NEW EPISODE Of Steven Universe CONFIRMED For This Summer!

NEW EPISODE Of Steven Universe CONFIRMED For This Summer!

Welcome back to the Roundtable. I’m your host AwestruckVox, and let’s talk about Steven Universe! It’s been a month since Steven Universe:Wanted blessed our television screens and changed everything We found out Rose may not have shattered Pink Diamond *WOW* We got our first glimpse at Homeworld and the death of Lars who immediately got resurrected But now he’s pink with magic hair just like a certain lion we know, but a lot of people have been asking, “What’s next? How long do we have to wait until another episode?” A lot of people were speculating Oh, maybe we won’t get an episode until fall or even next year, and I thought that was a bit ridiculous But at the same time I understand where people are coming from. We had the Summer of Steven last year which was 30 episodes in a month and we had a pretty consistent amount of episodes since then season 4 was airing weekly immediately after the Summer of Steven and then we had like what a two-month hiatus. And then we had Gem Harvest and Three Gems and a Baby and then a month after that we had the Zoo ark followed by more weekly episodes and then I want to say we had about a two-month hiatus maybe three months and then we had the Abduction ark and beginning of the Homeworld ark also known as Steven Bomb six and Steven Universe Wanted and honestly I admire both Cartoon Network and the Crewniverse for being able to pump out all these episodes And not have like a five, six month hiatus like other shows I remember when Gravity Falls was airing and we had to wait for months in between episodes not every single episode but if a major episode happened Expected there to be a hiatus afterward and even when it wasn’t on hiatus new episodes would air every other week And don’t even get me started on the finale, the finale was split up into a three Technically four episodes. The first one aired in late October. The final one aired in February of the following year Yeah, that’s pretty insane But it will down the production time. The finale was finished only a month before it aired I remember seeing tweets of voice actors saying they recorded the final lines for the show, in January that’s pretty nuts. So for everyone calling Steven Universe Hiatus Universe, a lot of shows up there have it worse, especially when they’re animated series. And Steven Universe always returns in July. If you look at his past air dates July was always the golden month for the show. No matter what the year or whether it was just a Steven bomb or weekly episodes or an entire month worth of episodes, They always had something June was always a dry slot for the series so no episodes airing after Wanted didn’t surprise me because it was just business as usual. But that means the show should return this upcoming month in July, and we have San Diego comic-con at the very end of it. But now we have some actual news. San Diego comic-con website recently released merch that they’re going to have at this year’s convention, And we have three Steven universe items. A Lapis Lazuli plush, a Lion plush, and a Cookie Cat plush, And they all have the same sentence copy and pasted on words With the Steven Universe episode coming out this summer, this plushie will be a huge hit at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. A new episode this summer, now I gotta admit the phrasing here is a bit weird because they say with the new episode, not episodes, just episode which I’m taking with a grain of salt because They’re not officially Cartoon Network. For all we know there could be a run of new episodes or there could just be one big special and considering, how large this had ended it can go either way for all we know the next number so it could be a 22 minute special now that Steven’s back on Earth the Crystal Gems ultimate answer and if this merch relates to that episode Namely lion and Lapis not too sure about cookie cat – then perhaps We’ll finally get an episode that dives into the Gem war but that’s very wishful thinking at the same time if they really do only have one episode this summer. I don’t think it’d be some one awful of a minute filler it was only one episode I’ll don’t think it would even be an 11 minute episode I do think it would be a special My hope however is that we’re getting multiple episodes like at least a Steven bomb and the description is just somewhat inaccurate It can go either way, but regardless, I’m excited and I really wish I was going to comic con so I can pick up that Lapis plush. Unfortunately, I missed my window to get in but, hey, I know some people. I can still try to weasel my way in and Even if we can’t get the Lapis plush since comic-con merch is usually relegated to only comic-con You guys can pick up a Blue Diamond “I’m always feeling blue t-shirt” also available in women’s fit and long sleeve from our teespring store That’ll be available until July 9 links in the description, but yeah What do you guys think? Are you hopeful for a string of new episodes? Do you think it’s just a 22 minute special or are you just glad to have new Steven Universe? And you don’t care what it is. It could be a beach city slice of life episode for all you care. Let’s get the discussion going in the comment section below. I hope you have a beautiful day and AweStruckVox signing out. This video has been powered by patreon. If you want to give us some more support head to become a patron and get some awesome perks. 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  1. Blue Diamond Feeling Blue Shirt/Hoodie:

    Who's excited? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

    – Have a beautiful day, Vox

  2. i went thru the episodes planed for cartoon network ant i can confirm that steven universe is not come back on labor day. Labor day is going to be for teen titans go. Cartoon network plans their episodes two weeks ahead. So i was able to look all the way to the 14th and nothing was steven universe.
    My guess is they are going to air it on Friday the 22. I say this because its the last day of summer.

  3. Well, Summers over, and there were no new episodes, so uh…Lex Luthor, you know what to say…

    W R O O O O O O O O O O N G!!!!!!!!!!

  4. *After summer

  5. So you admire Cartoon Network for being able to pump out all these episodes and not have like 5-6 month hiatus, huh?


  6. i want to see how Pink Diamond got her own ship! her own space station! her own everything! it must suck to just have everything handed or so called given to you ! ! ! ! !

  7. It really bothers me that the captions spell it "Ark" rather than "Arc". Ark is a structure, typically linked to the story of Noah in the bible. Arc is like a hill, archway, or story line as it has a defined start, rising to a climax, then falling to a conclusion.

  8. Steven universe took a big hiatus. I haven't seen a single episode air on cartoon network for a year

  9. I know I've only been watching for a few days, but what is rose quartz IS Pink Diamond? all gems can shape shift right? what if Pink diamond shifted into that form to hide?

  10. I have a theory in the answer you can see multiple gems while Sapphire is walking you can see a blue gem which it's gem is similar to lapis Lazuli's at the same spot

  11. Wait, so all this time, I have to wait for July than June? Why is Malaysian Summer and US Summer is different….

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