New places to visit in Dubai 2019.

New places to visit in Dubai 2019.

Hi guys, you’re watching Oksy Vlogs and today I want to share with you some new places in Dubai that I highly recommend you to visit in 2019. The first place is called Al Seef It’s a family-friendly lifestyle destination which is located near the iconic Dubai creek it’s an area rich in historical sites you can go there shopping, you can go to the restaurant, you can book a hotel you can you can just go there for a walk It’s a beautiful waterfront destination so you should check it out The next place is called The Pointe. It’s a lifestyle destination as well which is
located on Palm Jumeirah You can get there by Palm monorail which is connected to Dubai metro
and Dubai tram It’s a beautiful waterfront destination
with a big variety of restaurants, shops they have entertainment for kids,
they have beautiful fountains, cinema, a night club, two gyms. So it’s a great place just to go
and hang out there I think it’s a bit hot now so
I recommend you to go there at night. The next place I highly recommend
you to visit is Bluewaters Island I think you’ve heard about the
largest ferris wheel in the world Ain Dubai So it’s built on that island At the moment it’s not working
so you cannot use it but once it starts operating
it will attract so many visitors This island consists of different areas: leisure, retail, residential. They have hotels, beach clubs there. If you’ve been to Singapore and
you’ve visited Gardens by the Bay so they built similar structures
like trees on Bluewaters Island so it looks really nice in the evening Also when you are on the island you have a beautiful view towards
Dubai Marina and JBR, so you can take some amazing shots. The next place is La Mer. It’s a waterfront destination. They have a public beach there, it’s free to enter They have basic facilities like showers,
changing rooms plenty of restaurants La Mer, I think, is one of the most
Instagrammable places in Dubai They have so many different nice spots where you can take cool pictures and they have a cinema there and they have a waterpark but for waterpark park and
the cinema you have to pay you can just go there for the whole day and I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun So guys if you’re planning to come
to Dubai for the first time of course, you should start with
some basic activities like desert safari you should check out Dubai Mall,
Dubai Fountain But also I highly recommend you
to visit Bluewaters Island, La Mer because these are really cool places that you will not find in other countries Thank you for watching and I will see you in the next video bye bye

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  1. Going to Dubai first week in August. Ill be staying near JBR. Cant wait, thank you for the videos. Ill pack my factor 50 😉

  2. These are the types of videos I love Oksy! I'm also a small Dubai YouTuber… Keep it up! 😀🇦🇪

  3. Thanks, dear Ma'am to show and inform about these enjoyable places😱. I am really thankful to you bcz I saw my real estate mentor dear Mr.Denis pointing to Dubai Marina and JBR Areas from Island.🙏

  4. I love ur style of presentation. Ur just so organised and to the point! I've watched so many videos of urs. You've got urself a sub 😉 Keep up the great work oksy😄

  5. Thank you so much
    For about the beautiful place in dubai 💕💕💕💕💞💞💞❤❤
    I am new to Dubai

  6. Did your passport with you? Or with your sponsor? He ask you money or fuck? Anyway love your life in the biggest pumping city from blood of poors biches

  7. Keep updated oksy. I like and subscribed your channel. I hope one day I could visit Dubai. It's on my top wish list. I heard that the pointee will have dancing fountain too, is it right?

  8. Hi Oksy Vlogs, I am visiting Dubai for the very first time on 28th May, staying at Hotel Gevora and would love to meet you with your intent, as I subscribed your channel so curious to see your family, lifestyle, job, day to day life, way of having fun, etc with your permission of course

  9. Congratulations on your videos.
    Did you have heard about al motahedon petroleum? I am from Brazil, and received a Job proposal from this company, but I am a little bit skeptical about it. Could you give me some help?

  10. Oh ya, they canceled the Six Flags Dubai project unfortunately. Also Osky aren’t they still gonna build more theme parks in Dubai

  11. Love you videos! Unfortunately I can only visit Dubai in July, I know it's summer and is extremely hot but what would be the best time to enjoy the beach? It'll be my first time there so, any advice? Thanks!

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  13. Dear Oksy, is the best way to write to you is here or you have also an email where we can write to you?

  14. Hi can you please tell me any website from where I can find deals for Burj Al Arab the universal studios and ibn e batuta movenpick hotel

  15. If your destination in Dubai and don't want to spend your time alone, contact me on my whatsapp
    Only for Dubai nothing else where

  16. Booked to visit Dubai in Early November for a week. So far your videos are helping. Was getting confused where to stay as there are many accommodations.
    I´m from this video I´m thinking staying at Al Seef because it´s close to the Gold Souk. maybe 2 nights. Just have to figure out best area to stay the other 3 nights..
    Do you have a video on that_

  17. Has your cross necklace ever caused you problems in Dubai? Idk if they’re are against others religions in their country.

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