100 thoughts on “NEW Amazing Dog Travel Bed! ? Unboxing with Rosanna!

  1. I honestly would buy it but I'm not going to buy it for $200 when I can pack a bag especially for him and bring his bed from home.

  2. you need to get cookie one, Rosanna, if it is my dog, I just don't have the heart to "remove" her on the bed!

  3. I had no clue Justine was from Pittsburgh, I am to! Where’s my Pittsburgh squad at? (I bet there’s not many but I still wanna see!)

  4. OMG its SO cool that u have a dog with no tail cookie looks SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I liked my own comment cuz nobody else will.

  5. wait who`s 4 are u talking about the dog or a human wel if your talking about the dog most dogs(i couldnt tipe the rest it too sad almost made me burst in tears) 4 is a old age for a dog in dog age shes 32 or 34 cuz it depends if shes a small breed or big breed.

  6. you are the best friend you have ever seen that is is the most part of your life is the best thing that can happen

  7. I think loving hives is bad my kid watches you and she is 8 please stop can’t stop her from watching you and ro please please please

  8. I don’t know how many people got that chrome book battery percentage ad before this vid but for those of you who did,am I the only one who would NEVER shout in public transport or in school,does anyone have a charger,maybe in a car with people I know but not t strangers,anyone else or m I just socially awkward?

  9. 7:58 Maddie: when do I get my turn.. I sat on it for 5 seconds.. this is my bed and my mommy’s channel so get off NOWWWW

  10. Justine: Let’s Maddie start playing on the bed
    Roe: Completely silent
    Justine: Continues playing with Maddie
    Roe: The little lady loves it…

  11. The fact that the bed was for Maddie but Cookie was on the bed the entire video is really funny ????????????

  12. I think Justine could have bought one for cookie. I mean like, Ro buys things for both dogs and I rlly felt uncomfortable in this vid :v Even Justine said at the beginning of the vid “Matty! This is for you!”

  13. Cookie – I sees a bed it’s mine now 🙂

    Matty – its mine get off

    Cookie -I got here first it’s mine

    Matty – ok

  14. That would be amazing for me, bc it would be so easy to carry our dogs stuff in it, but the only problem is that he only really likes his bed that he now

  15. I Think The Bed Is For Maddie so this is what Cookie Says in Dog Language "I’ll give you all my toys for the bed" SHE LOVES IT

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