Nintendo Switch Holiday Gift Guide

Nintendo Switch Holiday Gift Guide

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  1. What about a Nintendo 64 controller that’s what I want ??I only ever played super smash 64 I had brawl but I’ve always found the super smash 64 because of nostalgia

  2. My switch is coming on the 27th 😛 anyone know what older games i can get for cheap? Im obviously getting smash already

  3. aHHH getting one for Christmas and I'm pumped :DDDDDD

    What game do yall reccomend?
    I'm thinking about breath of the wild, smash, pokemon, or super mario odyssey
    gAHHHh any suggestions ? It would be a big help :))

  4. Hi Bob, I was wondering if legit, OG GameCube controllers work on the Switch. I’ve got a functional Wavebird that is great for playing Smash on. If so, is there a specific adapter or something that I would need for it? Thanks and Merry Christmas!!

  5. The satisfye grip really is a good one. I backed them on Kickstarter and even though it took forever to finally get the grip I'm very happy with the final product for only $20

  6. “Most games cost $60” Mate idk what the conversion rate is now but Donut County, an amazing game is £12ish last I checked

  7. You said never buy a dock… But what if I'm a person that travels a lot for work and would like to use it in TV's from hotels for example… The Nintendo dock is not very portable… Isn't there any reliable portable third party dock?

  8. another reason to buy people giftcards is if you don't know what they wan't or they just straight up tell you they wan't money to buy video games or soething. only reason i feel like saying this is because that's what i did…

  9. No one would ever guess this is a case for a game console, but probably mistake it for my wife's wallet

  10. I asked for a Switch this Christmas…My mom said "If you're bad you will definitely get one!" So a few days before Christmas, I was very hard headed, on Christmas day, SHE BEAT THE HELL OUT OF ME….I learned to be more specific..geesh.

  11. Got me a Satisfye Grip a couple months ago. It feels a little bulky at first (after you're used to the thin feeling of the Switch on its own) but it's so much more comfortable. Totally worth it, and it's really inexpensive.

  12. I just got a switch for Christmas and I’m checking all your videos on what stuff/games to get great content btw I just subscribed

  13. I just discovered this guy and his channel, and I can't stop laughing at his dry humor and silly off-the-cuff comments. Insta-subbed.

  14. I dont have the switch yet.. but luckily I'm getting one on the 20th of this month and I'm very excited about it, I'm also starting with mario kart 8 deluxe because I love mario kart games

  15. I bought the satisfye grip/case because of this video, i just dont understand what the usbc to usbc cord that came with it would be used for

  16. It’s better to get the Pro Controller instead of the Power Adapter because it comes with a cable in the box

  17. it's crazy how this guy changed in a matter of months! Look at his comic book vids. Big change! In a good way tho

  18. My switch Christmas list? All that's on it is a switch.. cuz I don't have one.. I watch these videos for entertainment.. and then I get saddened by the fact I don't own a switch.. then I watch more videos like this so I'm prepared when I do get a switch…

  19. Im selling a bunch of stuff and saving my money to buy a switch and some games, cuz I cant get one for birthday or Christmas because, I just moved. ??????

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