New Orleans Vacation – SNL

New Orleans Vacation – SNL

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  1. But why did they switch husband's? The last one Aidy was married to the other man and the other couple had kids.

  2. All I see is that awesome shirt of Heidi's. I know it's crochet, but please please does anyone know what that kind of shirt is called? I want one and need to know what to search on Amazon.

  3. James couldn’t hold in his laugh before saying “the true nawlins experience.” Lol. It’s true though. People get mugged her on daily basis. I cracked up

  4. Everybody goes on about James but for me, the funniest part was when Heidi talked over her laugh around 1:56. (Alright, alright – in combination with James trying to hide his laugh… 😉 )

  5. James Mcavoy broke character here. He could barely keep a straight face, this is the first acting failure I've seen on his part.

  6. True shit. Even the alligator I crossed had a pretty laid back personality, and nighttimes when he likes to feed.

  7. Around the time that Deirdre left Seth Meyers' character for James McAvoy's, the other two couples switched partners. In the "Cooba" sketch it was Kenan/Melissa and Beck/Aidy, but this time it's Kenan/Aidy and Beck/Melissa.

  8. Hearing them say N’olens cracked me up. I’ve never heard anyone say New Orleans like that.

  9. I swear, the SNL cast members just try to make the guest hosts laugh and break character during the skits. By the way, I do not have a problem with this — it's fun! 😀

  10. can someone please direct me to one funny moment during this entire skit???

    this shit is so awkward the way they make the audience laugh and literally NOTHING is funny….It's like a laugh track, but instead it's just dumb ass democrats pretending like this garbage is funny. Can't they think for themselves???

  11. Nolas, lol 😂😂😂 we just left New Orleans!!! (They just couldn’t keep a straight face)!! 🤣🤣🤣

  12. This is a skit but it’s right on the money. I’m from New Orleans and this situation happens quite often. Happened to me at Starbucks yesterday

  13. I think this acting would be the most challenging acting in the entire James McAvoy’s career😂😂😂😂

  14. When I was in Nawlins I had a a black guy tell me that he knew where I got my shoes. He said the bottom of me feet in Nawlins and then demanded 20 dollars. I couldn’t walk away either because he had a gang of black thugs with him too. I only gave him $5

  15. Animators take note, some good expressions going on here:
    2:55 McAvoy starting to lose it reading his next line
    3:08 The subtle smirk after saying "Gumbolaya"
    3:11 Lol trying to hold it in
    3:13 I don't even think he can even hear Heidi Gardner at this point
    3:20 I feel like this was one of those painful moments, where you choke down an emotion
    3:30 And he cracks haha

  16. The rerun of this episode brought me here. Still effing hilarious. James McAvoy breaking is the best.

  17. Fact, 532 people disliked because Kenan made this..but dude makes himself laugh? Up??? Straight up…. Some bad hat .

  18. This actually happens. When I was in the Navy I met this British born sailor who was kinda fascinating by virtue of being so different. A few weeks later a bunch of older sailors pulled me to the side and explained to me that she was just an American who spent a few months backpacking in England and came back with an accent and new personal history. She eventually got kicked out of the Navy for doing completely unrelated crazy shit (Lol). You can't pay enough tuition to learn how batshit crazy seemingly functional people can be. Military life is an education that you can't buy.

  19. What's with all the James McAvoy comments? Most of them seem to be coming from male name handles. Are there gay bots now??

  20. "when n'olans gets insideja it just … sticks-to-ya-bones" HEH

    reminds me of Sweet D Reynolds from IASIP

  21. to work with James McAvoy on this whole episode must of been great…and by the look of things with this sketch he had a ball doing this. ohh, 1:58-there he goes trying to contain himself.

  22. As someone from NOLA, this hurts too good. FYI: People from New Orleans say "Nuuoleans" not "Nawlins." And y'all, don't anybody have a plantation accent nowadays.

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