Night Cat Hydraulic-like Pop Up Camping Tent – Review & Tutorial

Night Cat Hydraulic-like Pop Up Camping Tent – Review & Tutorial

Here it is, here it is, here it is! My hydraulic tent! Yeah We got two sleeping bags, two sleeping pads and one hydraulic tent. Let’s open it up! Okay, we’re gonna open this bad boy up. Let’s see what it’s all about. We’ve got two sleeping pads and two pillows self inflating. So, we got sleeping bag number one sleeping bag number two. And this right here. Here’s my tent. It’s a hydraulic tent. Super easy hydraulic tent setup. Be very careful cutting this open. *gasping for air* There’s a cat on it! That’s one of my favorite things already. This is the Night Cat tent. Oh I can feel it. So this is a hydraulic tent. I’m really excited! A hydraulic tent! It’s supposed to be super easy set up where you’re just like abracadabra boom and it opens up! And you go boom! Hahahaha! Oh my gosh! It also is roomy it’s supposed to fit three to four people or maybe two people and a big dog. It’s also supposed to have really good ventilation. It has two doors. So we’ll show that when we go and open it up and try it out. Look at this! You got the two doors for ventilation. The rain fly for this can also be used as a separate pavilion. So we’ll check that out too. Now it’s a little daytime pavilion here. And it also claims to be waterproof in LIGHT rain. We’re gonna open it up right here in the yard. See how easy this thing is and try it out. You guys ready? Woohoo let’s do it! This is super easy, hydraulic tent setup. Fist time unloading this. Here’s the stakes. The tent stakes. Okay, so. So these are the things that lock here. Lock them out. This is really cool! These legs just, they lock out. Seems pretty easy so far. I gotta say. Now you take this. And you go boom! Hahahaha! Oh my gosh! Look at this! *laughter* Wow! That is like, Hahaha! That was so sick! That was like the easiest tent setup ever in my life! I just folded out the legs. Booooom! Abracadabra: BOOM! There it is. Look at this, you got the two doors for ventilation. Okay, I officially love this tent! Pretty cool, right? Sweet. So that’s how easy the setup is. This is how easy the breakdown is. Watch this. Watch! See this? You squeeze this up. Fold it in. Boooooooma. To put the tent down I’m just going to grab these like that. Fold these corners. Like so. Pull and fold. And then we just gather up the sides. Tuck in the extra fabric. Let’s see how easy it is to put away, right? So far, so good. I just collapsed it. And boom. She’s ready to go. Put that on there and that sets right into place. There’s some little ‘T’ bars. That you can see here which I’m gonna clip right into this little donut shape here. Then we’re gonna go around and we’re gonna attach the fly right here. A hook and also a little ‘T’ band and so we’re gonna put that right through that hook like that. so now Inside the tent the tent is vaulted. And you can go ahead and get inside and take a look. Look how much room there is in here. It’s big. Awe, you like this tent? See even cats like the tent! Hey baby. Now we’re going to show you how this can turn into a pavilion day tent, beach tent. I’m going to undo all of these ‘T’ straps that we secured earlier. And these are super easy. They just come right out like this. We’re also going to undo all the clips at the bottom here. And you’ll need to re-do this so that the tent sets up properly later. Check it out. Now. It’s a little Daytime just pavilion here Boom. Night Cat tent! Two thumbs up! The sleeping pad we’re going to roll it out flat. And I’m gonna open up this little spout. And on here, I have an inflate spout and a deflate spout so this top one is the Inflate so I open the top cap and I’m gonna take this bag and I’m gonna push that right down In there till it snaps. Kinda max it out. Look at that. It doesn’t feel like it’s taking anymore. So now I’m going to come back over here. And I’m just going to pull this out of the pad. Like that. And then I’m gonna close this valve. Tight Lock it in. It’s locked in. Ok, let’s throw it in the tent. See how it fits. Wow, great! Look at that! I’mma put one right der. Oh wow. Will it fit sideways? And then it can fit this way too. Yeah. And then you have more room on the side. Yep. So it can go either way. Depends on how much room you want in your tent. It might be best to put the two sleepers on the sides and then you have a walkway all the way through. Oh man, this is comfy! We love our Night Cat tent. We love our Night Cat! Yaaaaaayyyy! Night Cat, two thumbs up!! You

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  1. Gear I used for this video:
    Night Cat Tent %20 off coupon "20BBDIANA"
    Inflatable Air Pad w/ Pillow
    Warm Cotton Sleeping Bag
    Super Warm Mummy Sleeping Bag
    GoPro Hero 7 Black Hyper-Smooth

  2. Bought one with 20% code and already subscribed your channel. I'm a outdoor fans and I hope you could bring us more valuable products. : )

  3. It's amazing. Purchased one with the 20% off codes as a Christmas gift for my 8 yrs son who is also in love with cat : )

  4. I would have seen your video sooner as I just ordered one night cat 3-4 person tent on Amazon with full amount : – ( But it deserves. Very roomy for 2 adults and 2 kids families and my 2 kids love it so much as they could do that by themselves.

  5. I just ordered this and wish I didn't. Light rain. Lol. I'm in England. It rains pretty much every day
    Edited, I ordered one with a rain thing on top and it claims to be fully waterproof. My mistake ?

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