NASA Interns Arrive at Goddard – Summer 2017

NASA Interns Arrive at Goddard – Summer 2017

>>KATRINA: It’s summer! So
thousands of students across the country are on break from school
and at work for NASA. Over 450 are interning for the Goddard
Space Flight Center this summer, and a lot of them are in the
Visitor’s Center right now picking up their badges and
everything they need to start their first day. So let’s go
inside and meet a few, and stick a camera in their face. [music]>>KATRINA: Violet, what are you
going to be working on this
summer?>>VIOLET: I’m going to be doing X-ray
astrophysics. So I’m going
to be… there’s a new instrument going up, and I’m
going to be modeling it in Python.>>RALEIGH: So what
projects will you be working on specifically this summer?
>>NICOLE: Micrometeorite science with LISA Pathfinder.>>HÉCTOR:
Well I’m going to be a web developer for Code 585, the
Software Engineering Department.>>ONYEOZIRI: Well, I’m not 100%
sure.>>KAYLA: This summer I’ll be doing the particle fallout
measuring methods internship.>>QASIM: So I’ll be working on
some spectrometer work. Essentially I’ll be doing some
of the hardware and software designing for NASA, and I’m
pretty excited to do that.>>KATRINA: What made you choose
Goddard specifically out of all off the 10 NASA centers?
>>HÉCTOR: I think that what motivated me to choose Goddard
was the amount of Puerto Ricans like me, graduated from my
school, who are working here on the different divisions.>>IMAN:
I went to high school like really nearby here, and so I’d
always pass by Goddard. And I never really thought about
coming here until it was suggested to me. I’m like, ‘Wait
a second, I know Goddard!”>>JACOB: It’s closest to where I
live, but it also had the things that I’m interested in.
>>VIOLET: Most of the research is being done here. It’s kind of
the most exciting center for me, honestly.>>VISHNU: I came to
graduate school in the U.S. just to come to NASA. So, I mean, I
traveled like 9,000 miles just to be here. So it is a big day
for me.>>KATRINA: If you could create any sort of hypothetical
planet that had anything on it — was composed of anything —
what would this planet be like?>>KAYLA: It would be a lot of
great scenes, great sunsets. So like, I just love sunsets — it
would be colorful.>>QASIM: I think there would definitely be
some fantasy things going on. So in terms of, um, I would
definitely have, like, rainbow skittles that were just coming
down from rain.>>IMAN: I like Earth. I think we should keep
Earth.>>HÉCTOR: Planet Earth. But cleaner.>>JACOB: Probably
somewhere a little more interesting than Earth. Like
maybe things we could see sort of right outside of, like, the
atmosphere I guess.>>VIOLET: Life forms don’t have to be
carbon-based, so it would be really interesting to see just a
planet with life forms that are completely different, and kind
of change our view of what life is.>>RALEIGH: And so what do
you think will be, I guess, the future of the space industry?
>>NICOLE: Well I think everyone is going towards Mars right now.
>>VIOLET: Definitely the concept of us going to Mars has been a
driving factor for a while.>>ONYEOZIRI: Now that we’ve
explored space — to an extent — I feel like now it’s more
like how do we get to live in space, can I get a vacation home
in space.>>KATRINA: So you think space tourism will be a
big thing coming up?>>ONYEOZIRI: Yes, yes.>>KAYLA:
A lot of people think it’s just the movies, but reaching out and
trying to go beyond just our solar system is probably where
everyone is headed next.>>VISHNU: The best part of the
space industry right now is that private players are coming in.
And it’s not that they’re competing with us at NASA, but
they’re kind of going together with NASA and that’s kind of
amazing.>>KATRINA: What are you most excited about for the
summer?>>ONYEOZIRI: I get to do what I love, which is program.
So, and work with robots.>>JACOB: It’s really exciting to
be here, and just to kind of learn how everything that I’ll
be working with works.>>QASIM: I’m most excited about the
workshops here, and making new connections with all the people
here.>>NICOLE: Just meeting all the other fellow astrophysics
nerds and stuff like that, so.>>IMAN: Honestly I have no idea
what to expect. But I’m most excited about being able to
share physics with the rest of the community here in Maryland
and D.C.>>HÉCTOR: It’s my first internship. I think I’m really
excited, like, for everything.>>KATRINA: Well good luck, I
hope you have a great summer, I know you will — Goddard’s
great, so good luck!>>HÉCTOR: Thank you.>>RALEIGH: Now that
the interns have been oriented on everything they need to know
working here at Goddard, it’s time for them to meet their
mentors and start their projects. If you’re interested
in learning more about what it takes to be a NASA intern, you
can visit for more information — and also
keep an eye on throughout the summer to hear
more intern stories. [music]

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