NEW YORK: ‘Big Bus’ City tour | He insulted me | My Bad Experience

NEW YORK: ‘Big Bus’ City tour | He insulted me | My Bad Experience

I am right now in Big bus Welcome Center I reached here by Subway from Brooklyn. This location is in Times Square As I mentioned I am going to do a Big Bus Trip today It’s a hop-on hop-off service I purchased this trip online on Klook has mailed me a QR code which is today’s pass I guess all of these people in queue have come to buy the tickets or collect the passes I am going to collect my pass from the counter The last bus of Big Bus is going to be at 6pm after which they stop So basically they have scanned the QR Code that Klook sent me So this is the Big Bus I am going to board this The good thing about this bus trip is, it is for tourists Starts at 8am and takes you all around the city I am already late, I am starting 1pm I have only till 6pm But I want to do this anyways I can board anywhere and get down anywhere These buses pass by after every15 minutes That’s why these buses are called Hop on Hop Off Even Delhi used to have Hop On and Hop Off service I am not sure if it’s there now or not Please do share with us, if your city has the Hop On and Hop Off service in the comments A lot of people would get to know about such service in our cities There’s free Wifi in this bus; however; there’s no charging points My favorite seat as usual the first and the topmost I am not sure if I’ll get it there are a lot of people in the queue They have provided me earphones No one is sitting downstairs They have given me this ticket and they have advised me me not to lose this ticket If I lose it I’ll have to buy another one myself and this is the one This is the first stop “42nd street” Some people are really rude at times I requested this gentleman to slow his pace of speech So that I can follow him clearly The english accent itself is different from person to person If I’m doing this guided tour I should be able to follow him What’s point of speaking so fast that I cannot follow you This is a negative point of yours This gentleman was very rude in that way I have requested him very politely to slow down a bit He says, “If I start speaking slow it’ll take an entire day” And in a very humiliating tone he started asking others if he is too fast It’s weird! This guy start fighting with me This gentleman’s name is Kevin and Mark is driving the bus Big Bus you should take care of your guests We have trusted you and hoped to see all the places This kind of behavior is not fair We have reached the Empire State building The problem is I am at this level and the Empire State building is right here There’s another city sight seeing service right there If you wish you can even opt that Right now we are the 4th stop of this bus It is a downtown loop of this service if you wish you can get down and wait for the next bus We wouldn’t have the same gentleman in there Kevin has said that if I like his commentary I can go on to TripAdvisor and leave a rate and review for him Thank you Kevin for letting me know This place is Battery Park and this way is the ferry terminal to Staten Island And right there is the tourist ferry to Statue of Liberty Staten Island Ferry actually is a free service for anyone and everyone I am doing this ferry ride because Arpit and Vaibhav suggested me Using this free service you’d pass by very close to Statue of Liberty So if you wish not spend 24 dollars not be a part of that tour which includes a museum as well One can have different experience taking this free ferry service People are charging there phones are just hanging out here Even I settled down to join them Even I am on this ride just to experience it If someone asks what are going do there. I have no clue This gentleman is from Mexico and Mexicans look alike as Indians and then ‘Adios’ it means Bye One thing I like to remind you all Whenever you are in this city please be vigilant of your belongings They keep announcing in the subways to be beware of pick-pocketers I’ll get a better view of Statue of Liberty from there Once you board the ferry you need to get to the right side of the ferry A lot of people are already there I am sure a lot of people do the free ride to get a view of Statue of Liberty like me I think that’s why the gentleman answered my question before even I completed it Manhattan looks really beautiful from here And that is New Jersey If you plan to explore this Island, here is the Information Counter It is 3.30pm and I am heading towards Manhattan from Staten Island in this ferry Someone’s left there ear phones here. So do not leave and miss your belongings around This a public parking that is open 24hrs and can you guess the parking charges here? It is written down there If you a big car it is $550 per month $480 per month if you own a smaller car So these are the charges and this is the story of big cities like New York Where parking, real estate, office space and rent everything is expensive So much so that the Chipotle that I had with Rahul in Atlanta $5 or $6 costed me $10 here Now I left the other Big Bus and now I am rushing to 46th Street to catch the uptown loop bus I crossed 47th street and this is a good place to get souvenirs starts from 99 cents And this is the same place from where I went live yesterday I guess this is my bus We reached Central and I got down the bus It started at around 5.30pm and now 6.20pm I think the next bus would after 15-20 mins meanwhile I can around the Central Park I guess my New York trip will end with Central Park This is an iconic place of New York So I guess I’ll complete my trip with Central Park I got a lot of information from the information center I got down at the bus stand there and I saw the sign which said Tours and Free Maps A lot of movies have been shot here This Central Park stretches for about 3kms in it’s length and 1km along it’s breadth Right now I am here and she’s told me that if I go down here There are subway stations down here I’ll set off on foot from here I’ll reach in about an hour’s time This Central Park opens in the morning when sunrises and closes after sunset Avoid plastic bottles and use public fountains It really feels good to lie down like this in Central Park and enjoy the view around seeing the sky people and the world around There are people who have come with families People are enjoying around, there are people who are running and jogging around Atleast there is no hustle bustle here in this park and there airplanes flying in the sky. There are high rise towers out there There are people are on a picnic with families Whichever city we live in I wish there should be parks like this with lot of trees and greenery around Everything is natural around and It really feels good to be here I really wish even we should have these parks in our cities

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  1. Although Kevin was speaking in his natural speed and accent, where he went WRONG was " not having Respect for fellow passenger's sentiment ".
    That thing neither American nor Indian modern schools bother to teach.

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