NICELAND | a cinematic travel video

NICELAND | a cinematic travel video

[Windy outdoors] I’ve seen some nice places before. You look out of the window
and you think ‘Wow!’ But this… …this doesn’t even come close
to anything I’ve seen. [Inspirational upbeat music]

100 thoughts on “NICELAND | a cinematic travel video

  1. I showed this to my mom she was very glad and happy and her smile on her face was epic so thanks sir for giving smile on my moms face??

  2. I slowed it down to half speed so I could savor the images a bit longer. Music still sounded good at half speed. Very beautiful video.

  3. The video is nice
    Absolutely subjective thoughts here.
    I dont really like the storytelling. I think behind all of this effects the story is very weak, at 20 seconds i felt like there was nothing to expect and to the end it stayed true. Its of course personal and you did a great job at filming and editing. Especially with transitions – they are well planned and look very modern and cool. But the story did not cut it for me. It looks like you were choosing shots that transition well between each other rather then having them to line up some kind of a story. Story that builds up to reveal something, that has tension. For me it is the most meaningful part, but, as said, it is only my opinion. You did a great job at everything else, though.

  4. It is rash , I think travel videos shows the emotion of places , but in your case it shows d talent of your editing ,, actually you should make short films or full length fills more ..

  5. Hi, Jordy. As your film shown, you just use GH5 and mavic Air, do you recommend use more equipment such as gopro 7 or insta360 one x for record when you on traveling ?

  6. The sound design is stunning! ?❤ I mean, do you get ALL those additional SFX from

    By the way, I love Cinecom and you guys are the absolute best inspiration! (I'd give you more than one like but YouTube don't let me ?)

  7. wow! wonderful place!;
    Nice color grading; Amazing Edit: fast but very smooth transition, no strain to mind,
    While watching, I felt like you are steering the flow of my eye. Superb!
    Congratulations! for your progress.
    And sorry I watched it after 15,16 days.

  8. how he made this video:

    1. film the stuff with a drone or something
    2. add a bit of color correction
    3. add lens flares
    4. upload

  9. Just one word! Amazing!!! Really good sound effects and sound transitions! You dont need to go filmmaking school, you need only take your camera and try to do things.. Experiments! I'm really impressed ! Keep going to help us and inspire us! Thank you so much

  10. I've been trying to do a similar video about portugal this week (I uploaded it yesterday) but unfortunately it's not as good as this one here. Nevertheless, I am proud of it and hope that in a few years I may even outdo your video;)

  11. what is the name of the font that you've used in the title?
    It's so classic and I've been searching for one like this

  12. Jordy now did you get the wide aspect ratio? Did you use crop overlay letterbox png or did you actually resize and crop your timeline?

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