it’s cold under the tree tomorrow it is Christmas snow is falling down my liquid motivation thanks to my friend Ally you are a dear and I’m going to clean this up so we can start decorating I’m gonna put the first tree in the living room so I’m going to decorate the living room I also like to add like snowy because I’m in Florida and I’m still a short so anyway I can embrace snow I’m gonna do it we’re going to start off by just tidying up this room cleaning it up let me know in the comments below what is the weather like a realm where you’re at it’s about 73 ish today which is chilly for us I know it’s crazy so and I got all dolled up today cuz I was feeling like you know what I’m gonna embrace the holiday spirit I’m gonna wear my red I got my red nails I’m gonna do my hair and makeup so here’s the mess in the kitchen Chris took the boys to like this nerf gun war which I’m really excited about cuz I just needed a moment and we’re gonna tackle all of this I’m gonna make this look really festive lots of really inviting festive feels I’m super [Music] so I’m going to tidy up my living room I cannot wait to make this room so beautiful I’m gonna do something a little bit different this year and I am really excited to be sharing it with you guys I found some really beautiful Navy snowy ornaments and I’m gonna add those to the tree I cannot wait to show you first let’s tidy up this living room I’m gonna pull the chair out so I can put the tree there and then we are going to clean this mess of a kitchen because I cannot start decorating if my house is the disaster let me know in the comments below are you the same way who is it’s holiday with you tomorrow it is Christmas so let me know in the comments why do you love to decorate your house for Christmas do you love all of the lights and the fun do you have kids that love it I love it and I love that my kids love it my son Drew actually loves it like I do we get so excited it’s our favorite time of year I mean I love love love fall but the lights and the sparkle of Christmas just gives me all the feels I remember being a little girl and just wanting to decorate as soon as I possibly could I was itty bitty honestly seven eight years old begging to hurry up and go get the tree and I would decorate the whole house no kidding I had a single mama so it was kind of on me she was working and my sister was doing her own thing so I just totally reveled in this time it was my favorite I haven’t seen you in so long no we take steps today so my feelings are so strong [Music] in the snow and my heart can you feel it [Music] ok so I got this tree about three years ago from Target we like Black Friday it was super cheap it’s a seven and a half foot pencil tree and I always put it right here it’s pre lit and I love it because that is not taking up space it’s had like a big tree so a pencil tree is all we could do yeah I look this is like mom’s tree i decorate this however I want to and then I have a kid a tree for the kids in the front room and while I was walking around HomeGoods today I saw the cutest little reindeer and dog sweater for Ruby so I got it and I was so excited I also got her a new bed I treat her like she is one of my children I love her so much the dog thought it was too small so I’m gonna have to take it back and get another one but I cannot wait to share pictures of her in that it was the cutest thing I think I’ve ever seen [Music] so this tree is very easy to fluff out and it has been doing so well I’ve had it for about three years and it is great I still love it it is just as good as it was the first year definitely a win check out the deals around Black Friday you guys you’ll get some amazing deals for trees I don’t know what he’s thinking when he rattles baddest whispers all the day with someone now I guess he stopped thinking about me yeah yeah I don’t know what he’s thinking when he says that he isn’t rather nor night or day to celebrate Christmas with me but he’s not here and I’m not there I don’t know what he want now so when I start decorating the tree I will always add the filler like the fluffy type filler in first this was from a garland so many years ago so I actually just cut each little piece off and I felt like it worked so much better that way you always want to try to improvise with what you have I could have gone and paid so much for the each little pick but you got to use what you have first I’m also going to use these pine cone sticks I will buy a lot of items at the end of the season and save a time and money you can save about 70 to 90 percent and I love a big all glittery pine cone I think they’re so pretty and they make such a statement in your tree this beveled is no one who would not complain to drab I know Jane I love you guys too let me know in the comments below what theme are you going for this year the kids tree will be fun and festive with traditional colors Mama’s tree will have lots of sparkle gold glitter I like to mix metals with silver and gold I think they look beautiful together and I do lots of white because this tree is not flocked so I kind of mimic that look with adding a lot of snowy flocked like decorations so you don’t have to go out and spend a lot of money on a flocked tree you can kind of get creative with it and give the same illusion or effect I take these pieces at the top because a pencil tree and you guys know artificial trees the top of them are so thin so I like to use these picks all around the top and make it just beautiful instead of having a topper and make my own little topper garland type thank you a week [Music] you hear bringing my bells no more [Music] women are loved that’s for sure [Music] okay so I take some of this like a regular ol snow I believe I got this from Target and I pull up little pieces and I just kind of put it in there and make it look super snowy kind of drape in it instead of blocking the tree this is kind of how I get the Aleutian snow a little bit here and there [Music] and I love to have some of the kids ornaments on the tree I don’t care what they look like they’re special I’m gonna add that same fluffy snow at the bottom just to give the illusion that it’s sitting in snow and I love this because you can stretch it and make a little bit go a long way I believe the bag was about eight dollars and I purchased it last year at Target so I’m sure they still have it [Music] now that I’m done with this particular tree I can kind of stand back and see if I want to add more things and I’m definitely going to go back to Hobby Lobby and get some beautiful sparkly magnolias to add all over in more reindeer antlers [Music] these light-up Christmas trees I got from kirklands two years ago I believe they still have them and they make the most beautiful addition to the tree over here it makes like a little collection of lit up beautiful white trees and I love it I will take some of this snow and put it on the bottom to make it look like it’s incorporated dude I got this gorgeous wooden horse from home goods I saw it and I had to have it I also got this birch candle from home goods and maybe some dating but everything would change from now yes nice crease my son [Music] it’s gonna be [Music] daiquiri this Christmas [Applause] [Music] we forgot what you came through and it kind of how this came out I’m going for the rustic glam look that is my style and I have been enjoying and doing it so much moving out of the farmhouse style and more rustic glam for my living room and the rest of the house so it was so fun decorating Christmas this way I’m gonna have my Pinterest in the description box below if you guys want to come hang out with me on there sometimes you can check out my boards and we can chat but I am kind of evolving my style a bit I love traditional I love real antiques and I love a little bit of glam so rustic glam is what it is [Music] me [Applause] three [Music] Christmas [Music] from this [Music] time to try to vacuum up all of the glitter you know it’s Christmas time when there is glitter everywhere [Music] I love how everything turned out I feel like it is so warm and inviting I have my own little style and it is just making me feel so much comfort when the kids and Chris walked in they loved it they stopped they said Wow and that just filled my heart so much I decided to stick with my same colors that I have in my house so I didn’t have to go out and buy all new decor so that is what I’m doing and I think encourage you to do the same don’t rush out to go and buy new things for a new theme stick with what you have and I love blues I love natural woods and so I just incorporated that style with Christmas this year I actually ended up putting the navy blue pillows on the couch as well to bring more of the Navy in and that beautiful Navy reindeer would have a pop of color there and on the couch so that’s why I like doing themed rooms because it just incorporates what I’ve already got going in the house and the kids will be able to have their room and this is my classy rustic glam style I love doing videos like this so if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up hit that subscribe button before you go so you were notified every time I have a new upload we have so much fun coming up this holiday season and I cannot wait to share everything with you guys I hope you got some pointers on how to make your house a home this Christmas or holiday or whatever you choose to celebrate make sure you have fun and enjoy it thank you guys so much for watching this video and I will see you in the next one [Music]


  1. Hello, friends! I’m super excited about today’s video. It may seem early, but I’m doing one room at a time. It’s going to take me a while. I love the style I’m embracing this year. I hope you guys enjoyed the video.

    Make sure to check out my last video where I went through the house and started to Declutter. I like to do that before I start decorating more. ❤️


  2. I'm in North Dakota, right now is -3° and it has been snowing since Saturday. I'm from FL, but I love the snow. I love decorating for Xmas, not a fan of Halloween, after all the creepiness I can't wait to decorate in a more festive way.

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