Nepal Tourism Year 2020

Nepal Tourism Year 2020

hey guys what’s up its me your Rijan
Maharjan. Back again with a new video I’m very very glad to back boys
so as you guys most wondering what I’m wearing
so this is my national Dress my newar* cultural dress. Am I looking better or
not? guys so the Question is also that why am I wearing suddenly so guys you must
know or you should know that Nepal is hosting Nepal Tourism Year 2020 .As
as We already hosted two times like back in 2011
he’ll happen at 1998 and boy oh boy oh both were very successful you know so I’m
very very excited in order to to this video and I’m gonna give some
information to you guys so that’s why since last week I’m doing research.
Research about this topic . I am doing doing I’m contacting my friends
and collecting information so that I can give you guys so I disappoint you guys
must be asking much is Nepal to be severe so guys it’s simply swear I can
put it out that Nepal Theresa we are it is a very special year for the Tories
where we welcome you guys heartily and we give you the base facilities and
services not only that also voice we we organized like lots of lots of cultural
programs we give you like base adventures mountain earrings fry kings
and so on and the best part of it it’s very cheap to visit me path so yeah I
have planned of rows of videos Maria where iqh splitting
as information information about three kings about about the Nestle research is
about module name mother nature about the about the traditions about the food
and trainings you know so likewise for example I’m gonna I’m gonna do we doing
about drinking next one so guys I want to that I want to help
you guys 4-3-3 so that you can have the bass part of everything the best thing
are the good thing about this trip is that we still have a 1 year so I want
you guys to save some time and some money to afford yourself in this trip as
you guys must know that Nipponese never has to offer lots of stuff it has a past
nature so that you can relax yourself so I want in this video by saying sube and
thank you guys stay tuned bye bye you

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  1. Great promo for Visit Nepal 2020
    It feels good when someone represents our country Nepal ?..
    Will be waiting for ur new video !!!!! ???

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