NAGALAND Tourism l Kohima, Khonoma, Dimapur l North East India Trip l

NAGALAND Tourism l Kohima, Khonoma, Dimapur l North East India Trip l

now we are going to the traditional
house Nagaland is a vibrant hill state located
in the extreme northeast of India bounded by Myanmar in the East are Assam
in the West Arunachal Pradesh and a part of Assam in
north with manipur in the south it offers a rich and incomparable tradition
and cultural heritage. One of the Seven Sisters state of India
Nagaland is covered mostly by high mountains. The capital of the stated
Kohima and the largest city is Dimapur only Dimapur has an airport as if for
now and theairfare is pretty affordable the roads of nagaland are pretty bad at
the present time There used to be proper roads here but due to construction of 4 lane highway it is all in ruins for now after two years when you come back you
will find a nicely done roadways well the construction of four-lane
highway is under process but the scenic beauty alongside the road will suck up
your tiredness. When I reached Kohima I was mesmerized
by the beauty and I stayed with a wonderful friend. I met this amazing lady, she’s a hardcore mountaineer and her name is Joyce While I stayed with Joyce I got this
wonderful opportunity to make new Naga friends and know their lifestyle
specially women as to how liberated and free they are in Nagaland as compared to
other part of India. Now I’ll take you to the first green village of the Asian continent, a very historical village that is Khonoma, the village is completely surrounded by mountains and its very beautiful. This is the parking lot of Khonoma village where the taxi will drop you and over there is the Baptist Church This is the registration place when you enter Khonoma
you have to register yourself It is an ecotourism board actually that
maintains the whole village To enter Khonoma I had to enter through this
gate which has its own importance. Every tribe has its own design of the
main gate and for this we have seven common gates
traditional gates in the village so the importance about this gate is that during
the festival if we have the villagers have any restrictions or any omens they will
close the gate and no one is allowed to go outside the village and during the
war if the enemies come they will close the gate and the Warriors will guard the
village. So that was some knowledge from an Angami (name of a tribe in Nagaland) himself. Surprise! Aww she’s so pretty! This is the topmost part of Khonoma
village! Khonoma village is inhabited by Agami tribe of Nagaland and my friend
victor who is also an Angami will tell us the Angami way of life. How many maximum
number of children people have? Normally like what is the maximum four- five
or just – there is no limit I have four elder sisters make from the same mother four elder sisters and two elder brothers and two younger sisters and one
younger brother from the same mother. Astonished I move forward only
to some new surprises These are like unbelievably huge oranges which are very organic and plucking it without owner’s permission is a sin You see this fort stand strong and
high, the fiercest battles were fought between the British and the Nagas during
1852-1879 in this Semona fort of Khonoma this fort was described as one
of the strongest in the Northeast by Major John Butler of British Army. Yes, I was pretty curious to see where the battles were fought so I moved forward
to the top of the fort and there it is, that’s it it gives me goosebumps to
imagine that once the fiercest battles were fought in these peaceful lands This is boys’ dormitory which is not for girls,for girls there is no dormitory, we don’t have girls’ dormitory The girls will go to someone house and have study conversation there but for boys they will come
here, young boys will come here while elder people will sit in the centre The traditional Naga school is called as
Morung where the elders of the village will come and pass the skills of
survival and tradition to the younger generation orally so the death of even
one elderly is considered a big loss to the community. And in the evening or at night after the lessons the boys will sleep or rest here. No women is allowed to touch this bed. It’s a boys’ dormitory so women are not allowed to touch this bed or sleep here. and every Morung has an open field right
outside it for some important practical knowledge of skills. As I ventured more into this place I
wondered there would be the center point where all the villagers would gather to
celebrate or to discuss a matter of concern because maintaining such a
beautiful village is a Herculean task. First, if there’s any dispute in the
clans then first the clans move they will discuss and they’ll bring out to
their village so the elder people are the head of the village so they will
come and the elder people they’ll come and sit around and they will give a decision
so whatever decision is taken from this stone set in place or in the Morung
that is the final decision. Here this is the centre of the village so in every
festival if each clan wants to perform their cultural dance or song then,
they will come and they will perform it here. And what is this, this place? This place is a house, individual house yeah! And that is a grave. like you can have a grave
right in front of the house? Yeah! see for us there is our tradition we want to
keep our dead body near to our house yeah we respect the dead. This face made out of rock you see is
believed to be the guardian of wild animals Angamis believe that if the
face is sad then they will not have a good luck with hunting and if the face
is smiling they can have a good catch and they can easily go for hunting Now we are going to the traditional Naga
house The home that I am visiting belongs to a man who has spent his
entire life in the forest. As I entered, I was a little stunned and being an animal
lover heartbroken after seeing all the skulls hanging there as trophies! Khonoma was an amazing experience and I
was hoping for more from Nagaland and I was sure that Nagaland has a lot more to
offer In my next video
come with me to Dzukou Valley the word Dzukou means cold and lifeless but I’m
sure the valley will bring you to life I’m just sitting here I got time it’s clear to see

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