Mythical Destinations in Thailand – You Probably Don’t Know

Mythical Destinations in Thailand – You Probably Don’t Know

Do you know Lisa from Blackpink? Oh yes this is where she’s born. An exotic place that will attract you to come, the land of smiles Thailand.But not like other travelling channels talking about ordinary destinations in Thailand I will show you the unordinary the hidden gem The myths the secrets of Thailand so passengers please fasten your seat belts, and we’re flying to Thailand Located off the coast of Koh Lipe, you can charter a long tail boat and visit Koh Hingham uninhabited island made up of black pebbles It must be said that Koh Hingham is a beautiful island with beach gravel extended in a smooth black The pebble sparkling under the Sun to bring a beach scene around wigle wigle mystery Although this is not a stone in diamond nor a ruby emerald or bring anything valuable material but here is a precious stone by natural beauty exotic rarity while there is nothing special about this particular Beach It is rumored to be protected by the God of Tarutao, a Thai deity who curses anyone that dares to take a pebble off the island. The funny part is that every year the National Park office receives dozens of stones sent back to them via mail from people who want the curse lifted While many people head here just to play with the stones and create messages using the white pebble stones Nicking a stone from here could just mean that you will just end up with bad luck so beware For Thai people. They prefer to use the stones to build up the miniatures stupa as beliefs They knelt in front of the stupa to pray and put the most sincere wishes on the rock As for the visitors from the West they simply write up a brief message in a black and white colors mixed stone Like the flowers floating on the ice One after the next guests later visited the island are doing the same thing based on traces that previous visits to the island before they left To reach this island, people often look to an old man on the nearby island of Koh Lipe and often have to bargain Skillfully to get a trip around the island on a longtail boat The average price is about 800 to 1,000 thb (thai baht) for a trip of 10 people and a journey from island to island Koh Lipe Koh Hingham only takes about 20 minutes Did you know that the elephant is the national animal of Thailand Thais love elephants so much so that you can see elephant statues everywhere you go in the country according to Hindu mythology Erawan (airavata in Hindu) is a divine white elephant with multiple heads who carries the Hindu god Indra. Thais believe Erawan is Sacred and brings Good luck the name erawan is used in many places like the famous erawan waterfall hotels and bridges for example A massive three-headed elephant bronze sculpture was erected at the Erawan Museum. This 42-meter high museum has three floors representing the underworld earth and heaven The interiors especially the ceiling will blow your mind some say it is the most beautiful Museum in Asia Located in 99 Bang Mueang Mai, Samut Prakan The exhibit includes antiques, arts, and the heritage of Thai culture The highlight is on the top floor Which is the belly of the elephant where you’ll be in awe of the extravagant room housing a Buddha statue Many people flock to Krabi and visit Phra Nang Beach, a beautiful stretch of white sand beach – to soak up the sun Swim in the sea and enjoy sunny views of Krabi coastline well some also visit the beach for a whole different reason If You walk to the southern end of the beach you’ll see a small cave housing a small shrine with a female statue. The cave and beach were both named “Phra Nang” after her. Who is Phra Nang? Legend has it that long time ago a childless couple in the area made a deal with a king Naga the King Naga granted them a daughter in exchange for Marriage between his son and the daughter when they came of age The daughter named Phra Nang grew up to be a beautiful woman and ended up getting engaged to another man Furious by the broken promise the king Naga crashed the wedding and started a brawl Disturbed by the uproar, a powerful hermit nearby cast a spell turning everyone and everything into stones People and objects turn into islands. The islands were named after them and the bridal house turn into Phra Nang cave where local believes she has rested since The moral of the folklore for Thais is “Keep your promise and don’t disturb a powerful hermit.” The shrine dedicated to Phra Nang was built inside the cave you may be surprised by the Unusual side of wooden penises lying around inside the cave people come to pray and over a Lingam for good luck No, this is not a movie about the Spartans, it’s local legend that even some Thais don’t know about Most Thais would think that the mountain got its name from the appearance of the mountain Khao Sam Roi Yot actually translates to “Mountain with 300 peaks” (Sam Roi – 300, Yot – Peaks) But if you asked locals, they will tell you a different story according to the local legend this area was once a sea one day a passing Chinese sailing ship was wrecked from storm and Only 300 survived who then sought refuge on an island The island was dubbed Sam Roi Rod ( Rod=Survivor) Over time, the water receded, and the islands became a mountain range and hence, its name was adapted from Rod to Yot The only evidence of water is now a Marsh which is believed to be the final resting place of the ship An old tale also tells a story of how some locals had seen and walked on a ship mast in that very marsh This beautiful national park is known for its beautiful range of limestone mountains, marsh, and beach The main attraction is Phraya Nakhon Cave where you can find a beautiful Pavilion in a cave at a certain side of the day a beam of sunlight will shine Over the pavilion casting an angelic ambience over the area These rocks are known as grandpa rock (Hin Ta) and grandma rock (Hin Yai) and they both looked Uncannily like male and female genitalia respectively An Old folklore of koh samui tells the story of an old couple’ who set sail to a neighboring province to ask a family for their daughter’s hand in marriage for their son Unfortunately their ship encountered a storm and only the old couple survived on the coast of Koh, Samui Filled with sadness after losing their son. They decided to end their lives as well Their last wish was to show the family that they were traveling to see that they had kept their word and traveled down After making their wish, they jumped off the cliff and turned into Hin Ta and Hin Yai rocks that has stood the test of time till this day Hin Ta & Hin Yai are located at Lamai Beach in Koh Samui, and if you’re there during sunset, there are especially spectacular views. So which one is your favorite would you come in your holiday Please do comment, if you have recommendations and stories about the unordinary destinations around the world We will see you in another videos So, please make sure to subscribe like share and comment to support this channel. I’m signing out. Bye

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