New Cutie Fruities Picnic Basket and Minis Cup Plush Toy Review and Unboxing

New Cutie Fruities Picnic Basket and Minis Cup Plush Toy Review and Unboxing

hi everyone welcome to Evie’s toy house
today we’re going on the picnic so we have some cutie Fruities minis that were
sent to me thank you so much for these I’m really excited to find out what they
look like so over here we can see there is a picnic list and we see all these
fruits we have melons great mango cherry peach banana blueberry Peter
watermelon Apple Kiwi pineapple raspberry orange so if the only one that
stands out is this Peter which I am not sure what it is but maybe you will find
out or maybe it’s a typo let’s go ahead and open this up and then take a look so
we have two of these cutie Fruities mini and these look like the little cups with
a little lid on top then we have a picnic basket just take a look at this
oh my gosh this is really really cute so this is a real picnic basket and in
there there are lots of cutie Fruities and says the basket becomes a playset basket oh what a cute basket that he says cutie
Fruities on it up and we have a pineapple oh my gosh and look this is a
little placing on the inside you can see the beach how cute is this and so we
have a little pineapple this is super soft – I think you can peel these open
let’s see oh my gosh I’m a party pineapple this peel says I feel a little
sour today this one says let’s get tropical and we have one more I like you
a whole lunch all funny and here’s our sticker sheet oh look at this so we have
a pineapple and also a cut-up pineapple all right and let’s take a look at this
so inside this peel is um it’s a bunch of little plushies and these all have
name on them so we have poly here on the bottom oh my gosh these are so cute
so Pauli here is the biggest one and on the bottom we have penny this is penny
look at Penny’s eyes Oh penny is frowning oh my gosh
and we have Perry Oh Perry is in gold look at this is pretty wearing lipstick
and here we have piggy so this is Peggy oh she’s a smallest one
and it’s dumb here the seaters name so stem here doesn’t have a name oh my gosh
this is too cutie guys so we can stack them all together like this and it
becomes a pineapple again and then we wrap it up
oh my gosh this is too adorable it’s so cute and I love that it comes with this
picnic basket can you put it back in there all right
now that’s open up these dill cups so these look like little fruit cups and
they are the minis version and let’s see what’s inside I love these little
containers they’re so adorable there we go oh my gosh there’s so many
things in here we got little strawberry oh my gosh look at this guy look at this
it’s a very firm plush which I like we have a kitty cat a cherry cat oh my gosh
this one is a cherry cat this one is Wally what else let’s see we have adult
blind bag so let’s open this up and see what we could possibly get in this so
this is find the chocolate covered in glittery fruits so these are all the
special ones and here are the limited edition ones these are the
chocolate-covered ones and over here are the common one so we picked up a cherry
cat today and a wally watermelon oh my gosh here’s a raspbobby is cute these
are adorable so let’s open up this one I hope to get one of these rare glitter
ones or even a chocolate-covered one because that would be really cool popped
out so here is a glittery one this one is a glam melty melon oh my gosh look at
this one this one is super super cute it’s little cube so it’s a melon
and this one smells so good so delicious oh my gosh so what a cute cup we got
three of them in here and they sit nicely in there how cute is that and
what’s great is that if you just cover it up and take it with you or you can
just use it as a real cup all right let’s open up one more so one more these
are fun I’d like to how they come with so many of them there’s a lot to collect
to let’s see there are over 40 to collect oh my gosh Oh another watermelon
so we got let’s see a watermelon so we got Wally and Wilma all they’re a
pair and what’s the other one that we got I think this is another melon so it
says mr. melon mr. melon so let’s see this is not here mr. melon we didn’t get
miss melon but we did get one of the glittery ones so that’s kind of cool too
and of course we got our point bag one time I fly out and oh this is so cool so
we got another glittery one so this one is glitter grape look at this glitter grape looks like a cat and it is smelling delicious in here oh my gosh
like it is this is cute or what so we got some really nice one we’ve got two
rare glittery ones look at these and we got a pair bean a watermelon pears and
then we got this really cute cherry in this really cute melon what a great fine
alright everyone so we found so many cutie fruities today
which one is your favorite I really love this pineapple I think I need to get a
few more of these large ones but for the small ones every do you like these
watermelon cubes and also they don’t watermelon slices I think those are just
so adorable so let me know down below in the comment section which one is your
favorite and you guys like this video make sure to subscribe and I’ll see you
guys next time bye

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