My Vacations Vlog: Who brings Yogurt to a picnic?! | Minecraft Girls

My Vacations Vlog: Who brings Yogurt to a picnic?! | Minecraft Girls

hi welcome back to my channel I haven’t
posted in a while because I got really busy these days since Maxie my dog had a
fever so we went to the vet the other day I’m so glad she’s finally fine
all thanks to the vet took care of my Maxie so today I’m going to talk about
my vacation I wanted my family and the minecraft girls to visit their relatives
in her hometown it was super amazing one last hurrah! before
school year begins next week I had fun playing with my cousin’s together with
the girls we went to the park had a mini picnic under the tree yep picnics
are the best when you guys are under the shade of a tree it’s not like we’re
getting Sun at the beach right going back to the picnic stuff we had some
berries sandwiches freshly baked chocolate cookies and you won’t believe
this but we even had yogurts yep yep yep yep yep it’s the weirdest picnic food
like you have all these berries and homemade sandwiches and suddenly there
are yogurts that just just happened to be there
appeared to be there waiting to be noticed to be eaten it’s like attending
a birthday party and instead of cake for desserts you’ll have yogurt I mean who
brings yogurt at picnics right well Hianna did she plays all the yogurts on
an ice box beside her drinks so everything remain so is also so cold
some were even still frozen so what was it was crunch some chocolate cookies put
on top of to yo cart and then it said like it’s like a Froyo or something for
they’re not so frozen yogurts we dip the berries and apples in it surprisingly it
actually tasted super nice we enjoyed it it was a good experimentation I’d say
like 9 out of 10 if this is a MasterChef episode except that it’s food that are
not as yummy but turned out “okay” edition. Turns out that bringing yogurt to the picnic wasn’t a bad idea at all oh well hey Hianna you should like this
video I complimented your magic yogurt for like 90 seconds of this vlog anyway
we also played with our kites classic right yeah come on guys you should try
it sometime trust me we’re all living in this world
rich in technology but playing kites and playing at the park they’re they’re just
so fun to do they’re fun activities to consider especially during long
vacations but somehow consider it as an exercise I guess aside from dancing move
to bodies people run go outside and face the sunshine I mean there’s nothing
wrong with playing video games or bench watching my little pony on Netflix or
bench watching my vlogs but yeah it’s it’s amazing trust me it feels so good
to go outside feel the fresh air at the beauty of nature now I just sounded like
an 80 year old when I said beauty of nature but anyway it was super fun trust
me moving on we haven’t went camping that
night actually but I don’t know if that’s considered camping since we
didn’t really stay in a tent but instead… we slept in a treehouse that
my uncle Diego built for my cousin it was so pretty and cozy it has two windows in
a tiny little door it’s one of the best sleep overs I’ve ever had in my entire
life except there’s not enough Cheetos for all of us because someone ate half
of it while we’re away playing kites guess who that someone is
the name starts with letter Z sadly maxi wasn’t able to spend a night
at the treehouse because apparently my cousin Zia is allergic of dogs but
overall everything was a fun experience best way to spend your remaining
vacation we have until school begins next week that’s all for now Minecraft
friends don’t forget to leave a like and for those of you who haven’t subscribed
yet there are some things that are still free guys one of that is subscribing to this channel I think that’s all see you on my next vlog. BYE!

12 thoughts on “My Vacations Vlog: Who brings Yogurt to a picnic?! | Minecraft Girls

  1. Hi! Im a fan since ur first vid came out!! Your vids are the bestest thing ever!!keep uppp btw plsss noticee mee

    This is how many ppl love the mcpe girls


  2. who brings yogurt in picnic? well obviously its normal because thats consider a food. thats not weird your weird or dumb. Or you just have'nt taste yogurt yet. cause your disgusted in the beginning.

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