New Hampshire Summer Paradise Camping

New Hampshire Summer Paradise Camping

are we camping like like not pavement
urban camping but camping in the trees in the forest we are a little different than any other place
I have ever camped in the entire country I ended up coming as far at the last
time I talked to you I was in Connecticut right now I came out to up
to New Hampshire yeah and camping here in the ginormous White Mountain National
Forest how big is it well I counted 14 approved campsites you can only camp in
the approved campsite through the fire rings you can’t see any neighbors down
this way and behind me you can’t see any camping neighbors as well I would
estimate there is probably closer to a mile between campsites that’s pretty
unique I think the reason why they do that is because if it were a campground
that had facilities like a bathroom and a trash facility they put that in one
general spot and they put all the campsites packed in as tight as they can
so that they can control it a little better well out here there’s no services
there’s no trash no water electricity there’s no cell service
there’s no TV stations there’s nothing it’s just a National Forest it is quiet
and peaceful and nobody was nobody’s gonna bother you so that’s why they
could space them out a little more because we’re all taking our trash with
us but I mean the sites there’s two cool things one you can put up to 25 people
per site if you wanted to there’s lots of room for tents and right down here I
don’t know if every site has access but we can walk to the water guys the creek
yeah it’s really just a short little jump through the woods
I really like New Hampshire it has been a long time since I have camped in
nature after the Lincoln Highway like it’s so amazing that places like this
even they even exist guys and can we just go back to last week when I
was in New York City the most congested clogged nobody’s out here it’s amazing granted there is not much
water it’s not like a Roaring River it’s just a creek that runs all the way
through but it’s just beautiful there’s so much cooler down here and take a look
at all the green moss it could be back home Washington it could be except for
the heat and humidity factor unfortunately I am NOT to speak to the
90-plus degree weather I still kind of want to shoot over to
Maine and go up there I guess I don’t I don’t think it I don’t there’s no heat
relief that’s for sure what we got is like wide-open spaces that nobody’s
occupying so how long am I gonna stay out here I
haven’t really decided yet there are lots of other places like this
in New Hampshire over in Vermont and in Maine actually but man whether it’s BLM
land in Arizona in the wintertime you know where you can have a 75 degree
Christmas or this in the summertime I love our natural lands and I don’t need
hookups I love that it’s free isn’t it not like always better when it’s free
not because it doesn’t cause anything but because we don’t have neighbors this
is better this is natural this is not some man-made RV park that you pay for
this is so much better in my opinion but yeah I can just come down to the creek
and get my feet in whenever I need to if it gets too warm but I will have to run
the generator at least two hours every single day to maintain the batteries cuz
I’m in a really shaded spot no solar it’s worth it though yeah Jax already knows he’s a bad mofo I
actually got the generator running right now so we’ll do my little two-hour
charge on the batteries nothing much else to do though because I can’t upload
any videos I can’t chat with anybody on YouTube can’t watch Netflix I can’t do a
whole lot out here except relax that’s the plan
enjoy nature man I could tell you it’s pretty different because all of a sudden
I’m not worried about where I gotta go and what I got a film and traffic and
low clearances and all this weird stuff that I used to be worried about for
Lincoln Highway and now it’s just hey it’s summertime so let’s just camp and
have fun little different yeah hmm I walked pretty far into the woods and
then all of a sudden there was this strange opening here in the field where
someone has made camp before big old fire pit they’re funny if I could get my
RV back here I’ll bet you in the high noon times I would get some solar in
this open field yeah lots openings over here
strange but I don’t think my RV will make it this far I don’t think I’ve ever
marinated myself and in as much bug sprays I have here in New Hampshire I’m
gonna head on back to the RV and probably light a fire tonight try to
keep some of those bugs away from Jax and I my little speaker outdoor light
speaker thing let me show you something real quick so I’ve shown you the app
that goes to the speaker allows me to select different colors or scan through
the colors and whatnot but I found the insect light which is basically
essentially the same thing as the amber light that bugs will not be attracted to
and because it’s right next to the door I don’t I don’t know why that was on my iPod because the light is so close to the
door the bugs laughs it’s friday night yeah we danced
them to able to UPS yet we took too many shots oh I got this one on there too on my real-time subscriber count I just
lost three and I’m fifty subscribers totally worth it get this fire going
fire fire fire nothing more masculine than fire fire
fire oh this song if it’s meant to be baby just let it be stop singing in here
we’re gonna unsubscribe can’t fire here you

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  1. A little Katy… a little Michael…. totally worth the sub loss !! Just got to kick it up a notch or two sometimes LOL Love You Guys !!!! DianaB

  2. Don't forget to visit The Flume, it's a Paradise with a stream of Mountain spring water on a beautiful hike which gives NH the wonderful Granite State Motto .

  3. That water looks so clear. If you make it to Augusta, Maine (the capital city), from here north it usually stays 75F or cooler in the summer, though this week and maybe the next are the hottest two-weeks of the year, and we hover around 85F during this time. Anyway, if you come to Maine, unless you wanna see Portland in Southern Maine, visit Augusta northward for the best summer temps. Idk whether it's the lay of the land or what, but Augusta is where Maine 'coolness' begins in the summertime.

  4. Good video! I can tell you really enjoy your tunes. The smile says so. Thank you for filling that tooth gap. You’re less scary with all your teeth! 😁

  5. NH has a lot to offer, Mountains, lakes, mountain streams and a short sea coast. But in the win-taa it gets wicked cold. Just saying.

  6. nice site Eric, MICHIGAN also has lots of those sites in our national forests also, bring your tail back here we'll let you back in if you take the trash with you which we know you do. THAT was FUNNY ERIC YOU WAS TALKING ABOUT NO NEIGHBORS & AS YOU SAID THOSE WORDS PEOPLE WALKED BEHIND YOU ON THAT BRIDGE damn capssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss grrrrrrrrrrrr

  7. In the B roll game upgraded…. nice water shots, ha, and I need to get me one of those speaker lights…. this is nice and laid-back , keep me coming.

  8. We lived in NH for 3 years if you get 100 degrees with 100% humidity, expect a thunder storm!In my experience from living here for 3 years the humidity seemed to be a buildup to a thunder storm, then the humidity was gone just like that it was crazy massive thunder and lightening.

  9. which one are you at? I'm hittin the road in a couple days. Oh, welcome to NH. would love to stay at that spot after you leave. Will check back to see if you answer. this is all I have for communication, my laptop. Have fun!

  10. news flash eric almost od's on bug spray while rocking out to Michael Jackson. bro this is really how you want to go out.

  11. Eric, you are aware that's where Travis Walton's famous alien abduction happened (White Mountains). It was made into the movie "Fire in the Sky".

  12. Loved this video. I like when your just chilling in the woods with no one around (and I loved hearing Michel Jackson)!

  13. lmao over the bug spray dance…similarities we do have…I do the same dance…continue showing that comical side of yourself at times and I will continue to be a subscriber…enjoy your travels:)

  14. Eric, sit in that creek. But I bet that water is chilly. Loved the photos of nature…including that butterfly, wow!

  15. Love the creek!! If ever in Tennessee go to Elkmont Campground in Smoky Mtn's National Park. I go every year since 1994. Love it!!

  16. So been watching you for a while and I never recall you mentioned how often you get gas and where you dump your tanks…

  17. Yes Love "The White Mountains"in N.H Real camping Awesome Times there always ! Everything Mountains Springs Lake .

  18. The Adirondacks of upstate NY are just as awesome. Lake Placid, Blue Mt. Lake, Keene, Whiteface Mt. are breath taking.

  19. hahahaha you're so funny when that music came on .. I thought ya were fixin to bust out into a MJ dance .. giggles .. Huggles from Bama!

  20. That White Mountain area is beautiful. I have friends who live there and it is really gorgeous in the fall! Looks like a great place to camp!! Safe travels

  21. That was fun! My brother lives in Woodstock, VT and it's beautiful, too. You should really take a drive there while you're east. Love your plug-in fire in the middle of the woods. That's hilarious! Safe travels! β™‘

  22. Your videos are so easy to watch, the scenery and editing are superb. I hope you enjoyed your time relaxing in the woods. Keep em' coming…your videos are my vacation.

  23. Hey! Sing away the criters will let ya know if ya suck…..😁.🐾🐜. Cool shot with the wet hat in slo-mo @ the stream.

  24. Great Video Series,
    How much gas is burned in 2 hours to charge you generator?
    Do U carry Extra Gas Cans?
    Would like to see a short series or compilation on What You've learned from selecting your various Campers.. advice, dos don't, I'm not mechanical but looking for an affordable economical 21-24 ft used to travel full time. Thx

  25. Lindo lugar. Como Γ© realizar camping no local?. Γ‰ seguro?. Como vocΓͺs acolhem os brasileiros no paΓ­s?

  26. The White Mountains in NH are beautiful. Live free or die state. No income tax. No sales tax. No seatbelt or motorcycle helmet laws and constitutional carry. A real gem in New England.

  27. Camped in the White Mountains as a kid. Water was clear but way too coldβ€”all year long. There was this woman who’d actually take her brass bed campingβ€”in a tent. It was the only way her husband could get her to go.

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