My Work Travel Bag Setup – Simple and Minimal Two Bag Carry On

My Work Travel Bag Setup – Simple and Minimal Two Bag Carry On

Traveling for work can sometimes be a pain. Waiting in lines, jet lag, and packing everything
you need each and everytime. To make the journey as comfortable as possible
I try to simplify the stuff I carry. This usually means sticking with smaller carry
on sized luggage to avoid the check-in counter, a small backpack perfect for my electronics
on the plane and professional enough to bring to meetings, and organizing it all so there’s
minimal stress getting through the airport and on to the plane. Hi I’m David and this is my simple and minimal
work travel bag setup Starting with my carry on luggage. I’m am using this TravelPro Tote suitcase,
which by first impressions is really small compared to what most people are carrying,
standing only 18 and half inches from the floor. Still I find I can fit just enough for couple
days on a business trip in here. Inside the luggage you’ll usually find dead
space around the integrated handlebars so I’ll usually wedge an umbrella, my belt
and a bag for my dirty laundry back here. Next I’ll stuff my shoes full of socks and
place them at the bottom of the case. My pants, dress shirts and spare t-shirt I
put inside a packing cube. Underwear and PJs compressed in another cube. And finally my suit jacket wrap in a plastic
bag on top to reduce wrinkles. So while this small tote fits everything I
need for my clothes. To be honest, my ideal bag would be a little
taller to give more breathing room in here but finding that perfect sized carry on luggage
is a lot more difficult than it really should be with every airline having their own carry
on requirements. And luggage manufacturers constantly fudging
their dimensions with slightly protruding handles and wheels that often push them past
these restrictions. So to save myself the headache I’ll just
travel smaller with this tote suitcase for now. This bag does feature some other extras like
a sleeve for a 13” laptop, small pockets for accessories, built in USB plug to route
power, even Velcro straps that keep the case from fully opening when you want to peek inside
but most of that is pretty unnecessary for me since I always also travelling with a backpack. A small day backpack is must for me on any
trip. It’s convenient to leave under the seat
on the plane for quick access to my electronics and snacks. But I also need it to carry my laptop to any
meetings or the office. For this I’m using the Aer Flight Pack 2. It has a nice clean and minimal design. You can tuck away the straps to use it as
a briefcase or attach the shoulder strap to give it a more compact professional look. Inside the main compartment I’ll throw my
laptop in here, with my sweater and jacket that I’m wearing if it gets too hot out,
as well my bagged up liquid toiletries. In the front pocket, I have my laptop and
phone chargers, Powerbank and cables. Pens, notebook, keys and noise cancelling
earbuds. There’s also pocket in the front where I’ll
put a granola bars for a snack. A place for a water bottle on the side, if
I buy one at the airport. And a quick access pocket on top to store
my wallet or cellphone when needed. And that’s pretty much everything I carry
for a trip but just as important as the stuff I carry. I also like to think about how it’s all
being carried to minimize travel pains. For example, A lot of your time in the airport
is just standing in lines. Sliding the backpack onto the handle of the
luggage keeps everything together and helps with comfort. Having 4-wheel spinners on luggage do waste
space at the bottom but the advantages of being able to just push it along with you
in slow lines and maneuver down the thins aisle in the airport or the plane, feels like
a worthwhile tradeoff for me. The other pain point I have with air travel
is going through security check. So to make it as quick and efficient as possible
I don’t wear belts to the airport, I throw my wallet and cellphone into a pocket while
waiting in line for security. And my liquid toiletries and laptop are both
in the same bag pocket, so they both go onto the tray followed by my backpack and luggage
through the xray machine. Quick, easy to repack and no worries about
forgetting any of my belongings at security check. So that’s the stuff I carry and my routine
for my minimal work travel bag setup. Sure you could one bag it in a single backpack
like I did for Japan a couple months ago but for a work trip I usually don’t need that
level of mobility, so I prefer a more convenient and comfortable two bag approach. But hope you guys enjoyed this one. You know what to do. And I’ll see you in the next video.

63 thoughts on “My Work Travel Bag Setup – Simple and Minimal Two Bag Carry On

  1. Quality video as always! I love your simplistic style and the relaxing voice overs! Keep up this work!

  2. I really liked the back pack. Looks awsome and versatile. And great video as always. Keep them coming!!!

  3. I'm a road warrior/air warrior for more than 30 years and I can assure you using those carry on vacuum bags that look sort of like large Ziploc bags will give you far more packing flexibility than any Cube ever will
    I ditched the cubes years ago and I can carry more using the see-through vacuum bags

  4. Awesome, was looking for a new carry-on since mine broke recently. This may fit the bill, though on the small side.

  5. I love your minimalist designs and lifestyles. Definitely me in many aspects. Where do you get the clothes cubes? I'd love some especially if they come in bigger sizes for us big people

  6. I find your videos straightforward yet carefully thought out without the unnecessary talk most YTubers do. So I subscribed hahaha ?

  7. Honestly you are way too cautious with the size of the carry-on. A little height with smaller wheels should be okay for most airlines.

  8. Hey Dave, I just watched all your chair videos, i noticed they stopped selling the volmar, what do you think of the new JÄRVFJÄLLET? I have a DX racer that I think i will return for this chair

  9. your video quality is just amazing
    can you make a video and teach us how to make quality content like you?

  10. Great review and clear explanation. Do you think it would be viable to one bag travel with the Aer Flight Pack for a weekend trip?

  11. hey remember your old video in 2017 about triple stacked moniters and you said you would love to see a 10 inch touch screen well here you go
    i know you wont probably will not see this

  12. Do they ever try to make you gate check your bags when you have this set up? I don’t have status, so I’m always boarding towards the end. And almost all the time while I’m still in line they run out of space in the overhead compartments and start making people gate check.

  13. I have a similar set up with an international size carry on and the aer flight pack 2. I actually bring a small laptop sleeve with shoulder strap that I carry in the flight pack and later use for my meetings since all i really need is my 14 inch thinkpad, ipad, and power bank

  14. It depends on aircraft type as well. Small jets don't allow any roller bags & must be checked as valet at the gate.

  15. Nice video and nice looking coordinated set of luggage. Finding a both a carry-on bag and a personal item backpack that works with most airlines size restrictions is difficult. I just purchased the new Travelpro Crew expert global carry on rollerboard board and a Swissgear 5527 backpack. Note that the size limitations for backpacks (personal item) can vary notably but are not normally bin checked like luggage sometimes is.

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