Myth Busting on RVing and Camping in the Florida Keys

Myth Busting on RVing and Camping in the Florida Keys

Well today is our last day in the Keys.
That means it’s also a moving day. A moving day
so the insides almost done Gary’s uh I’m working on the outside you know we’ve
been here for a week so I got kind of pretty much everything out so working on
getting the stuff put away on the outside. Today it’s kind of a gloomy day
it is oh my god this last Saturday Friday Saturday Sunday all beautiful
days and now we have some overcast and there are some fog this morning it was
kind of cool wish I had the camera out for the fog. I do have to say we spent a
total of two weeks in the Keys. The Lower Keys being our final week. Our first week
was kind of bum it rained a lot. It was cold I mean holy cow it was in the low
60s upper 50s for the daytime highs but here here at Venture Out on Cudjoe Key has
been beautiful high 70s low 80s every day except for today and honestly being
it this little cool it feels humidity helps the humidity levels are a little
high today yes definitely feel that. The Keys I think there’s a couple things I
want to bust, myth bust oh really yes a lot of people told us
stock up on groceries before you come down here cuz groceries are insanely
expensive and hard to come by and we found that very nicely spaced as you go
down the Keys there are several Publix and Winn Dixies throughout so those are
normal grocery stores you’re gonna find anywhere here in Florida. It seems like
the major towns on the islands had a grocery store well it was it was
Marathon and Summerland and our Big Pine is on Big Pine and of course Key West is
a funny thing in Key West there’s two Publix we found within a mile of each
other yeah I don’t know where that what
happened there but there’s two public within a mile of each other. Now I
will say RV parks yes they’re expensive This site here at Venture Out is our
second most expensive site that we have ever paid for for a daily rate at a
hundred and twenty-five dollars a day. Ouch however the experience of being here in
the Keys this was a destination stay right this was not an everyday living
stay it was worth 125 just think a hotel will probably run you 250 to 300 a night
so it was worth the expense for us and this isn’t necessarily an RV
park this is a property on here is privately owned and some owners decide
to rent out their spot to RVs who come through so it’s not like a regular RV
park although you can make reservations in a book those those sites that are
available I would recommend and this is just our personal opinion if you were to
come into this particular Park I would see of site 46 this is our site is
available because it is by far the nicest site in the park. As you can see
we’re sitting on the water’s edge and our motorhome is literally 30 feet that
way and we’re we across the public area there’s our little public area right
here and then we have our our motorhomes site right there it’s amazing here I can
also say that almost everyone that is come by this public area and when we’ve
been sitting outside has told us this is the nicest spot in the entire park. Yep
also if you have a dog I almost don’t recommend coming here it is not very dog
friendly you are only allowed to have your dog in your site, they cannot walk
down the road you have to take them outside the gate to give them a good jaunt
if you do walking down the road kind of they suggest walking them down the
center of the road so the dogs dont wander off into the private property and the
only reason why you should be walking down the road is to take them to the
exit so you can freely walk them on the street outside of the park property. We
didn’t do our home work on that so that’s our own fault
I’m sure spirit and Sofi are going to be looking
forward to a dog park that we I think we’ll have at our next site waiting for
us this afternoon and just more freedom on the leash it’ll be nice for them you
know there some longer walks easier to handle. Our second site was at an Encore
property which is a part of the Thousand Trails Trails Collection. We stayed there
for a week however we were unable to get there under our Thousand Trails
membership we did have to pay for retail and there’ll be another video about that
shortly. And that was at the Fiesta Key Fiesta Key RV Resort and we did a
thorough walk around and we can introduce you to that park if you are a
Thousand Trails member. Anything else that we’re missing? You know we did
we did a couple little excursions we went into in the Key West and we did the
the seaplane tour to Dry Tortugas that was great yes it wasn’t too far away
from Key West to really do that kind of stuff. for about 18 miles north or 18 miles I
guess the east of Key West so the drive in isn’t too difficult. And the kayak
tour we did a couple days ago or yesterday was uh just up on the next key
next to us so that was really, on Summerland Key Key West, what would you think
feelings in Key West we rode our bikes thru Key West. We didn’t give even
though we went into Key West almost daily not quite not quite pretty
close. We didn’t get to do and see at all I mean I’ll be honest there’s
a lot to do on Key West there’s a lot of partying there’s a lot of fishing
there’s a lot of watersports but our bike ride around the island was
a great way to see it however it is a little scary because the streets are
narrow you are dealing with daily 24-hour drinking you have to be very
aware of your surroundings especially on a bike or even walking. Yeah. But it was a
great way to see in the city or see the town and island
it did is highly recommended to bring by locks wherever you go with any kind of
bike and we every stop we did we locked up our bikes and we got really good at
that it got pretty quick and that pretty efficient at locking and unlocking the
bikes and going so it wasn’t too bad fishing yeah there’s fishing everywhere
did we go no we didn’t go we just had a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes
and a lot of personal stuff that we asked we had we actually had to work oh my gosh
dang it so uh we didn’t go fishing but you know
what we’re going to Miami for two weeks yeah well be in the Miami for two weeks
so there’s a very good good chance we’ll get on a boat do some fishing on a boat
and I’m funny all right well we need to finish packing
up and get backing up we need to move up to Southern Comfort RV Resort in Florida
City so I’ve got the GoPro in the dash of the motorhome. It’s been a very
long time since we videoed from the dash. So you can get a full feel of what it’s
like driving through the Keys. All right exactly, sounds good and we’ve had a great time
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Pau Hana

36 thoughts on “Myth Busting on RVing and Camping in the Florida Keys

  1. Sorry you guys had kind of crappy weather. Overall, it was our best winter down there yet. It was nice to meet you guys that week in Southern Comfort RV Park. Rachel loved meeting Spirit too.

    Here's another myth to bust. The biggest one, I think. And that's that there are a lot of beaches in the keys. Truth is there are very few. The ones that do exist are extremely small and more likely limestone gravel than a powdery sand beach maybe with 1 or 2 exceptions in the lower keys. Or unless you find someone's trucked in sand on private property somewhere.

  2. Good information, great delivery, glad you are back educating us with your professional videos….thank you both so much, well done!

  3. So glad to see some dash cam action again! I can’t wait to start watching your 2019 Alaska adventures

  4. Stacey after reading some of the comments below, I just want to thank you and Gary for sharing your lives with us. I have been a big fan of your videos for a few years now and me and my wife have both battled depression. So thank you for sharing your lives and I look forward to any and all future videos whether it be one or hundreds! Pau Hana!

  5. Too bad about the dog unfriendly park, they won't be seeing me stay with them. Is this typical of the privately owned parks in the keys or unique to this particular park?

  6. Great review of the Keys, we live in FLA and get to the keys at least twice a year, 90% of the time we do the $20/night with the TT trails collection, lookin forward to your crystal river video we just returned from a two week stay there at Crystal Isles.

  7. I like your video. I do have a question. Is there places to fuel the RV up with diesel or do you need to come in heavy on diesel?

  8. At 6:45 in your video is that a long line of people waiting to get a chance to have their photo taken at the famous Southern Most Landmark monument?

  9. not only are there many publix and winn dixie supermarkets gas is also much cheaper then the main land and all the gas comes from Port Everglades in fort Lauderdale i love the keys but 2 weeks is to long for me but i love the keys and have been to key west way over 100 times

  10. I felt so nostalgic seeing that campground! My parents owned a corner unit on the water which we visited at least 2x a year…i must go back! but wow $125/night?! Thanks for the video 🙂 Safe travels.

  11. Nice video,as a long time Florida resident I lived in Key West for years.I first traveled down from Miami during the Cuban missile crisis,just out of high school.The missiles were on the beach aimed at Cuba,it was a sight I'll never forget,glad it ended well.
    Since your talking about myth's I thought I'd bring up a very important one.The standard American diet has consumed both of you and it shows.The epidemic of obesity and diabetes is rampant and not showing any signs of letting up.The cancer risk is also very high in obese people.The myth is that sugar and high carbohydrate consumption is not good for us, but it's being promoted by adults as a normal way of eating,that is a myth.

  12. I always thought it weird the 2 KW Publix are so close together. To the locals it's the "new Publix" and the "old Publix." When Sears/Kmart finally go out of business that's gonna hit KW hard.

  13. Thank you folks for helping make my thoughts of visiting the FLORIDA KEYS a non destination adventure in a R V .

  14. How was the Coral Dust with your dogs? We stayed in the keys from February to June. The Coral Dust made are dog have reverse sneezing. That's what they called it. Once we left he was fine. They just finished building a Public Grocery store when we left. We want to move to the keys. I went Scuba diving almost 4 times a week.

  15. No question here, I do love the Key's! Living in St Pete, FL affords us to ride down there a lot on my Harley. Safe travels!!!

  16. I moved out of South Florida in 2009 and never looked back. I loved the Keys but being in NC now, I have grown to love the Outer Banks of NC (OBX!). There are places on the OBX that are very secluded and far less touristy…then there are places that are out and out busy and touristy….. In Florida, I still go to Hanna Park on Jacksonville Beach…awesome shady sites and beautiful beach!

    Publix is the bomb. We now have Publix in NC and I am very happy. Grew up with them and missed them when I moved….I now have three to choose from!

    Okay I have noticed some very negative and strange feedback in the comments. Not sure what that is all about, but I am enjoying your channel…you do you! Thanks for sharing…..

  17. 50's and 60's cold? I am confused. Of course I am born and raised in Colroado so it's not cold until 0 then you wear jeans.

  18. What I really love about your videos is when you show your rv driving down different roads. It gives a real sense of being there.

  19. Loved this one! Key West is home! it’s always fun to see a place you know and love so we’ll through someone else’s perspective! If you guys make your way down there again this winter let us know! Thanks for all the AK info we’re having a blast this summer!

  20. I am so ready to hit the Keys….on our travel list hopefully to hit soon. Thank you for all of the great info! Awesome video.

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