New Orleans Things To Do | NOLA Tourist Attractions

New Orleans Things To Do | NOLA Tourist Attractions

Located in southeastern Louisiana along
the Mississippi River, New Orleans is one of the most charming and unique places
to visit in the United States. Here are some fun things to do in New Orleans. The French Quarter is a popular place for tourists. This is the oldest section of
the city and is known for its beautiful and unique French and Spanish Creole
architecture. There are lots of interesting shops and restaurants in
this area, and even some funky museums. Many tourists opt for a horse-drawn
carriage ride around the French Quarter. Jackson Square is a nice place to relax, have a picnic outside, look at art or get your fortune read by one of the many
fortune tellers. While there, be sure to stop in to Cafe Du Monde for a powderedsugar covered treat known as a beignet. New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz,
and every Thursday night in the fall and the spring, there’s a celebration in Armstrong Park called jazz in the park. Here, locals come together to watch
different jazz bands with several food and drink vendors. Music lovers will also want to visit Frenchmen Street. This street is filled with live music with
different venues and bars playing everything from jazz to rock and blues
every night of the week. There’s even a brass band that plays
right in the street and an outdoor art market. One thing that stands out in New Orleans is the food! The cuisine is heavily influenced by
Cajun, soul food, and Creole cuisine and seafood is very popular. You will definitely have to try some different dishes and I have a whole video on the
food and where to go! New Orleans is very welcoming to
tourists and so there are a bunch of tours you can go on to get acquainted
with the city. History buffs will enjoy a historic walking tour. If you want to venture outside of the city, you can go on a swamp tour to see alligators, or a
historic plantation tour. New Orleans has a spooky feel to it and many believe
that it is haunted. If this interests you, there are plenty of ghosts and cemetery
tours you can go on to learn about the city’s haunted history. You can even do a haunted pub crawl where you go into some of the city’s historic and supposedly
haunted bars and pubs. You may also enjoy taking a voodoo tour to hear about the
history of this religion in New Orleans and its roots. There is even a voodoo
museum where you can learn more. Thanks so much for watching this is one of
several videos that I filmed in New Orleans during my trip so be sure to
check out that playlist! And please subscribe for more travel videos.

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  1. Great little travel guide Jamie!! New Orleans looks amazing. Voodoo museum sounds interesting ?

  2. Great job with the video! It is well presented! I really like how there is plenty to see and do in New Orleans. I may have to plan a weekend trip there sometime later this year after watching your New Orleans videos!

  3. This is a really useful guide to New Orleans! I like ghost tours. Freaking myself out is always fun 🙂

  4. Love New Orleans! We were there for 3 nights last September on our Deep South Road Trip – nowhere near enough days! Great video!

  5. I’ve always wanted to go here! Great video ❣️ new supporter here ✨ would love if you could do the same

  6. I want to try those beignets! I've had them once in the states here in Indiana but they're so good!

  7. Hi Jamie, New Orleans is on our bucket list of places to go when we eventually come over to the states. Food looks so good and the town is so lively with all that live Jazz music. Your video is super informative and we have newly subbed. If you have a minute please check out our food and travel channel too 🙂

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