Neue Power für den Bulli || Batterie einbauen || #AnCoAdventures #T4umbau #Powerrudi

Hey guys
we are in beautiful today Lower Bavaria with top autumn weather, arrived
the reason is that we do not are home but here is elsewhere
that we tackle our car electrics want.
Admittedly, again, not the best in it or the most comfortable
That’s why we take the thank you whites Support from the BastelBus community. And
We are on our Youtube today colleagues from T4 Bastelbus Kanal Boozoo. And
Now we just want to do it together Electric tackle and have us there
the support of some Members of the BastelBus community brought. We build a lithium battery in the
beautiful t4 and the batteries became provided by the company
crebest link as always below in the video description. yes, what I’m the first
what are their relative here but the let’s just say ours
find the audience space super martin because we Mr. rudi has two
Batteries have the ride now installed is just take the place
right back in the connections and the old battery flies out the
new comes in and for that now must first the sentence
path so what exactly the battery expand
the introduction of this game the animals how big is this result
make it inside again in my opinion the best
difference is it with the Deep discharge to take us now as
Expected to look the word 50 hours ago is quite normal lead acid battery
the ghosts divide each one other opinion how far how far what
Download the ones that say you maximum payload always 40 percent
so if we are at 50 or 70 Amperestunden am conny maybe
rips always enjoyed at most and then pleased and at the voltage range must
maybe even so happy if now even deadly for the battery again
Depending on how far you get under tel
the advantage to this is the skin only 42 ampere but the conti to 100 percent
use that it was the battery bmw to 0 volt victim in bad and now voltage
bring but nothing is through that is there
again the charge takes place over the bust The man will probably become easy
the battery, so to speak, refreshes it builds them up again in contrast to
maybe that’s what makes it most people want the 1 0
shoot until next Of course the weight is really up
5 km, it is really handy nothing and the temperature use of the extreme
So art at up to minus 10 -20 grad you come with the only full
take off benefits and of course all your people are sad
a lot higher than the machine there were victories disadvantage is the
Cost point is located probably between 18 1 200 euro
and it goes like that at 250 to 300 350 euro it starts about the costs while the
which is strong from 300 euros we have to operate that too
is unique acquisition of my opinion but you have something on longer so before
period definitely broken and when now really worry returned 42 ampere
they have too little to attach to him now second to that and then he too that
42 84 also from the dimensions can be 100 super
So far, the war has called it a pillar Rega we have two now
children are but least manufacturers If I have such a great time you have it easy
2 minutes to be out after he has the battery firmly
Of course, you just have to be a conduit bad supply from it now
neatly thick cable while 25 square 25 degrees is more than enough for this 252
behind this and always flexible flexible cables and now the rail
at the c4 is the implementation in the interior with his reign then it’s so sooooooooooooooooooo he has
she could just get in there now Stecher and a topic almost already in the
interior glass so we have something cable thank god, only the belly is that
is the c4 as I said in the simple Amateur performing at the study 20
and then we just go down here this rubber mat or depending on the
carpet or what she has we go there come in but now arrive here
you need a battery constant tension I believe from 14.8
14.6 moguls we are 100 percent firm and there is this beautiful
Devices are called booster of the ensures that always the constant
voltage and a battery repelled and if the voltage is not achievable
should be for whatever reason then power is part of shoving in front of you
you can charge the battery broken it’s stupid now but it works
really so always constant the charging voltage with a battery
alternator before that gives about 14 2 By the way, 14 4 volts still up to 14.4
volt and is in the case so in a case too little hatch and the device
keeps the tension on 14.8 motto and the is exactly the tension what yes laibacher
the future always needs something like that time the tor flies out that the way that
you always need to be so we were curious what you need that is
here this the plus signal the seventh here at the mood booster the plus
this is almost a signal for the booster a now the mother is running and that is coming
is it the plus signal child of the lichtmaschine
That will be the right track tapped and goes on here so
Wanted, so to speak, your switzerland motorcycle is the crate he will catch signal now
I’m loading the engine switched off
we only take the capacity of mine two battery but not more
capacity of the state so as I said in principle the same thing will usually only rule
that they jump with a higher grade but the season was easy
the problem with me is that with their relatively thick cross sections and
the the poster a little bit smaller has cross section and then you get there at the front
You need a battery to do it naturally such a bit of cable back sometimes
as short as possible, we’ll do it in front such a ring behind if that
screw down kilometer with the battery and behind it behind insurance please
here we now have a clear 1 78 ampere
Battery is currently sufficient to secure
really that was the trend and sizzling make fun 100 check now just take
here again the ears stuck here my curiosity on it and we see
there is nothing to advertise anymore This line is virtually dead and art like that
Now for this story here We also made battery so firm
So the holds tight firmly well booster is fixed it is so far
everything connected the plus is on it that one cable was too short so far
We have extended this to the battle a heater actually for a
everything should be ready first operate automatic fuses and
then we’ll be able to stream we have a hammer right now something with 13 will be on the battery
What a very good suffering is now measuring device not so super accurate but you
can recognize So let’s see you can see that here
flash that’s a good sign
and if only to get here now we actually had these 14 something
want Yes
14 15 volt stand now has I knew the plan is right
here only a short cable short supply only more security of the dog
or now have 30 amps on sufficiently adequate in each case
I just want to recommend over here to make the positive pole Jacob about it
any kind of shorts too avoid
moved again inflation finished So the battery is first win and
he we gold at if I do not have to Much done that was rather the uso from the tv
Many sausage making so many thanks for this
we have a great party now car and we are all that happy
completely connect when we are now the rest of the shoot got that why
not here were instructed too again task for the best
wait, you can conclude that here is a theme that you can see
waterbus community im in great Cohesion is so if you have problems
has or furthermore there are always which ones
it can not be ours Season that sounds really easy always
fast almost 400 starters just once stronger and more like watching youtube video
So the guys are so horny action is anyway claire were there
we helped eight victims We thank you again and again
look forward to seeing you again certainly

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