This video is brought to you
by LG Ultra Wide. [Hard rock music] About a year ago I made
a promise to you, guys. I made a video where I announced
this industrial hall and I asked you to put a comment
underneath that video and that we would print out
all of those comments and hang them here in
a studio to a wall. Well, this right here
is the entrance, you come in right here, we’re not sure
yet what to do with this space, but one thing is for sure… [Upbeat rhythmic music fades in] So, we got the YouTube logo
in here guys! And over 1,000 comments of some
of the most amazing people on this planet! Thank you all so much
for making this possible! Now, let’s get started with
the Cinecom Studio Tour! [Music] The Cinecom Studio, guys! and you’ve probably already
seen it from our videos, but maybe not every corner yet, and I actually have some fun
facts to share with you, guys, we actually purchased this
as an empty industrial hall and then the work started, we’ve
been working for almost a year to have it done like
can see right now. And let’s start with that
little office over there, we’ve actually built it here. In the beginning we first sat somewhere
right there in a party tent and it was super cold
at all time. And while the people were
working here, the contractors, everything was full of dust,
all of our gear. So, that was really not pleasant
to work here. But for over that, everything
is complete, We’ve cleaned the whole place,
so that is a good thing. But now let’s start
with the gear, and when it comes down to this
I’m a little bit autistic. I really like everything
to be tidy and clean. That’s also why I have
labels everywhere. We work with the GH5, which
is the main camera, then we’ve got a Mavic Air
in the back, we’ve got some more gimbals
over there, smaller gimbals. Here are some more smaller
accessories, like tools and batteries and clamps and quick
release plates and everything. At the bottom we’ve got some
more clamps to hang up anything. Over here we got the
more important bags, we got an entire bag for sound equipment,
microphones, recorders and everything. Over there we got
the lens case, we’ve got some more older cameras
like our previous GH4, the Canon 5D Mk ii. And then I always like to keep
this workbench here clean, that whenever we wanna work
with something, like now we are shooting with
the DJI Ronin M right here, we got a battery case, and then here
on the other end of the racks we got more lighting
stuff going on. We’ve got the Aputure
LED panels, the 120D, the Specular light, which
is a very cool lighting, actually. It’s more for special effects, so
we don’t use it every time, but it’s pretty cool. We’ve got the Stella lights, and these
here are probably our go-to lights, because they work
on internal batteries. They are set up in literally 5 seconds,
so that makes them amazing. We got dimmers, cables,
cloths, green-screens, some more black fabric here, some
special things like gold fabrics. We got some small tripods,
a smoke machine over here, some more other stuff, and
on the bottom shelf over there we have all tungsten lighting,
we got the Arri S-Pro, these are actually fake Arri lights. If you start off with filmmaking
don’t get all the expensive stuff. There are plenty of knockoffs
that get you started. And I actually bought this
when I was still a student and they are still working
after 5 years, so, that is great. And because they are tungsten you don’t
have to worry about lighting quality. Then here on the left side
we got some costumes and some other clothing, for
example the Cinecom t-shirts. There is the Copycat t-shirt, which
I’m going to wear in just a moment, because today is actually Friday and
I have to record my voice over stuff, so we’re going to set up
something in just a minute. Here we have some more tripods,
lights stands, heavy-duty tripods, we’ve got tripods here,
I’ve already said that. We got sliders, jibs,
everything we need, we’ve got C-stands, some
more costumes over here, and over there we got a desktop
computer which rolls on wheels. You can connect it with a cable,
of course, at the back to make it work. And then here is probably the most
important thing of the entire studio, and that is Justine, the mannequin. We actually use her to
set up a camera frame, to light a subject without
having someone stand there, so that works easy for us. [Music] A little fun fact, guys, Justine
is actually not tall enough, because she has to
resemble my height and that’s why I’m putting
her on a skateboard. [Music] -“…Welcome to Copy Cat
Friday, guys!”. [Music] So, now we got all
that recorded, Yannick And Lorenzo are now
editing the next Copy Cat Friday video, so, let’s check out how they
are doing in the editing room! [Music] This right here is Yannick’s desk, he does
most of the editing around here, he tries out the next ideas and then he
edits it for all the episodes that you see, and that’s why he also gets the
brand-new LG Ultra Wide monitor that was sent to us, so LG: thank
you guys so much for that. This LG monitor is a curved IPS display with
an over 99% coverage of the RGB spectrum, which makes it perfectly suitable for any creative
tasks, such as video editing or photo editing. Having an ultra wide screen is pretty cool
because you can set up multiple panels in there, and have a very wide timeline,
which is very useful, and definitely without that
bezel in the middle. Also, this monitor here
is a single input display, and that’s why Yannick can
still use his old monitor for setting up more panels or media
management or anything like that. -Yannick, what is your favorite
feature about this monitor? -It’s mine! And then over here we got Lorenzo, who
is doing an internship at Cinecom, he’s doing a great job, but his internship will actually end
within a week or something. But that’s okay, because he’s actually
going to stay a little bit longer. More info about that very soon. -So, what are you doing, Lorenzo? -Right now I’m editing
for Copy Cat Friday. And then over here is my desk,
the best desk of the office, because you can give
orders from here. -Yannick, edit! Lorenzo, go make me
some coffee! He’s doing a great job here! We always work pretty
close to the deadline, yesterday we filmed everything
and today we’re editing it, that means tonight the Copy Cat
Friday video has to go Live. We don’t really have a buffer,
like some people think, so we do everything real-time, that’s why we also have to rely
on some good equipments here. We’ve got all the latest hardware
and the latest computers, we work on a 10-gigabit network
here to a local server so we can go blazing fast. [Music] Another nice Cinecom production
published to YouTube, guys. Thank you all so much
for watching, I hope that you’ve enjoyed
the studio tour. We are heading home now, dive into the weekend
and enjoy the sun while it’s there. Thank you all so much for watching,
thank you LG for support, And like always… … Oh, wait! That’s right! Yannick is not weaving
those t-shirts for nothing! They’re finally for sale! You can find a link to them in the
description somewhere below. Good weekend, guys… …and stay creative! [Cinecom’s music]

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