NEW ZEALAND RV Travel Guide: Essential Tips | Little Grey Box

NEW ZEALAND RV Travel Guide: Essential Tips | Little Grey Box

Hey you guys, Phoebe here from Little Grey Box
with Matt behind the camera Are you planning a New Zealand
Motorhome road trip? (music) We just didn’t one ourselves
and we had an incredible time So today we thought we would
share with you everything we think you need to know to
plan an amazing adventure all of your own If you haven’t already be sure to go
back and watch all three of our on the road vlog episodes from this trip you
guys cuz it’s gonna give you a sense of how much fun you’re going to have
Now our trip was really focused on ski fields we really wanted to get as much
snow as possible and add in a few adventure activities and scenic spots as
well I would recommend figuring out what you want your trip to be about first and
then devising your itinerary around that You might be interested in hiking, adventure
activities, food and wine or all of the above So here’s a look at our itinerary We started in Christchurch then we headed to Twizel where we
spent one night, then we headed down to Wanaka for two nights, next stop was
Queenstown for two nights followed by one night in Milford Sound
then we went back to Queenstown for another two nights and up to Lake Tekapo
for our very last night before returning the RV the very next day Now of course you don’t have to collect your motorhome from Christchurch like we
did there are plenty of collection points dotted all over New Zealand’s South
and North Islands you guys so be sure to pick one that works best for your
itinerary and your travel plans Last year when I was researching our Canadian
Rockies Road Trip I came across a brand called Motorhome Republic and this year
when we started planning our roadtrip I decided to reach out to them and see if
they would want to work together because I really liked what I saw last year and
what I saw this year when I started researching New Zealand motorhomes now
Motorhome Republic you need to think of them as like a Skyscanner for motorhomes
so I think the word is aggregate they pull together lots of different
motorhomes in the one place so that you can see all your different options, their
website has so much information when I researching theirs was just the most
informative, everything was upfront everything about the vehicles was clear
what’s included what’s not there were no hidden costs it just made sense to me
Not only that but their rates were really good you guys their prices were
the cheapest I saw. We went with a Maui Platinum River Motorhome and this
is like your deluxe primo six berth that means six people motorhome and it was
fantastic. Obviously the size of motorhome and the kind you decide to go with is
going to depend on how many people are with you and your budget
We were three fully grown adults two stinky boys and me in a motorhome and
the six berths was an amazing size for us it was so spacious you get to pull up
wherever you like in New Zealand and you can bring out your picnic chairs make
your lunch and sit there in nature and just soak it all in it was just an
incredible way to see New Zealand and I ten out of ten recommend There are a few different options when it comes to parking your RV overnight in
New Zealand so let’s go through those You can camp free of charge on public
land that isn’t a recognized campground you guys that is freedom camping the
only thing is you can’t park wherever you like and if you do park in the wrong
spot you do risk a significant fine I know people who have gotten them it
isn’t fun if you do think that freedom camping is going to be the option for
you you should definitely download the Campermate app. With Campermate you can
zoom in on the New Zealand map and find all the freedom camping spots that’s
going to help you pre plan where you’re going to stay and make sure you avoid
getting any pesky fines a couple of things to think about with freedom
camping I believe it can get pretty busy with the freedom camping sites
especially in summer so bear in mind that you might need to get there early
to jag a spot your motorhome runs on a 12-volt battery that needs to be fully
recharged every one to two days and unfortunately driving your motor home
probably isn’t going to charge it up enough so you will need to still check
into a few RV parks here or there so you can recharge the battery fully lastly
you guys just keep in mind in winter it is going to be pretty cold so not having
access to that continual power a little bit challenging in terms of
getting a really nice hot shower that’s a little bit longer or getting your
heater on and things like that so just decide whether or not it’s best for you
we decided not to go with freedom camping simply because we had the budget
to spend on holiday parks one step up from freedom camping is Campable
think of it as the Airbnb of the camping and motorhome world so basically people that
have private properties that feel they have this space for motorhomes to pull
up on they list these on the Campable website and we found that the Campable sites were cheaper than the RV parks and the
holiday parks. We decided to give Campable a go we booked two spots one just outside
Queenstown and the other at Lake Tekapo we went to the first site and it was
absolutely beautiful the host was fantastic and it was really really
gorgeous but here’s the thing it was a little bit outside of town a little
further than we wanted to be away there was no powered site hookup which we
knew in advance but when we got there the reality kind of set in after
we’d been spoiled at Holiday Parks and we realized it was going to be a bit of a
rough night because we couldn’t get away from each other to go to the shower
blocks and have a nice long hot shower we didn’t feel like we could run the
heater all night we were very worried about the 12 volt battery and things
just didn’t feel quite right for us I think Campable is awesome I think it’s
amazing I think it’s a great idea it’s great for money-saving but I also think
it’s probably best suited to summer you guys I think unless you’re like a hardcore
outdoor adventure person just go with the RV and holiday parks if you’ve got
the budget there are so many great holiday parks set up in New Zealand it’s
like the country was just made for motorhoming and the people that run
the RV parks know exactly what you need we stayed at powered sites everywhere we
went and we absolutely loved it even though we could have had showers in the
RV we preferred not to we just wanted to be able to like I said get away from
each other go to the shower blocks take our time, have some space we also really
liked the facilities because we designated the motorhome toilet as a
number one zone only so it was great to be able to have toilet blocks
to go to when needed it was also just more convenient when it came time
to dump waste and refill the water and we had really great peace of mind every
day that our 12 volt volt battery was fully charged and we didn’t have to
worry about a thing we stayed at a total of five different holiday parks
dotted across New Zealand and you guys we would recommend each of these highly
we’re gonna link those below for you so you can click through and check them out
and see if they’re a good fit for you too We had a pretty even split between
dining out and eating at the motor home now what we decided to do was after we
picked up our motor home in Christchurch we went to the Countdown supermarket
near the airport and we stocked up on all of our essentials so things like you
know olive oil salt pepper bread peanut butter all of that kind of stuff and we
just had a little bit of a food kitty in the van so we were just buying a couple
of days in advance there were plenty of supermarkets everywhere we went so it
was not a problem and by buying small amounts we didn’t feel so guilty then when
we stopped for lunch or went out for dinner now one thing I would
recommend is just to make the most of having all the facilities you need with
you when you’ve got your motor home so like I said earlier we really enjoyed just
pulling up at a really scenic spot making our lunch and sitting outdoors
and enjoying those views it’s a really good way to make the most of it it’s
going to save you money but most importantly it’s just enjoyable New Zealand is the adventure destination of a lifetime you guys if you want to get
that adrenaline pumping if you want to hit the snow this is your destination
while we were very focused on our snow days we also decided to throw in a sky
dive with the guys at Skydive Wanaka which was so, so much fun and
there are a wealth of different activities you can do based out of
wanaka you guys so make sure you stick a couple of those into your itinerary in
Queenstown we visited two different ski fields we went to Coronet Peak and
The Remarkables. Now the really cool thing about Coronet Peak is they have
night skiing so you can go up there once the sun sets it is so much fun they also
have these great nights called ‘Elevate’ where they have like live music and fire
pits and you know pizzas and burgers and it is just a party up there we got to
do one and it was really really fun Now another thing we did was get the heart
pumping with the Nevis Catapult with the guys at AJ Hackett both Matt and I have
done the bungy before we loved it this time we wanted to do something different
and the catapult was really fun one thing I would say is that you a few are
going up there, do more than just the catapult, I wish we had
we had a really fun time doing it but it’s over so quick and you
kind of become this adrenaline fiend out of nowhere and kind of get your
confidence up after doing the catapult and you’re like ‘I can take on the world’ Do something that scares you you will not regret it it was so much fun
we barely scratched the surface with activities I would recommend checking
out some of the amazing outdoor things you can do in all the spots you’re
visiting because there is just no shortage I mean if you’re going to visit
Milford Sound for example there are scenic flights you can take helicopter
rides up to glaciers you can go kayaking you can do Lord of the Rings tours
there’s snowshoeing there’s even sled dogging… dog sledding?
There’s backcountry skiing there are so many different things you guys so make
sure you look into it jam pack your itinerary with activities because of
those are the real highlights Now your flights are probably gonna be one of your
major expenses and depending on where you fly in and out of in our experience
flight prices can be different so we often try to nab sale fares from
Brisbane to Christchurch we just find it’s a little bit cheaper than flying
into Queenstown typically now this time we decided to fly with a Air New Zealand we
had a really great experience with them they’re really reputable airline in the
past we have flown with budget airlines and we even did this snow trip with
carry-on only we did it but it was rough and I wouldn’t recommend it and that’s
why we went with Air New Zealand we wanted to make sure we had our checked baggage
so we could bring all of our snow gear with us and no regrets I really liked
doing it that way now if you are flexible on your travel
dates I would just say that you might like to subscribe to your airlines sale
kind of notifications that they have seem to have sale blasts and that
way you’ll be notified when there is a sale on flights it’s also a free app
it’s called Hopper, I’ve used it a few times and you just put in your travel
dates and it lets you know when things go on sale or what the typically
cheapest time to travel is going to be So how much does a New Zealand Motorhome
road trip actually costs Well we kept a record of all
our expenses so that we can share it with you now a couple of things to keep
in mind of course this is just for our itinerary this is 11 days and 10 nights
and it’s also for three people one other thing to keep in mind is that
you can keep your costs down or you can blow them out if you want to simply by
choosing a different motorhome, staying in different places or choosing
different activities and lastly you guys just to let you know all of these prices
are in New Zealand dollars The motorhome rental costs $1600 you guys
and that included a $550 package which took our liability down to
nil and included extras like snow chains picnic chairs tables and all of that
kind of stuff we spent a total of three hundred and ninety one dollars on fuel
we also opted to go with the Express return package which was $329
the reason we decided to go for that is because the
New Zealand government charges a government imposed levy on diesel
vehicles and that is calculated based on the distance that you drive and is
charged when you return the vehicle back so by doing the Express return package
you cap that amount at the $329 but it also means you don’t have to return the vehicle full of fuel or with a full gas
slash propane tank either We spoent a total of $676 on
RV parks and we spent a total of $1033 on food. Our activities
totalled $1300 pern person and our flights cost just short
of $1300 return for the two of us from Brisbane to
Christchurch. So all up you coul reasonably be looking at around
$4030 for 11 days and 10 nights you guys And like I said that doesn’t include
your flights or activities because those are really
quite subjective Realistically for the amount of time we were there we really only needed
two pairs of jeans two big snow ski jackets two beanies different
bunch of t-shirts thermal underwear and two pairs of shoes as well as your
essentials like you know your sleep wear your underwear that kind of stuff but
guys do not over pack because you really don’t need anywhere near as much stuff
as you think and all of the RV Parks tend to have
laundry facilities anyway so you can keep up with your washing. One thing we
really needed that we didn’t pack was slippers because the floor of your RV is
cold and you don’t want to be wearing your muddy shoes around the place and
dirtying it up and if you can I would absolutely recommend that you pack into
a soft bag not a hardshell suitcase because when you unpack and take
everything out of your bag and put it in all of the storage spots in the RV which
you absolutely have to then you are stuck with a big hardshell suitcase and
very few places to put it so I want to finish this off by sharing with you our
top five tips for having an amazing Motorhome road trip in New Zealand
number one plan your visit outside school holidays which is what we did
this time our last trip we didn’t and what that meant was everything was a
little more expensive there was less availability of some of the places we
wanted to go and stay at and the ski fields were far busier. Number two visit
for as long as you can! We were there like I said for 11 days and it went by so
quickly New Zealand is such a big place there is so much to see and do go for as
long as you can in terms of taking time off work and as long as your budget will
allow you guys because trust me when you get there you’ll wish you had longer
another tip with time is just to allow a little bit of extra driving time because
your RV won’t be as quick as a car #3. Go for the luxe Motorhome
if you can we saw lots of people in smaller vehicles and it looks like it
was a little bit of a tight fit so if your budget does allow go for something
like we did with that Platinum River Motorhome from Motorhome Republic it was
incredible and we just had an amazing time it felt like a luxury holiday not
like we were on a budget and kind of skimping to save money #4. The first few days are going to be really clunky you guys as you get used to the
Motorhome life we were all bumping into each other saying excuse me can I
shuffle past and we were just making a mess and we were so worried about all
the things that we had to remember because when you pick up your motorhome
they give you a lot of information and you’re terrified that you’re gonna do
the wrong thing and blow the whole motorhome up but trust me you will get
the hang of it and your first two days they will be clunky but after that you
will work like a well-oiled machine you will know
all about emptying the waste refilling the water turning the gas off you will
know how to move through that motorhome without bumping into each other and you
will actually develop some really easy ways to clear up space and keep things
clean New Zealand is the adventure capital of the world you guys so do
something that scares you get outside your comfort zone go skydiving do a
bungee jump do something that challenges you and brings you out of your shell do
something that you’re going to look back on when you’re old and grey and be so
proud of yourself for doing it because if there’s one spot to do it it’s New
Zealand all right you guys that is it from us thank you so much for watching I
really hope you enjoyed this video now if you don’t already be sure to subscribe
and say kia ora in the comments below have a great weekend and I will
see you next week Love ya!

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