NCDOT Now – New Laws, Watch for Me Partners and Christmas Train Travel

NCDOT Now – New Laws, Watch for Me Partners and Christmas Train Travel

“Welcome to NCDOT Now, I’m Miracle King. There are now stiffer penalties for drivers
who violate the state’s ‘move-over’ law.” The new penalties took effect Dec. 1. Under the changes, a driver could face prison
time if his failure to slow down or move over for a stopped emergency vehicle results in
the death or serious injury of another person. The bill also makes it a misdemeanor if someone
drives around roadblocks set up because of flooded roads. A new Traffic Management Center recently opened
in Asheville to serve western North Carolina. The Mountain T-M-C is a regional version of
the State Transportation Operations Center. It will help keep traffic moving in the mountains,
especially on the Interstate 26 widening project and on I-40 in the Pigeon River Gorge. Employees at the T-M-C monitor traffic in
real-time with a combination of cameras and computer systems and relay information to
the general public, I-MAP teams, the state highway patrol, wrecker services and emergency
services. Communities interested in participating in
the 2020 Watch for Me N-C safety program may now submit applications to NCDOT. The program focuses on bicycle and pedestrian
safety, education and enforcement. Selected communities will receive free law
enforcement training, technical assistance and safety tools, plus materials with pedestrian
and bike safety messages that can be used at public events. Applications are due by January 31st and can
be submitted via the Watch for Me N-C website. “With the holiday season in full swing,
have you thought about taking the train instead of driving or flying?” There are seven stations between Raleigh and
Charlotte. The train also serves Washington D.C., New
York and New Jersey. With this option, you can skip the traffic
and long lines, use the train’s free WiFi, and have room to move around throughout the
ride. Plus, with Share Fare, the more people you’ve
got traveling with you, the more you save! Head over to N-C by train dot org for details! “That’s all for this week’s edition
of NCDOT Now. From all of us here at the North Carolina
Department of Transportation, safe travels.”

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  1. Sometimes in 2020, all bicyclists are required to wear a helmet, even for experienced riders who are older then 18 years old in North Carolina.

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