(bright music) – Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In today’s video I’m
finally sharing with you our full kitchen tour. It’s all done now so I’m
gonna walk you through life around my house. And if you’re new to my channel, I would love for you to
subscribe and stick around. I post three videos a week, and I would love to have you as a viewer. So let’s go. The reason we decided to get a new kitchen was because our old
one was eight years old and starting to get a little bit tired, but more than that we
really needed more storage. We started out with our
old kitchen as a couple, and now we’re a family of five, and all five of us have three meals a day, so we needed things like a bigger fridge, we needed a freezer in here. We just needed a bit more space, so I think we have
definitely achieved that. I should also mention that we decided to go for a mirror splash back which being a blogger was
probably not the best idea, but we really, really love it. But you probably will see
my camera man filming this, who is Matt. But yeah, if I take you over here first, this area was just a blank wall, and it also had a sideboard on it. And although we had a
little bit of storage within the sideboard, we just
looked at the space above it and thought that we could put units all the way across this wall, and we’ve done that and it’s
worked really, really well. So we have so much more storage now. We have a little bit of a pantry here with this pull-out cupboard. So we decided to fill up this cupboard with things like pasta,
rice, cereal, cans, and I’ve decanted a lot of the products into these containers
which are from Amazon and Ikea as well, I will
link them down below. But yeah, it’s honestly, we’ve got so much of our
stuff in this little pantry. It’s been brilliant, and I
love that you just pull it out and then push it back in again. (baby talking) – [Matt] Mmm, hello. I’m gonna show them. In terms of the color, we decided to go very bright in this room. I thought it would be a
nice backdrop for my videos, and Instagram photos as
well, and just really brighten up this space. So the color of the
units is called cashmere, but it’s really like a gray-ee beige, it’s like a greige,
greige yeah. (laughing) For our countertops, we decided to go with quartz countertops,
we’ve never had that before and it was a bit of an expense, but we went with low-cost kitchen units, and we feel like the countertop really makes it look a bit more luxury and kind of gives it that finishing touch, We now also have a full-size fridge which we’d never had before. We used to have just half a fridge and then half a freezer,
but this is brilliant because I’ve got three boys
and they eat so much food, we just found that we were
needing to go to the shops everyday whereas now I
can do a big weekly shop. So it’s been amazing and
we’ve got so much storage in there it’s not even all full. I think this down here is for wine and it’s literally empty (laughing) ’cause we don’t really drink or anything. So yeah, so that’s been brilliant. And then next to the fridge
we had a bit of counter put like we could have had
units right to the end, but we thought it would
be really practical to have a bit of counter here so when you get things out of the fridge you have a place to put them, so that’s been brilliant. And in this cupboard,
this was Matt’s idea, this is a breakfast larder. So the doors kind of come back like this, and then we’ve hidden the microwave, the toaster, the Nutri
Ninja, and the bread as well, kids vitamins and stuff. So in the morning at breakfast, you can just have this
unit completely open, and be using it, and then
when I want to clean up really quickly, I could
just close the door again, and it’s all hidden, and
we actually saw this idea, it was from a Tom Howley
kitchen wasn’t it? But we couldn’t afford
Tom Howley, (laughs) So our carpenter worked
with us to build this with the kitchen units. Here we’ve got a little
set of pullout drawers which is great, this is
our snack drawer in here, and then we also have a little drawer for bowls and cooking
appliances, things like that. And then there’s a really tiny one up here which is our spice rack,
spice rack et cetera. The next thing I am so excited about, we got integrated bins
which is just amazing ’cause I used to hate way the bins looked in the background of all my videos. It just didn’t look nice,
so now we have recycling, we have rubbish, and
we’ve even got a place for the bags to sit under
there, and it’s great ’cause when you make
breakfast in the morning on the counter here, you
can just go shush shush with all the crumbs and fruit and stuff. You can just chuck it all in there and then it’s gone and we love it. There’s lots more counter space over here, and this is where we
decided to put our kettle, and it’s kind of hidden
a little bit as well when you walk into the kitchen. And Matt designed the kitchen, and he decided to put the
power over here as well, again quite hidden. And then above the kettle, we have a space for all of our coffee and tea. And I love this so much
because you used to be able to see the stairs in our kitchen, but the people that made the kitchen have now hidden the stairs
within all of the cupboards so that’s really, really nice. And then next to all the coffee and tea, we have all of our mugs, and cups, and all of that kind of stuff here. We also made maximum space of the corner, so we have a corner unit here, which is where I’m keeping all of my baking stuff at the moment. We’ve got these amazing baskets from Ikea, which are like metal
baskets, and I just have all my baking stuff in there, so if I ever wanna bake with the boys I can just pull it all out. As you can see, we
haven’t even filled it up, like there’s still so much more space that we could use in that unit. There’s another cupboard
over here with storage. I’ve kept a lot of the
cooking things over here, and I found this clear
prospects like a spinny thing. What’s the spinny thing called? Lazy Susan? – [Matt] Yeah. – I found this on Amazon
so I will link it. Loads of you loved it on Instagram. So yeah, all the cooking
stuff is here which is great ’cause then I could just cook on the hob with it all just next to it. And as you can see, we
still have some storage that we haven’t even used. In each under the counter corner, we decided to get these kind of units, which are just great,
we have so much storage. This one’s full of like
random cooking stuff. But you get all that storage in there, and then also here as well, We are totally in love
with our cutlery drawer. It is huge, and we found
this amazing cutlery tray on Amazon, which is the perfect fit. You can get it like made to measure. They do all different
sizes, and it’s wooden, and it just feels really, really nice, and we’ve even got some copper cutlery now from Next as well, and yeah, we just really, really love having it. And it’s something so simple, but we used to have a really
rubbish like plastic tray, and it wasn’t very nice. Down here we have a drawer that pulls out for all of our plates, and bowls, and cutting boards as well. We tried to keep as much as
we could off of the counters. But this has made such a difference. We used to have to put our
plates into like a cupboard, and stack them up. And I don’t know what it is,
but it’s feels a lot easier to just put them into the drawer. So yes we love that. And then down at the bottom, we have all of our pots and pans. Our extractor fan is up here,
and it’s integrated as well. And then as I said, we went
for the mirror splash back. And we decide to go for
one big piece of mirror. They could have broken it up into three, but we wanted just the
one so there are no lines or anything like that on it. And then coming down to the hob, we decided to go for a silver hob. It was really difficult
to choose actually, ’cause we initially wanted white, but then we were worried that
the hob, if it was white, if it would match up with the counter, and then we thought if it was
black it would be too dark, So we found silver, and we think it’s really, really beautiful with all of the chrome
extras in this kitchen. And then we actually kept the same oven that we have always had. We had this in our other kitchen, and it was perfectly good, so
we’ve decided to just keep. In this corner, we have
another one of those units which pulls out and kind
of like swings around. And in this one I keep all
the kids’ plastic stuff, so all of their cups,
Tupperware for school, plates, all that kind of
stuff is in this cupboard. And I bought these from Poundland, just to kind of give it a little bit of organizational storage. So yeah, I think it works
really, really well, and it’s great to hide it all away. There’s even more cupboards over here. This one is pretty
random, it is like coffee, tea, salt, and pepper,
vitamins, and stuff like that, so we’ve got all that here. Champagne flutes randomly. And then over here, this is
really clever because again we have this old pipe in the corner. But they’ve built the
units around that pipe so it went straight to the wall which we really, really love. So in here, I have the kids snack bags, and the sweets for the
kids are way up high so. (baby crying) – [Matt] He heard the word. – So they can’t reach them. We decided to invest in
some artificial flowers for the kitchen as well. There’s actually a florist near us that does artificial flowers. So we got this one. And we decide to go for like a mirror vase to match all the chrome and mirror. And then we’ve got these artificial roses. So I think it was a
little bit more expensive than obviously a normal bunch of flowers, but it will last forever. We also got this tall
flower arrangement here, again it’s artificial, and
what I love about this one is she said that every
season we can change these flowers around the
sides, is this hydrangeas? So this was like the autumn look, but we’re going to get
like a Christmas look, and then you can get like pink for spring, and something else for summer. So we can change up this
arrangement throughout the year. Over here on the countertop
we have our Google Home Hub, and I cannot believe how
much we actually use it. While I’m cooking I watch it all the time. And we had power put here for
things like this and chargers. And we decided to get
a socket that also had USB points in it, so it’s really easy to charge lots of things. Over here under the
counter we have a freezer. It’s just a half freezer, and we also have another small freezer in our utility room, but this is great for frozen vegetables and things that we use all the time. And then under the sink over here, I have my Narnia, like
Mrs. Hinch would say. So yeah, all my cleaning products. The kids never show an
interest in this cupboard, so I’m not worried in the slightest. I have it all there, but
I have a little place for rags, a place for tea
towels, my cleaning products, dishwasher tablets,
surface sprays hang there. I’ve got it all there. And I’ve talked about these shelves before so many times on my
channel, but I love them, I found them on Amazon, and they fit to any
under-the-sink storage. I also hang my tea towel
there sorry (laughing) because I don’t really want it in sight, so I put it in that unit there. And then over here under the counter, we have our dishwasher. It’s the same dishwasher
that we’ve always had because it was still working
we just decide to keep it, so that is there. And then we have four more
drawers which are brilliant ’cause we’ve never had this
kind of storage before, we brought the breakfast
bar out, that bit further. So we have a little junk
drawer here of random stuff. Then in this drawer we
have all of our sachets. We love to cook with these sachets, so I buy them when they’re on
special, put them in there. And then we have a drawer for
birthday cards, and ribbons, and tape, this is like the
birthday gift sort of drawer. And then I also have one for plastic bags, don’t look, I’m supposed
to fold them all up. I haven’t had a chance. This is our sink, we decided
to go for one, big sink that is under the counter
and it works really well. We decide to go for a composite white sink because we thought it would
look good with the work top, and they cut a bit of a draining board over here on this side. Taps that we went for are polished chrome, and we thought that this one looked quite like country kitchen. And then I’ve got my hand soap. And then over here, this
was a hand soap dispenser, but I filled it up with
liquid to do your dishes with, because I find it’s so easy if
I’m washing our pots and pans to just pump it into that. Well one of my favorite
things about the new kitchen is the huge breakfast
bar that we now have. It used to go up here our breakfast bar, and it actually made the
whole room feel a lot smaller and now we have so much space for the boys to sit here and eat. That’s the only place they really sit now, we don’t even use the table. All the boys line up
there on these stools. We found these stools up
on John Lewis in the end. We decided to go for like a fake leather because we thought it’d be great for kids to be able to wipe them down. And yeah, the boys just love eating there and having breakfast. And then on the end here,
we have two little stools. These were the ones that we’ve always had. We got them from the Dunelm’s. And so me and Matt normally
perch on these ones, (kids screaming) and the three kids sit in there. It’s funny how we made the
breakfast bar so much bigger, we went out both ways,
that way and that way. And we were worried about
what that was gonna do to the space, but it’s
actually made the whole room feel so much bigger, and
a much more usable space. So yes, that is pretty much it when it comes to our new kitchen. Asking any other questions you
have in the comments below. I hope you really like it, we love it, and it’s definitely gonna to
keep us here in this house for a few more years. So yes, thanks so much for
watching and I’ll see you soon. Bye guys. So I’ll introduce you
to my very own planner which is launching
today, it’s finally ready to show you guys and
available for pre-order.

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