Nice Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Nice Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

The pleasant climate, location and soft light
of this beautiful city first began to attract tourists in large numbers in the 18th century.
At that time, many families of the English aristocracy were fond of spending there winters
here, with an evening walk along the sea shore as one of the highlights. The main seaside promenade is named after
them, and a stroll along the Promenade des Anglais – the Walkway of the English – is
still popular with the many tourists who visit Nice each year. In fact, it’s the second most
visited French city after Paris. Its rich, mixed Italian and French history
has endowed the city with a wealth of fine public buildings and open spaces, as befits
a city where life is best lived largely outdoors.

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  1. As always, many many many clichés. Very stupid. Why always accordeon music ? Why always only show the old city side and never the new side ? Always restaurant, fruits. Im belgian living in France, cliché like that are stupid and boring. And it's about The 5th world economy….

  2. Nice, conheço e fui várias vezes, com meu esposo, sogra e sogro. Depois foram meus filhos comigo. A Av. a beira da praia é excelente para caminhar e ver os turistas, os hoteis de luxo, cassino. Eu me encantei com essa cidade. O aeroporto é na costa da cidade de Nice. Você sai do areroporto e já depara com a cidade.

  3. I'm french and they really managed to show the city as it really is. I'm from the North and the climate is so much more pleasant in Nice (pronouced like in "see"). By the way, there is a mistake at the beginning: it's "Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur.

  4. Guys save your money and go elsewhere , this place is boring and way too overrated , nothing much to do here , no nightlife , no entertainment no events , expect maybe the shitty jazz festival for grownups and the carnival besides that basically you have 2 or 3 things to see ( including the promenade des anglais ) and thats pretty much it

  5. Yes. We visited Nice twice in 2018. We loved it both times it is a beautiful place and I would definitely recommend a visit. Amazing people and amazing place.

  6. Salut à tous : J'ai vécu et travaillé 30 àns à Paris .J'ai passé 10 j de vacances entre Monaco-Nice-Cannes en Mars 2019 pour la première fois, J'ai adoré. J'aurais aimé y vivre.

  7. I just went there , I recommend it to anyone, the beautiful coastline, the old town and Italy, Monaco and Cannes just around the corner, one of my favourite Cities in the World!

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