100 thoughts on “NCT 127 – Summer 127 Lyrics [Color Coded_Han_Rom_Eng]

  1. I was just listening to Baby dont stop, whiplash, and droppin. I watched this to erase all the dirty ass lyrics, and guess i was wrong! I thought this song WAS innocent, up until now i heard Taeyong and Mark’s dirty and kinky rap. Damn it i was wrong! I thought this song is innocent and cute, but i was wrong! I guess i have to watch/listen to Chewing gum, cuz thats a song i know that is ACTUALLY innocent. 😫🤧

  2. Teayong when i first saw you i felt like you will be so cute and innocent but when i saw your thinking way it dosent match to your face and ( your creator gives you everything so beautiful) except your thinking it will never match with your personality so plzzzzz try to change your thinking style (I HATE YOU TEAYONG) BUT LOVE YOU ALL TEAYONG FANS❤❤❤😊😊

  3. 2:30 oof I didn’t know Taeyong should say that lol
    And I thought that the mom was preventing those swords for her children

  4. Even before i know the lyrics, i know that Taeyong’s lines will be kinky. Cuz like theres the “twerk” and “bad ass” and other shit. And i was right. And of course its gonna be just Taeyong’s line.

  5. Others: yeah, let's go on a road trip and enjoy the summer, dance wildly at the beach and have fun!! We're young and free

    Tae: Lmao shake that ass

  6. Doyoung wants to dance with her
    Taeyong wants something else…

    God help us all 🤣🥴

    Like I thought at first it was a nice summer dance love song you know…then Taeyong opens his mouth at 2:26 and starts saying something else…🤣

  7. It's always super innocent and cute until the Taeyong has to open his dirty mouth.

  8. 2:56 and 3:03 Doyoung's "I just wanna dance with you" and "ppajyeodeureo jeo meoli" brings life to my already long life.

    2:59 and 3:07 Mark's "Under the blazing sun, follow your heart" and "Faraway blue sea, yes jump on" brings life to my already long life.

    3:12 "Get it one" brings life to my already long life.

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