New Orleans Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

New Orleans Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Located 105 miles upriver from the Gulf of
Mexico, New Orleans is the largest city in the US
state of Louisiana. Straddling the lower reaches of the Mississippi
River, this port city has long been at the crossroads of exploration, trade and
commerce. New Orleans is a melting pot of cultures that has happily simmered away since 1718. So, what’s in the pot? Cultural influences from France, Africa, Brazil
and the Deep South mix with Catholicism, Voodoo, Cajun zydeco,
and Dixieland jazz to make New Orleans one of the most lively
and popular destinations in the USA. “Let the Good Times Roll”; that’s the motto
New Orleans lives by. And newcomers usually waste no time in heading to where the good times roll the
loudest, The French Quarter the birthplace of Jazz! Lined with bars, clubs and restaurants, “The Quarter” is home to one of the most party-friendly
streets in the world, Bourbon Street. But the French Quarter is more than just a
good time. It’s also where you’ll find many of the city’s
prime attractions. Start your day in “The Big Easy” with a Cafe
au Lait in Jackson Square. Riding tall in the saddle is Andrew Jackson, the General whose rag-tag army of locals humiliated
the British in the Battle of New Orleans. Jackson Square is lined with many of the city’s
grand old buildings, like St. Louis Cathedral. On either side of the Cathedral are the Cabildo
and the Presbytere, just two of several historic French Quarter
buildings which make up the Louisiana State Museum. Across the square is the 1850 House, which recreates life in a row-house from the
Antibellum era. Just around the corner, The Old U.S. Mint preserves the city’s mercantile
and musical treasures. While it’s tempting to spend your entire visit
in the French Quarter- and some folks never leave- New Orleans offers
plenty of other flavors too. Cross over Canal Street into the Warehouse
district, an area of renovated grain-stores and sugar
presses, now packed with galleries and chic boutiques. A little further Uptown in Memorial Hall, the faces and voices from the American Civil
War reach out across the cannon-smoke of time. Just nearby, discover why the National World
War Two Museum has been hailed as the most important Second
World War repository in America. Climb aboard a St Charles Streetcar bound
for the Garden District. Here, amid the Victorian cottages and stately
plantation homes, you’ll find Lafayette Cemetery. Join a tour run by local volunteers or explore
the crypts on your own. But be warned; the cemetery is regarded as one of the country’s
most haunted! When it’s time to rejoin the living, follow your nose across the road to another
New Orleans institution, Commanders Palace Restaurant. Ride the streetcar a few stops further west
to Audubon Park. The park is home to the charming Audubon Zoo which features a quaint southern touch, an
alligator-filled swamp. The zoo is part of the Audubon Nature Institute which includes the Insectarium and The Aquarium
of the Americas. While at the nearby New Orleans Museum of
Art, explore paintings, ceramics and sculptures from across the ages and from around the world. Visiting New Orleans outside the Carnival
Season? No problem. Just head across the river to the Mardi Gras
Museum which brings one of the worlds greatest festivals
to life all year round. New Orleans’ distinctive and sometimes fiery
cuisine will ensure you never miss a beat. Local specialties like gumbo, po’ boys, and
praline are available everywhere. But it’s the music here that truly feeds the
soul. So when the sun starts to set, head for one of the many jazz or blues clubs
on Frenchman Street, before heading back to Bourbon Street where the New Orleans good times roll on,
and on, and on.

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  1. Best video about New Orleans! Wish I saw it before visiting the town a couple of years ago, wouldn't miss out on so much interesting stuff..

  2. Redo this and include City Park. It's too big of a park to ignore. Maybe throw in some Lakefront too.

  3. I went to New Orleans last year and a state police officer seized 2,100 dollars in cash that my wife and I was carrying with us, I will never go back

  4. I was In New Orleans in July 2016 and had an amazing time. The french quarter is buzzing any night you decide to go and the architecture and atmosphere is incredible. If you want an 'authentic' version go to Frenchman street but Bourbon is still an incredible experience.

    Also I'd like to say that I didn't see any trouble or crime, which surprised me.

  5. I moved here from N.Y and im going back to N.Y ,This crappy city is to over protected cops alway be all over ur asz for nothing instead of doing their job catching real criminals , but people is nice and the place is nice to but the fucki!ng authority is always there to ruin your fuck!ng trip, once i leave this place i never in my life want to step a foot in here again. If ur moving here think about it there are other states better than this

  6. Are there no black people in New Orleans? In fact there are nearly half the city being black. It's so fucking racist your video.

  7. Omg don't go to burgen street my feet where so freaking dirty and I wore sneakers and it's smells like vomit and smoke people bumped into me but that's my culture so I won't argue lol 😂

  8. Most my of my cousins down south been to New Orleans since they live 143 miles east in mobile al I'm the only one who hasn't went since I'm in St.louis

  9. Will you upload the Cleveland vacation travel guide video please but it's in Ohio you have to show the stuff in the videos like in other videos because Cleveland is popular by the way my name is Jake Knapp and I lived south of Cleveland in a suburban area of Akron called Mogadore and your videos are good and make sure to upload that video okay bye

  10. Hey ! Yeah I love Nola. ! I was recently there and made a vlog focusing on the music, if interested have a look here:

  11. Tomorrow i have a presentation in English about New Orleans. 😀
    Thank you for this helping informations.

  12. Worse advice ever to tour a cemetery on your “own”. Make sure you take your dental records so they can ID your body in a timely manner.

  13. The Quarter is like living in a museum. No overhead power lines, renovations of facades must be historically accurate as to color etc. All the neon on Bourbon must be exempt somehow😎

  14. The best thing about being in New Orleans, as long as you're not operating a motor vehicle no one cares how drunk you are.

  15. I wonder what would have happened if they hadn't assimilated the French speaking population in the late 1800s? Would it be like Montreal?

  16. Does anyone know where in Orleans one can find cheap places to stay? I heard hotels are expensive, especially in Bourbon ST.

  17. Can anyone of us he scared of the cemetery when we all know it's the place of the ancestors, and it's never too scary to be there.

  18. Danke für die wertvollen Informationen über New Orleans und für deutsche Untertitel!

  19. Some feel in love with this city cause of the Originals. I fell in love with it thanks to Anne Rice and her Vampire Chronicles!

  20. I've been to New Orleans too much times and it's such a good city.. But It's too dangerous though. Crime rates are too high and getting higher!

  21. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but isn’t it weird there’s like no people of color in this video? Maybe one or two but it’s New Orleans for god’s sake! The birth of JAZZ and BLUES by African Americans! But like I said, it may just be a coincidence…

  22. You did not mention it was a French colony for many years and French is spoken and also Jambalaya is also another dish from Louisiana and so good

  23. “New Orleans Eurocentric vacation travel guide”. “Antebellum” “stately plantation homes” Andrew Jackson statue as a poi I mean come on

  24. Hi,

    First of all, We love your channel…We travel a ton and you're a go to! I'm looking to help my YouTube channel 'todd crane nola', which is dedicated to drone videography showcasing many of New Orleans stellar attractions, gain exposure. By exposure I mean anyway I can assist/collaborate with you. Thanks in advance yall!
    …Just Subbed!

  25. I fell in love with New Orleans back in the day because of The Real World New Orleans in like 2000. I'll get to NOLA soon. It has been long overdue.

  26. Saint Denis from Red Dead Redemption 2 brought me here because it's a parody of New Orleans. Now I really wanna explore this place

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