[N’-88] ?빨리빨리 피해롸잇 체리블라썸?ㅣCherry Blossoms Picnic

[N’-88] ?빨리빨리 피해롸잇 체리블라썸?ㅣCherry Blossoms Picnic

DY: Wow! The cherry
blossoms are flying! MK: There are so many things
that really symbolise spring. MK: Du-run du-run, du-run~ DY: The weather is
so crazy, everyone~! JH: It really has gone nuts. MK: Hyung, you just said that the weather
was crazy (‘Pachyeotda’, slang for crazy) DY: Yeah. MK: Hyung, so you’re
going to do this? DY: Ah, so you’re not an insider?
(‘Inssa’, slang for insider) DY: Don’t you know this stuff? MK: I’ve never heard of it but
at least I guessed correctly. JH: Originally, yesterday was full
of cherry blossoms in Japan. JH: Yesterday, we finished our
concert in Saitama, and today JH: We’ve come to see the
cherry blossoms for a bit. MK: ♪ Cherry Blossoms ♪ MK: We’re on a real foreign touring. MK: Map… I can’t
even read the map. MK: But the cherry blossoms
haven’t all bloomed yet, right? JH: No, they said it
was all over yesterday. JH: It was full bloom
yesterday so today… MK: Oh, yesterday was full bloom? JH: Yup (x2) JH: Was it three or two years
ago when we were rookies? DY: 4 years ago! DY: Wow, that’s amazing. JH: 4 years ago, I came to
Japan to see the cherry blossoms. JH: It’s been 4 years since
I came here (again). JH: I’m so excited. DY: We even took pictures of
cherry blossoms that time~ DY: We even put them up and
asked “who’s is the prettiest?’ MK: I remember that time.. MK: There was water… Like a river. DY: Ah, that’s right… JH: There’s a river here too. MK: They have it too, here. DY: Seems like you had
some special memories^_^ DY: Should we look for a hot place?
(Hot place, popular place to
hang out/take photos) MK: Ah right, we should. DY: This is it.
MK: This is it. This is the ‘hot place’. MK: It’s a very hot place here, JH: It was supposed to rain today. JH: But, as expected, the
weather is letting us lead. MK: It was helping us. It helped. DY: Let’s take a picture. MK: But I look a little funny. DY: Sort of really… DY: The school cafeteria… Like
you’re going there kind of feeling. JH: Hurry! We need to do it
like an ”inssa’ (insider) MK: I don’t want to be an ‘inssa’.
JH: You’ve got to be an ‘inssa’. JH: One, two, three! MK: Pretty! MK: (singing Cherry Bomb)
♪ Ppallippalli pihae right ♪ M: ♪ Cherry Blossom
Feel it yum ♪ DY: Let’s take a picture here guys. JH: (Since it’s a film camera) We won’t
know if the photo turns out well or not. JH: But it’s going to be fun
since we don’t know. JH: Got it, mum. DY: We’re literally a family now. [We went on holiday together~!] [Family] JH: Could you please take our photo? MK: You’ve got to be able to
see the cherry blossoms. JH: MARK, did you close your eyes? MK: One more time, one more time. MK: The flowers aren’t coming
out as good as expected. DY: Taking portraits are
better than selfies. MK: DOYOUNG is taking
a photo right now. MK: Everyone, do you see? MK: This is my ‘genius angle’! MK: In between the cherry
blossoms, you can see the hyungs. MK: This genius angle. This is it. MK: This is THE angle. MK: This is it! JH: I’ll take your photo (x2) MK: You’ve got to use
the genius angle again. MK: Wah, this is it. The genius angle. MK: Wah, genius angle. MK: Oh yeah, this genius angle. MK: Oh wow~ If you look
from here, it’s really pretty. MK: So this is the real genius angle! MK: Oh my… So it was this! MK: The cherry blossoms
really are pretty. MK: Hyung, I believe in
your genius angle. DY: ‘Cheon-gak’? What’s that?
(Shortening of genius angle) JH: Oh nice~ DY: Hey! DY: It’s a photo shoot. DY: I want to take more pictures for you, but
there are people keep walking into the frame. DY: What should we eat now? MK: Ah hyung~ Don’t be too
obvious about our purpose~! MK: Cherry blossom heaven! JH: Coming here makes me
think of Busker Busker. JH: No, Cherry Blossom Ending. MK: ♪ The cherry blossoms are falling ♪ DY: The yellow and blue colour… DY: Mark! Ah, stupid. JH: You missed it (x2) It’s over
once you missed your chance. MK: Ah, this is it. Wah. DY: Really, here, you have
to take a picture here. MK: Really, wow, here… but hyung, MK: I think I took this photo well. JH: Oh my god~ MK: Ah, hyung, we should ask
a Japanese person, in Japanese… MK: Hyung, take… take a (photo) DY: You said us. MK: Ah, hyung~ MK: We can go together but
hyung do the Japanese for us. JH: Excuse me. DY: Photo..
MK: Will it be okay? MK: Give me a photo, is that okay?
DY: It’s easy. MK: I’ll watch over
you guys from here. DY: Photo… Stranger: Oh, sure! MK: OOOHHH~~~~~~! MK: Okay, okay. Stranger: Okay, one more… Stranger: Okay. MK: Thank you so much! DY: Wow he’s like a professional? MK: Wow! You’re very good! Stranger: Okay, one more! MK: We’re very thankful! Thank you~ MK: Wow, he’s so cool too. JH: I think I had my eyes closed. MK: Thank you. MK: Hyung, you’re paler
than the cherry blossoms. J: Really? DY: How about me..? MK: You look great. JH: Hold on, when I
look through here… JH: I don’t know which
is the cherry blossom. MK: Nice. Hyung I like
this kind of stuff. JH: MARK! MK: You know, the nature that
has gathered all these people, MK: The strength of nature! You
cannot forget this everyone. Right? MK: All these people! MK: All these people
who we don’t know, MK: all came to see this nature. MK: DOYOUNG will post this
for everyone to see. MK: Everyone! MK: Actually, cherry blossoms
are cherry blossoms. MK: But how they sometimes fall MK: This kind of
natural side of them. MK: You know? You know? MK: Ki~~~~YEAH~~! DY: Guys, are you filming? MK: Ah, do you want me to
take a photo with my phone? MK: Okay, I have to take a
photo of DOYOUNG, everyone. DY: A little later I’m going
to open up a photo exhibition~ MK: Woah, this is it! MK: My genius angle! DY: When say 1 2 3, look
this way at the same time. DY: You know what kind
of feeling I mean right, MARK? DY: ‘Huh, did you call?’ kind of feeling DY: 1, 2, guys~
MK: Huh? DY: No no, do it more prettier. DY: 1, 2, 3, guys~ DY: That was good. DY: Do you wanna make
the thumbnail right now? DY: The light’s coming this way, so… JH: Should we make the thumbnail
a ‘Come here~’ sort of vibe? DY: No, a feeling like there’s
something there, a surprised feeling. JH: Ah okay okay.
DY: 1, 2, 3 *GASP* JH: Where are you guys looking? DY: 1, 2, 3 *GASP* MK: A~MAZING…! DY: We’re done. MK: Wow, this is it! MK: The importance of a thumbnail! DY: Wow, we’ve walked everywhere. DY: Finally found a place
to spend money! DY: I found a place to spend money!
MK: DOYOUNG’s wallet. MK: Is this a cherry blossom?
DY: Yeah. MK: Everyone, this is
a cherry blossom. DY: Excuse me, are
cards not allowed? SELLER: Only cash. MK: Ah, ONLY CASH?????! MK: OOOOH MY GOD JH: I expected that
so I came prepared. JH: Go ahead and choose. JH: What is this? JH: I’m going to buy a bath bomb! MK: Hyung, buy me one of these! JH: This too, together… MK: It’s made with
(cherry blossom) wood JH: Really?
DY: Ah, really? Wow MK: These cherry
blossom trees… WOOD! MK: Wood has been
used to make this… MK: …this sort of thing. DY: We should all
eat a sandwich here. MK: A kid gave this to me. JH: Wah, this is
exactly MARK’s style. MK: This would taste
really good with milk. DY: MARK says it’s
good so I’ll also try one. MK: You can’t, though? DY: There isn’t much chocolate so… MK: That’s the point! MK: How it isn’t too
sweet…. so.. it’s just… ♪♪♪♪ DY: Then, this has been NCT. MK: In my opinion, this (video) is
gonna be great. Why? Our thumbnail. DY: Everyone, go see the
cherry blossoms too~~ JH: Bye~~ MK: Bye~~

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  1. Thank you very much for this and all the videos guys, it's nice that they share with us, the places they visit, i love them and specially Jaehyun ???????
    사랑합니다 제형!!!!❤❤❤❤??????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤??????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  2. the fact that dy sang cherry blossom almost made me emo cause damn, that song is so beautiful. How did no one commented abt it?

    edit : nvrm found some comments :'))))))

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