Newfoundland Travel Guide – Top Things To See, Do, & Eat

Newfoundland Travel Guide – Top Things To See, Do, & Eat

32 thoughts on “Newfoundland Travel Guide – Top Things To See, Do, & Eat

  1. What about Newfoundland & Labrador gets you most excited?

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  2. Nice video Will. As someone from there and who was in the tourism business for 14 years I hope you get a chance to see more of Newfoundland. Most will say that there is St John's and Newfoundland as St John's doesn't really represent true Newfoundland and I will agree to that. Top places to see while there are St John's ( City life), Gros Morne national park ( Mountains and fjords), Trinity/ Bonavista ( Fishing culture, museums etc) and Twillingate (whales, Icebergs, FIshing culture, museums) my favourite.If you ever go back let me know. Cheers

  3. Thanks Will! I plan on visiting the east coast, this summer so I'll definitely use this video if I end up visiting NL!

  4. Great video. I live on the west coast, and while I think St. John's and surrounding area is stunning, the west coast and the northern peninsula have so much to offer as well. Don't forget about the viking settlement in L'Anse aux Meadows. Rent a car, you won't wanna miss any opportunity to stop for scenic photo ops. Glad you enjoy our island. #Nltourism

  5. Jelly bean road.:). I enjoyed walking around there for couple hours checking out the colored housing.. i was bloody freezing though. That microbrewery yellowbelly has great beer its similar to little creatures fremantle where i was born

  6. I've seen so many beautiful summer sites in Canada recently!! Everything looks so natural and picturesque! I love comprehensive guides like this with so much info packed into one video!

  7. Never even thought of this place as a must go to but it has me incredibly intrigued. So much rich history in Canada and I am sad to say I have not touched it that much and I need to! Great footage loved the colored houses.

  8. I've been wanting to visit Newfoundland for awhile because it's one of the locations that the puffins migrate too 🙂 But now I know there's so much more to do!

  9. Awesome vid bud! Candy got the chance to go, but I haven't been yet, maybe one day i'll go visit the east coast.

  10. Ahem… Most eastern point in all of North America! Not just in Canada 😉 awesome video! Love the quality and the drone shots in Quidi Vidi.
    On your next trip (because we know you'll be back!) here are some places I would recommend
    Port de grave – google search port de grave Christmas lights!
    Harbour Grace – historic fishing village (and Amelia airheart stoped there during one of her flights!)
    Fogo Island- just doing a Google image search will make you wanna come back
    Terra Nova Nature Park
    Gander – museums, the town in the musical Come From Away
    L'anse Aux Meadows – viking settlement
    Gros Morne Nature Park – some of the most picturesque hiking trails around!
    Glad you enjoyed your first trip!

  11. Really nice video and great tips! Thanks for sharing! We are really excited since we are leaving to Newfoundland tomorrow and we definitely will use some of your tips! 😉 !

  12. Signal Hill is the first place long distance communications works but the history they tell you is wrong the patents for the technology use are from Nicola Tesla not not from Andrew Belle alittle bit more history John Cabot didn’t find Newfoundland it was settled before he got here If you dig a little deeper most of the history Newfoundlanders tell you was a lie believe me I’m a Newfoundlander

  13. Guys if you got a tent or anyting then you should go camping at la manch park park!!! It’s me favourite place to go every summer

  14. What a deeper look into the people of our island? Check out this new podcast called Red Sky @ Night shot here in Western Newfoundland!

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