WEEKEND!!!! My guitar class was amazing.>>My art class was super duper awesome. I love my art class.>>Yeah, mine too. SCHOOL NIGHT Ugh!>>So hard! Ugh! Finally home! Finally! Six hours of boredom.>>Boredom.>>This carpet smells
but I’m too lazy to move.>>I’m gonna move. WEEKEND!!!!>>What’s for dinner? Pizza!>>Pizza! Pizza!>>Pizza pizza pizza mmm.>>Pizza.>>I love the weekends. They always have the best dinners.>>Yup! I love them too.>>Mmm, good pizza.>>Mmm, so good! This is so good.>>Cheese pizza is my favorite. Mmm, that was so delicious. Oh, I’m gonna get one of these.>>That was really good. Oh, I’m gonna grab one too.>>Hey Ronald, what’chu doing?>> Playing minecraft.>>Okay, have fun. SCHOOL NIGHT>>What are you doing, Ronald?>>Playing Roblox>>It’s time for dinner, come!>>Fine.>>Karina turn off the TV its time for dinner.>>Fine… Ewww. Soup.>>Wow, yummy!>>Ugh!>>Mmm delicious Karina.>>I’m gonna pass? I’m gonna get some of this.>>Hey what wrong with
this [inaudible] soup?!>>He gonna take some out [inaudible]>>Cool.>>Yummy pasta.>>And gross soup. WEEKEND!!!!>>Ronald, you wanna make a
[inaudible] video ?>>Yeah, sure! Okay, so what we gonna do?>>You pick !>>I don’t know.>>Sure, I’m joining. This video is going to go for my channel.>>Okay fine, but next one it’s mine. Ronald, you in the game yet? I’m waiting.>>Not really.>>Alright, come quick.>>That was a great game.>>Yeah, I hope it’s going to get lots of views. Okay, I’m going to my room!>>I’m gonna play some more
Minecraft in my room this time. SCHOOL NIGHT Minecraft time.>>Karina, It’s homework time! Chop, chop!>>I’m not doing any home work today! Home work, free!>>Eh eh, I don’t think so.>>How many more days ’til the weekend?>>Finally the computer time!>>Hey Ronald, it’s homework time!>>Oh, great. Ronald! Homework! Come on. Chop chop chop!>>Fine, I’m going to do it now..>>Hey, Ronald. Today is your lucky day..>>Why?>>We’re doing extra math pages.>>No!>>Finally, all done. Alright, now Minecraft!>>Yes! I’m done! You know what that means! WEEKEND!!!!>>That’s the biggest pulsar
I’ve ever seen. I, I have to take two trips.>>Woah, Lucas I’ve seen a
big cape you made.>>Yeah, you in it?>>No, I’m driving to it. Here, I how do I mine? Now, can I get bronze?>>No, don’t get bronze. That’s like the worst. Uh-oh.>>Yeah I just got [inaudible]>>I’m going to show where the good stuff is. SCHOOL NIGHT>>Alright, I’m gonna change now. Now, tap time. Ugh, I guess I’m going to
watch some YouTube.>>Okay So now we.. And then built up the rail..>>Ronald, get off the computer read a book. WEEKEND!!!! Karina, maybe you should go to sleep now.>>It’s the weekend, so I can
stay up late maybe like 2 hours.>>Okay, but when you’re done, make sure you close all the doors, turn all the lights off, put on the alarm system, and you can make breakfast for tomorrow Ronald, it’s midnight I’m going
to bed maybe you should go too.>>Soon.>>Ronald, It’s 1AM
maybe you should go to bed.>>Okay, fine! SCHOOL NIGHT>>It’s 9 o’clock, go to sleep now.>>In a minute!>>Ronald. Ohh.>>I’m ready to sleep!>>Ooh, I’m surprised. Okay, five more minutes and close the lights.>>I even surprise myself.

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