NCT 127 X MIAMI : Summer Boys at Miami Beach ? | NCT 127 HIT THE STATES

NCT 127 X MIAMI : Summer Boys at Miami Beach ? | NCT 127 HIT THE STATES

Miami, what’s up? We’re heading to Miami beach now As we heard Miami beach is famous here, We had to visit Miami beach.. This is the real Miami We arrived at Miami south beach Yes, we did This place is like.. (x2) Hi, JUNGWOO Hi, JUNGWOO I’m JAEHYUN I’m JAEHYUN Right now, it’s like.. (x2) Tourist mode.. How do you say it? Tourist.. mode The weather is like.. we don’t even need clothes Miami (♪ Will Smith – Miami) 5, 6, 7, 8 (♪ Will Smith – Miami) I love you, MARK You’re mine, MARK You’re mine, MARK Let’s go, let’s go! Can I buy slippers? I’m gonna get this one When it comes to flip flops, you should get fancy ones Shopping is fun Woah, I wanna get this This is cool This is yours Isn’t it? Captain~! Captain~! This is like.. Are there bigger size? I’ll do this one Thank you (♪ Will Smith – Miami) Excuse me, Do you know the song? (♪ Will Smith – Miami) I’m sorry, okay This looks good on me The whole world looks red Oh, I feel dizzy This is it! You should wear this kind of stuff Oh no, this isn’t the one What do you think? Isn’t it good? What do you think? It’s better but still not the best Not the best.. Woah…! What’s this? It’s a shark! Hey DOYOUNG, look at this Woah, is it a fish for real? Yes, it’s moving Lifeguard A compass No, it’s not A mirror I thought it was a compass, not a mirror Is it real? Woah, woah What about this one? Simple is the best Shall I get one too? I used to wear this in America at 8 years old I used to wear this at 8 years old.. Right now.. Probably it doesn’t work This is so cool Impulse buying We just bought everything and.. We’re all set up In a very long time, Wearing a flip flop, I’m walking on the steet We’re all wearing flip flops What did you buy? Sunglasses, drinks, slippers Slippers? I was thinking of buying them, so it’s great ♪ SOHLHEE – Purple (feat. TAEIL of NCT) Do you guys know how to become hipsters? How to become hipsters.. Tell us how to become hipsters I’ll give you a tip Wear a T-shirt with flower print on Ahhh this is so good Beach! Oh they have phone cases Yes, they do They are mostly handmade Which one shall I get? Hey, look This or that This one White one? Woah, this is so pretty It should be cute Something you don’t get fed up easily Like this? Oh, this one is cute What about this? My toe hurts as I haven’t worn this for a while Maybe I should have bought slippers Thank you Thank you I’m gonna ask you a question about Miami Do you guys know the song? (♪ Will Smith – Miami) Oh~ get that on camera~ Have a good day (x2) You too This song is actually famous here in Miami We run and go straight into the sea Woah, I can see the sea! The water is so clear! It’s been a while since I came to the sea Let’s go into the sea! You know, in LA.. Let’s go! It’d be really nice to go in that ocean Woah, look at those birds Huge birds! It’s actually different from Santa Monica beach because I always thought that all beaches were the same But actually it isn’t That’s horrible I think I mean like, in a way you know, just water and shore and just sand But no, it’s different! Hey guys! Welcome to seaweed soup! The color of sea is totally emerald Definitely emerald My city Miami! Every people, everybody! Oh I screwed up I lost my feet Oh no, my flip-flops are smashed! My flip-flops are smashed! My flip-flops have gone smashed! My flip-flops! No my flip-flop! My flip-flops are smashed..What should I do In that case, you’d better go into the water It’s all wet It was fun Woah, did you see that? Did you see that? Hey, wait wait wait Now who has an edge on this?! If you have time, please visit this place This is Miami Beach Well, I’m going back home Come with me No no no You should go back to your home It hurts – Wow, it’s hot
– Get off your socks Just up to belly It was great seaweed soup It’s fun Even my butt got wet So great Even though I didn’t go into the water Still great It’s better to run when in case like this I felt so good because the water is warmer than I thought Since we’ve only visited where the water is cold I felt good and also the scenery is beautiful Once we came to beach, we should go into Go into the water Right We walk on the ground We swim in the water We fly in the sky I always get in a dilemma whenever I go to places like this I wash my feet here Then I get dirty agian with sand there And I wash my feet here again Then I get dirty agian with sand there It feels like spraying mist Cheers! Mr. CEO, may I propose a toast? Cheers It’s simliar to that Vitamin water from IMC Camera, roll One, two, three! What’s up, Miami!

100 thoughts on “NCT 127 X MIAMI : Summer Boys at Miami Beach ? | NCT 127 HIT THE STATES

  1. The best part of stan Jaehyun is that I don't need to pay to see a perfect guy through the video but I'LL DEFINITELY PAY TO SEE HIM IN PERSONAL CAUSE OH MY GOD HE CAN'T BE THIS HANDSOME

  2. Can we all just mention that alot is happening at 3:59 ?
    -jaehyun being hot ?
    -there is a kid crying at the background
    -The shirt behind jaehyun said 'i was in miami bitch'

  3. كيوتتت ي شيخخ جايهيونن خلانهه نشوف ككل شيي تايونغ لييهه انت مب زييهه!☹♡

  4. Y'all treating Haechan like he's a fucking princess while he's out there carrying Mark like he weighs nothing… I couldn't be more proud

  5. Iconic moments:

    Mark: ParTy iN thE ciTy wherE tHe HeAt is On

    Johnny reacting to mark saying all beaches are the same: that's horrible, i think

    Doyoung: Everyone, welcome to seaweed soup!

  6. 25%: Jungwoo imitating the members
    25%: Jaehyun running his hands through his wet hair
    50%:Mark singing party in the city where the heat is on

  7. Verlos limpiarse con el agua y las camisetas mojadas casi hace que me de un infarto! ufff eso fue demasiado sexy!!! <3

  8. I just suddenly started disliking mark. How dare he say all beaches are the same. But then again he is pretty lame/awkward/embarrassing so yeah I’m not surprised (don’t take it offensively, I still love ya)

  9. Why didn’t they take off their shoes before going into the water??? And why didn’t they buy swim trunks???? And also LEE DONG HYUCK STOP TURNING YOUR BACK ON THE OCEAN

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