New York’s Worst Tourist Traps: Times Square, Scams, Frauds, and More

New York’s Worst Tourist Traps: Times Square, Scams, Frauds, and More

Welcome to New York City! There are tons
of fun things to do here. However, there’s also tons of tourist traps. Today I’m
going to show you the worst tourist traps in New York City. Let’s start with this one Times Square.
The only good thing about Times Square is the Broadway shows. This is a massive
tourist trap. Everything’s overpriced and when you’re in Times Square, under any
circumstances please don’t go to Madame Tussauds or Ripley’s Believe It or Not. It’s not even fun there guys. Come on! That’s the
biggest tourist trap you can ever find. If you want something that says New York
on it don’t come to any of these cheesy souvenir shops. You’ll see these all over
the Midtown area. Instead, a way to get these for way cheaper price, is you go
to Chinatown or you can go to any Duane Reade or Walgreens. They sell it for so
so cheap, okay? Instead of going to places like the Freedom Tower or the Empire
State Building, skip it. Those places are so expensive and they
have really long lines. It’s just packed. Instead go to these amazing rooftop bars.
We have so many in New York and the views are better than what you get there
or at the Empire State Building because you’re not surrounded by tourists. Here
are a few of my favorites. Like this place this is St. Cloud at the
Knickerbocker Hotel in Times Square. Come here look at this view that there is. Look at this view here. That’s the New Year’s Eve Ball right there. There’s other great places too. Some of my favorite rooftop bars are Jimmy at at The James, Monarch Lounge, at the top of the Met Museum there’s an amazing rooftop
bar looking at over Central Park, and the top of the Gansevoort Hotel. All those
places have amazing views and there’s no one there. It’s just so much better
than going to be Empire State Building or the Freedom Tower. So go there instead. Instead of shopping on Fifth Avenue where it’s really expensive and it’s
really where all the tourists go. Go to we’re real near New Yorkers shop which
is the West Village, Nolita, Union Square, any of those locations have tons of
really cute boutique stores that are way better price and all the stuff here on fifth avenue. When you’re walking the streets of New
York you’re going to get offered a lot of these little pamphlets for these big
bus tours, don’t do it. It’s a huge scam and it’s not even a good tour.
Essentially they’re just going to corral you into a giant bus full of tourists,
and give you generic information about the city as they go past all of the
landmarks and cool sites really quickly. Instead of doing this, what you should do
is go on a private tour or a small group tour. One of my favorite companies to do
this with its Urban Adventures. They have tons of really fun tours of all over New
York City and it’s really personalized. So don’t use these guys. Instead use awesome companies like Urban Adventures. Instead of going to Starbucks, there are so many cool cafe’s here in New York. Like this one called The Uncommons. Here you can get a delicious coffee and a bagel, New York style. While you play board games and they have over 500 board games. So check this out. It’s my move now. Three. One, two three. Your turn! If you don’t want to deal with the
hordes of tourists at museums like the Museum of Natural History, The Met or the MoMA, head over to the more undiscovered museums. This one is the Museum of Moving Image and it’s an Astoria, Queens. It is all about the art of film. It takes you through all these different movies and shows you behind the scenes. It’s very interactive as well so I highly
recommend checking this out. Also it’s free on Fridays from 4:00 to 8:00. Way better than those really busy places in Manhattan. Probably the biggest tourist trap of
all in Times Square which is New Year’s Eve. Now you may have seen this on TV it
looks super glamorous and amazing with confetti falling down but that’s only
for one moment. The rest of the time it’s terrible. You have to get here probably
like 15 hours before everything starts. You’ll be fenced in an area and you
can’t leave that area until the show starts. You just have to sit there and
wait for the show to start. A lot of people end up wearing diapers. The
other option is doing one of the “great package deals” that restaurants will
offer you here which are really terrible they’re extremely overpriced. Normally
they’re around five hundred to a thousand dollars it can be more than that. Times Square for New Year’s Eve not what
it seems like just watch it on TV in your cozy house or at a bar it will be
so much more fun that way and you won’t end up fenced in a corral, not being able to
go to the bathroom for 15 hours. Do not, under any circumstances, take pictures
with these costume characters like the one behind me. What they do is they’ll
try to jump into your photo pretending like they just want to be in your photo
and then what they do is they demand you to give them a tip and this tip will be
like five to ten dollars. It’s terrible! and a lot of tourists fall for this and
they feel like they’re obligated to pay them. You’re not obligated to pay them so
don’t pay them. Another thing that you’ll see all the time. You’ll be walking along
the streets, like the guy behind me here it’s doing it, and they try to sell you a CD of their mixed tape. Don’t buy this. It’s a blank CD, they try
to charge you like $20 for a mixtape and there’s nothing on it. Okay? Don’t fall
for these scams. They’re so dumb save your money. These pedicabs right here are a scam. Don’t take them. they’re really expensive,
and they don’t even get you places fast. Instead just take the subway. Literally no real New Yorkers take those pedicabs, so just don’t do it. Instead of going to the overpriced Rockefeller Center ice rink, come here instead. This is Bryant Park
they have tons of really fun activities all year long. Here you can skate for just 20 dollars and at Rockefeller Center
it’s a lot more, plus you’ll be waiting in line for half the time. Do this one instead. So that’s a wrap everyone, those are the
worst tourist traps of New York City. If you enjoyed this video, subscribe, follow
me on Instagram @sarahfunky, and I will see you next time.

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  2. I was in new York 2 weeks ago and my brother got jumped and then they all demended 20 dollars each lucky my unite spoke to a policeman and got money back


  4. As a New Yorker, I can say "very good tips"! But if someone is visiting from places like Wichita KS or Davenport IA, they don't have anything comparable to the Met or Moma or Natural History or even just the ambience of Times Square. Might be better to forewarn tourists what to watch out for, like not buying the CD or attempting the 3 card monte.

  5. i spent new years in nyc and i recommend going to the state building and he statue of liberty! it is a longer wait but its totally worth it, but don't go on the bikes they are dangerous and very money eater up. you can walk around so many places but it is to easy to get lost so be careful! I live in upstate ny and it is very fun lots of traffic just be perpaired!!

  6. You know your stuff and look great telling it. How'd you get so smart? End up wearing those diapers one year? Haha. The blocks and blocks of people who cant see anything but get stuck out there realizing Times Square is nowhere near accessible was an amazing thing. I did it one year with a bunch of friends. I had fun as a lad taking people to lots of places, un-tourized! And still come to hang out at some of the great parks! There you go, do a video on the parks of Brooklyn, especially the little ones or even down under the Verrazano and Cannonball Park where all the weddings take place. Yep, Im a Bay Ridge boy, but rollerblade ALL of Brooklyn as well as Central Park – in the olden days! Thanks!

  7. I disagree for the first two trap.. People go to Madam Tussauds , there are all types of visitor. Something isn't for you does not mean same for others. Everyone has their preferences. And for the #2 yes these places are over price of course but they also pay tons of X times rent as for these shops at time square than any other places. Plus these shops are for convenience for the traveler so they can get everything they want within the area. Imagine a family (as an example ) for two three little kids, would you recommend them going to china town or canal street , hell No.–

  8. damn i‘m totally a tourist trap guy.. 🙄😂😂 … fell for one of these mixtape guys at SantaMonica Pier and then for two chicks for making a photo in Vegas 🤣🤣 …. during your video i always thought „oh yea thats what i wanna see“ right before you said ..dont do it. 🙈😂😂😂

  9. I live in DC and love going to visit New York. I went there for 4 times, and I think I agree with this lady.

  10. Thank you very much for all the informative information but you’ve packed into this video I will deathly have my wife watch this video and she wants to come to New York and I personally know she’ll get sucked into all the bullshit because She very easily intimidated by others that will make demands unlike myself I’m telling those people move all Joe the hell out of my face

  11. She’s got a point about not doing Bus Tours around NYC. Sadly I work for one of them and the working conditions are horrendous! No A/C in the summer, no heat in the winter, the hire ex-felons and don’t care about there loyal employees putting up with the mess. It is time for me to find something Else as I’m doing, but she’s right. These tour bus companies are a joke

  12. A terrible video. It's like telling people to avoid crowds in Niagara Falls by not seeing the Falls or the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Coliseum in Rome. I would guess that people go to the Empire State Building or the 9/11 memorial because of their iconic status and not for a great view.
    Sarah "Funk" could provide more of a travel service by giving people tips about how to avoid crowds at these places.
    There are parts of the video in which she seems to be promoting places for financial benefit.
    Find a street corner and sell maps of famous "tourist traps".

  13. I grew up in NYC in the 40s and 50s when it was a great city. I left in 1969 when it was already in decline. A brief respite under Guiliani then more decline. It’s a fascinating place, like watching an ant farm. Good luck, tourists, aka outoftowners.



  15. I've used the Big Bus tours as a hop on hop off taxi service more than anything. If you start early in the day and ride it till it shuts down, you get a lot of rides between the tourist areas making the bus ticket cheap.

  16. She sais it cause shes been to those places, not fair to those who want to experience those things for first time, so dont listen to this lady

  17. I've been to New York City several times and I think some of the things you call "scams" and "tourist traps" is a bit over the top. I do agree about the guys in costumes. However, if you've never stood on a 100 story building before it is a really cool thing to do. All the large art museums are really terrific. You forgot to mention the Flint Institute of Art. That's one of my favorites. The thing you said about Time Square was silly because that's usually the first thing new tourists want to visit when they go. You don't have to spend money there. Just look around then get lunch somewhere else. If you go to NYC in warm weather you should definitely visit Central Park too. It's surprising how large it is. The great thing about NYC is everybody's is hustling; a busy city of people getting it done.

  18. I worked in NY for 5 months, so, I took the opportunity to see things every week. I never ran out of things to do, and never approached anything more expensive. I didnt even take the subways, I walked. The city is not that big.

  19. Whenever I visit, I really enjoy just walking around New York City’s always fascinating ‘back streets’ and seeing whatever interesting architecture & street art etc. that I come across. Personally I preferred the old, slightly seedier neon lit Times Square to the shiny LED illuminated place it is today, but I guess that’s progress!

  20. …agree with almost everything BUT "The museum of the moving image" is way better than The American museum of natural history, what?!! NO!, better than the MET NO!, better than MoMA NO!…..there is NO comparison between those magnificent museums and that "moving image museum". EVERY TIME I go to Manhattan I go to the AMONH, the MET, the MOMA, and the Guggenheim. They are A MUST when you are in Manhattan, they are NOT tourist traps! they are some of the most important, complete and beautiful museums in the world that they will enrich your knowledge and appreciation of history, art in all its forms and expression, anthropology, science, astronomy, paleontology, archeology… If you must choose only ONE museum to go in NYC, it must be one of those ones. If you go early, before opening time, and sit outside of the museum waiting for them to open their doors, while drinking your coffee and eating your croissant, you will not have to deal with long lines…and even if you have to, these museums are worth it. On the other hand, I agree 1000% with the rooftop restaurants, we go to NYC at least once a year and we never go to any of the famous "tall buildings" but we always have lovely lunches and dinners with breathtaking views of the city at the many rooftop restaurants and bars. We also NEVER take rides on the horse carriages, we are SO against them, horses do not belong in a city. Since we don't like using the subways, we prefer taxis or we take the "city" bikers if the distance is too short for a taxi ride but too long to walk, and we also like to take the bikers at the Central Park when we want to go all around the park and we don't want to walk, we hire them for an hour or 2 hours and they will take us everywhere we want in the park, they will stop, wait for us, and we also like having conversations with them, they do not live in Manhattan.

  21. NYC is the playground of the Uber rich and tourists . The middle class have left. You are either really ridiculously rich here or you are really poor , like welfare poor, there is no middle. That’s why the genuine restaurants and shops have closed. Pop up stores and the next rated restaurant from time out NY is not legit. Look at Hudson yards, Potemkin village for the Uber rich and tourists with more money than common sense. My NYC was a bargain town.,it was real not this

  22. c'on!! dont be so idot!! the museums there r fun and the prices r regular nyc prices!! that's not a tourist trap, but a choice one makes to enter or not!!

  23. You don't need a 7-minute video to figure out how to spot a tourist trap, in ANY city:

    1) if the place mainly has TOURISTS, it's a tourist trap. 😉

    2) is there a line of young well-dressed asians waiting to get in, and who are snapping selfies of themselves outside? Tourist trap.

    3) does the place have a menu written in more than two languages? Ditto.

    4) is everyone inside taking pictures? Tourist trap.

    Any other questions?

  24. "These people are so scam, these grounds are so scam, those buildings are super scam, the sky is scam, the walls are scam, don't get them, they are scam. New yoo-o-o-o-rk concrete jungle where scams are made ooof.

  25. 非常感謝分享~

  26. So basically i travel to New York to see time square but don't go to time square when i get there, just hit the side streets for a coffee and a board game and a roof top view were know one is there but me hmmm sounds like a right party 🤦‍♂️

  27. A scam is people in Brooklyn selling dvds of movies when they just filmed the screen in the theater with a hidden camera on their chest. None of what you mentioned is a scam except for the mixtape guy and the costumed people. (Not that im completely sure since I’m in the better part of NYC)

  28. Some really good advice, however, many of the museums' (excluding MOMA) entrance fee states "suggested." This actually means you can enter for $1.00. To miss seeing some of the world's greatest art is a mistake.

  29. Tourist traps are pretty much the same in any major city, but always good to have a heads up. I will be doing some these things such as ESB etc as it would be a shame to miss them but I guess for any traveller being aware of your surroundings and being strong enough to say no is the best deterrent you can have.

  30. I TOTALLY DISAGREE about ignoring the observatories at the Empire State Building, 1 World Trade Center or Top of the Rock. Seeing NYC from the highest towers is DAZZLING and worth the lines and the money. Unparalleled views of the greatest city in the world! Consider going at night when the city gleams like diamonds, get your tickets on line for a few bucks more online to avoid the long lines — and don't forget to bring your camera!!!

  31. We must all repent of our sins and live for God Jesus Christ if we want eternal life in happiness, seek Jesus more than anything else.

  32. "instead of paying your respects to those who have lost their lives, GO TO THESE GREAT ROOF BARS INSTEAD!" 1.1 million views to promote bars. I sure hope they have a under 21 menu.

  33. Madame thousand is a must at least once. even though it's a tourist trap.
    why people like to discourage tourist from going to the attractions. that's what they came to see let them enjoy it.

  34. I like the bar I used to go to where I would buy one beer so I could eat free sandwiches at 4PM high in one of the twin towers….. doh, never mind

  35. the one GOOD thing about Times Square: EATING AUTHENTIC ITALIAN FOOD AT THE OLIVE GARDEN!!!!

    after my trip to the Big Apple, I came back home to Nebraska and told my friends about great spaghetti and bread sticks I had there!!! and the best part? NEVER-ENDING bread sticks!!!! eat as much as ya want!!!!!

    WIN FOR THE STU-MAN!!!!! 😎

  36. All the people are hating on the girl. I think she did not say that you should not go to visit public places but not go to scamming shops which will cost you a lot of money. Everyone does not have thousands of dollars in their pockets. I think I like her advise.

  37. I disagree about CD I brought CD from artists on street in Time Square when I visited NewYork he had visited London before his CD good

  38. We went to New York In July and December 2017. Our trip was amazing but I would agree that the Freedom Tower and the Empire State Building. We had to pay $12 for a bowl of FRENCH FRIES. In other places in New York and at home you could get one bowl of french fries for €2.50.

  39. those CD,s guys always get in your photo and and then tell you “ what is it because im black” and then proceed to get you in to a corner and force you to buy their fake CD’s and they act all nice and that LOL

  40. Nobody is going to dress up as a kid character and take pics with ppl for free. People have bills to pay it's a form of gratitude to pay them for pic. Your not obligated to pay anything stop being so idiotic welcome to the real world you snow flake

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