a good food tour. My tip is to watch travel vloggers videos for the area you plan to visit. I've planned my entire trip to Japan during the Olympics next year based on local hints, tips, etc from Tokyo based vloggers! Navigating the subway system, what historical sites to visit, tips for Disney, places to eat cheaply that are yummy. I even found the food tour company that I plan to book through vlogs and their tours are half the price of the ones I found googling.

  18. Laurie – we just got back from a 3 week trip to Europe. We devoured your videos before we went and all of your Tips were so helpful in making it a trip of a lifetime! Thank you!!!!

  19. are creams which are not liquid (ml) but are in a cream form (grams) will they be also considered as a liquid

  20. Laurie I love your videos. One thing that I did while traveling with my daughter when she was young. We took a red eye flight and she still sometimes wet the bed at night. So when we flew I took a puppy pad and put it on her seat that way if she had an accident then I didn't have to worry about the seat getting wet also. It really helped me and her. This way she didn't get embarrassed.

  21. This is off topic of this video but can you share any straw hats or similar you’ve found that travel well in a suitcase and don’t stay squished? Thanks!

  22. I found your channel before, but recently found it again right before I leave for England, Scotland and Italy. Thank you, thank you thank you for all your tips! I'm going thru your videos with pen and paper in hand. I'm an experienced domestic traveler but not international. I worked for Southwest for a couple of years, so I learned a lot then. And I drive long distances to see family, which means you still have to pack efficiently even tho you're traveling by car and not a plane or train.
    So here are my two tips. First, the night before I leave, I put anything that has to be charged either in my purse or on top of my luggage as it charges. That way, in the morning when I leave I don't forget it or the cord that charges it – because I know I won't leave without luggage! I have a lot of things to charge (old iPhones used as ipods for listening to audiobooks, several sets of bluetooth earbuds and my phone and even my laptop).
    My other tip is this – if you travel with your own pillow and sleep at a hotel, make sure you put a pillowcase on it that is any color but white. That way it will catch your eye as you leave and won't blend into the hotel bedding. I've left more than one pillow before realising this.
    Thanks again for all these tips. They are invaluable! Plus you're so much fun to watch –

  23. Number one tip that all these videos forget: write or type a page with your name, phone number, and itinerary, including dates. If something happens and the tag falls off your luggage, you are screwed of you haven't done this. I also put one in my purse because these days you never know if you have to run for your life and leave your purse behind.
    Also bring a surge protector because not all airports have enough outlets.
    Third, don't forget a night light!

  24. My husband always helps people put luggage overhead.He does not expect anything for it .We feel it is just helpful to someone male or female young or old who is struggling with any packages.I would hope most people feel the same way!!
    Just being kind!!
    Nothing expected in return!

  25. I always learn such a lot from your videos, as I'm visiting your beautiful country next year.
    Greetings from South Africa

  26. I saw that backpack too and thought it was super cute, but I saw one on wish that was slightly different, purchased it, and while it is very versatile as it can be a crossbody a shoulder bag or a backpack oh, it turned out to be rather heavy also, so I would love to know your opinion of the one you have (weight, capacity, etc.) before I buy. Thanks for all of your hard work in making these videos for us, I've used a lot of your ideas!

  27. With the antibacterial wipes, I am confused. I was flying domestic and TSA pulled my carry-on aside and pulled out my Wet Ones and swabbed them for explosives!

  28. Hi Laurie – 2 questions for you…1. When you mentioned "food tours" How do you find these?
    2. You have mentioned that sometimes the airline will require folks to check their carry on luggage when the overheads get full. My husband and I will be carrying our CPAP machines and I wonder what will happen if the overheads get full. My personal bag that will go under the seat will be my backpack. What might happen?

  29. The grey bag in background. Is this large size or smaller size? Love your site!! Don’t do a lot of traveling, but still love your packing tips!!

  30. you mentioned stretching; this is a very underrated great idea.
    on vacation, we walk & hike more than usual. at the end of the day, a few minutes of stretching upper body & lower body does wonders.
    also i recommend stretching at the start of each vacation day; it helps for a long day of walking.

  31. GREAT VIDEOS. 1. For a stuck or hard-to-use zippers, I carry a small piece of a white candle. I slide it on the teeth of both sides of the open zipper, or as close as possible to the stuck spot. Alternatively, if you can get the stuck zipper to open a little, then you can wax the place where it stuck before.Works great and is not greasy or oily to leave stains. I keep one in my car glovebox and in my bathroom drawer. 
    2. I use panty liners for leaks, not only where it counts and to get an extra day's use of my panties (when I'm desperate), but also to wrap around small bottles that might leak, as shoe liners, and in my first aid kit to cut up and paste on with bandaids for blisters, cuts. Be creative — they're cheeeep! P.S. Since we can't carry scissors or knives I always carry nail clippers or cuticle nippers. Then you can tear off what you need. Of course, the best idea is to pick up a cheap little knife or scissors in an in-country pharmacy. These tips have helped me when I'm way out in the boonies…..

  32. I can't tell you how much your videos helped me prepare for my trip to Los Angeles last week. I hadn't flown since I was a teenager and your advice was very valuable and helpful. Thank you!!

  33. Hi Laurie, I love your videos, great tips!!
    What I do and it helps a lot is I put a label on front of ziplock bag with the items that it has, that way, when I’m packing up I check the list and make sure all items are there and I don’t go crazy thinking if I left something behind. Keep doing your wonderful videos!!

  34. I use to play hockey with a guy that flies for SWA and he was saying one way they break up the stress and monontiny was they recite the Take-Off scene from the movie "Airplane"

  35. Wear socks, so when you take off your shoes, yer not barefoot. Bring zorries to wear in the shower. Voila! No athlete's foot.

  36. Hello! I have a question/suggestion. Being a new fan of yours I haven't been able to watch all of your presentations so you may have already discussed these ideas. Liquid vs. not liquid. I did not know Vaseline was considered a liquid! Are there other products that may cause confusion? Can you carry more than one bag of liquids? Can you pack them in a gallon zip lock bag? Thanks!?❤️

  37. This is obvious but there are people who don’t do it and/or don’t know: I recommend downloading every airline app and setting a personal profile/mileage membership, allowing pop up notifications. That’s free and helps to know what s going on with our planes. (Last trip we started receiving updates for our 8pm flight being delayed as early as 3am. We went to the airport after 9pm cause our plane was finally leaving after midnight. But we were told there were people who had come to the normal check in time, unaware of the delays -no mail, ticket purchased by a third person, etc.-.)
    Also for free: Flightaware app alerts and flights performance records, that helps a lot; one can decide to share the alerts with someone else as well (family, friends, etc).

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