Näillä selviät Vapun piknikistä

Näillä selviät Vapun piknikistä

Hey guys We decided to do a little informational video in honor of spring on how to survive May Day in Finland May Day has, as far as we know, been celebrated in Finland from at least the Middle Ages, in some for or another. They drank sima, danced, and celebrated the coming of spring. Later on in the beginning of the 18th century students began to celebrate May Day, or so it’s been told. And in the 19th century the students in the University of Helsinki began to meet at the Kaisaniemi Park in order to celebrate spring And that’s how the students’ May Day go its start. The roots of the workforce’s celebration can be traced back to the 19th century, and the workforce’s celebration, students’ celebration, whatever it is, these days May Day has become more of celebration for the whole of Finland. A big party for all Finns without any greater underlying agenda But the traditions have stayed the same: celebrate the spring, get outside be it rain or shine, drink sima or perhaps something else, have fun, and of course, having fun is easier if you have the proper gear. Alright, we found our picnic spot! Let’s see how this works out. So, first things first, a plastic shopping bag is perfectly fine for carrying stuff, but if you’re going for a proper picnic, then you may want to take a good backpack, for example, this BW Jaeger backpack It holds quite a lot of stuff, it’s easy to carry, and it gives you a lot of street cred. So this is our picnic spot. Of course, a warm blanket is good to have – it’s nice to sit on and will keep you warm. And the best thing to have with the BW Jaeger backpack is the BW sleeping mat. With this we can make ourselves a nice basic picnic spot. Your butt won’t get wet I’ll put the blanket right here and now the moisture won’t get through. Now this is pretty nice. When you’re on a picnic it’s good to have your setup in order. A tablecloth, this time a proper Finnish Army bed sheet Check out how pretty these checks are. It gives a real summery picnic feel. Put these here so the sheet doesn’t fly away. So this is the foundation for our picnic area. And since we are on a May Day picnic, and the idea is to eat and drink Then you should take along some proper utensils and flatware This steel mug, for example, is perfect for coffee, champagne, beer, sima, juice, or whatever else you want. You don’t need to worry about it getting crushed while it’s in the bag On non-liquid side of things, canned goods are perfect and canned goods can also taste good so ham cock, fish cock – proper gourmet stuff especially when you plate them up nicely. Beef jerky works well, tastes good. And whatever you want to drag along on the picnic. Since it’s a little chilly, something warm to drink is good to have, and you can always take a stove along, but you should remember that starting a fire is frowned upon and you should remember that you may get a little warning for such a thing, but you know: You’ll be more easily forgiven if you don’t ask for permission. So… We’ll just assemble this like so, really quick-like. If you’re in some place a bit more remote than Helsinki city center, then this is a handy contraption. A coffee/tea pot fits nicely in the backpack. So that you have enough energy to party you should take some Scho-ka-kola along. You’ll have have a lot more fun if you’re not half asleep. If you want to take something a little stronger along for the ride, then you should do it in style. The Ukkomatti hip flask is the perfect tool for the job. The worst things about picnics are the plastic utensils. The forks break, the knives bend, and so on. The BW utensil set is a great package – there’s all you need right here. There’s a spoon, a fork, a knife, and there’s also a can opener. So you’ll have it if you need it. The weather usually changes quite a lot on May Day. The temperature fluctuates nicely between 0C and 20C. Sometimes it rains, sometimes it doesn’t. You should take a poncho along. It doesn’t weigh much, and you’ll be glad to have it when you need it. There you have it! It’s not a complete setup, but it’s a good basic set that you can build upon as you wish. You can get quite far with this basic setup. Your clothing should resist wind but still keep you looking good. If the weather is a bit cooler then a parka is a great choice. I’ll leave you with these tips, and have a good May Day. Surely we can get it open with this… f*** There! Happy May Day!

18 thoughts on “Näillä selviät Vapun piknikistä

  1. I'm down for everything but that stove. My little MSR WhisperLite is way quicker, and the windshield pops up just as fast. Do you have that hat with a bigger brim than the one you're wearing?

    I've been loving your videos since you met InRangeTV!

  2. What a clever way to advertise most of the backpack camping gear I'm going to be buying from you guys lol. Jaeger pack sleeping mat BW utensils and schokakola are essentials, add a BW mess kit to that list and you have my upcoming gear purchase

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