100 thoughts on “Ninth US tourist suddenly dies at Dominican Republic resort

  1. The Dominican Republic and Haiti have the most beautiful beaches and the best mix of music and food in the Caribbeans. American tourists have been going there by the millions for over 40 years. What is the fuss about suddenly?

  2. Out of the millions of tourists that go to the DR, how come only US citizens are concerned? Hmm…

  3. who in god's name would go there now after all of these unexplained murders in the past few months. stupid is as stupid does.

  4. Yep lets all vacation in third world countries cause its paradise dont cha know …just go to Hawaii or maybe Puerto Rico …..nah.. Jamaica..dats it.
    No maybe Mexico, cause you know wtf.

  5. Do Americans really care? One guy? A couple? School kids shot day after day in the US and nothing gets done. Life is cheap to Americans.

  6. I’m from the DR and I feel like it’s a bunch of workers there that are doing this, unless the security guards at the front of the resorts are allowing people from outside to come in so it’s either workers doing it, or outsiders who shouldn’t be in the resort coming in

  7. Listen up troops!! Don't go there if you scared! Stay here in the mighty US of A and you can get killed in drive by's, serial killers, rapist, COPS, mass shootings, Robbery, etc. Is just better dying here for insurance purposes!!

  8. 6 million tourists visit Dominican Republic every year from all over the world and I don’t understand how only Americans are dying

  9. I would never go there. That's crazy. An actress went there with her family, and now she is sick too. This was on the news. God bless her.

  10. What's wrong with taking a vacation is the good ole USA? There's plenty of wonderful site to see right in our own back yard.

  11. Has DR denied requests for forensic work to be done elsewhere? You think they'd be anxious to clear up any doubt.

  12. This places have lots of sickness and and bad service and food and people getting killed I don’t understand why still people are going there

  13. I'm going, just not to the resorts that people were reported to have died or gotten sick, problem solved.

  14. Dominican doctors are certain that these Americans are dying from poor preexisting health conditions. Don't go on vacationsnif you can't handle a little pesticide in your food and drink.

  15. You know, in some other countries, they see Americans and tourist as target's. Your political view or soy pc lifestyle means nothing.

  16. The Dominican Republic is safe, Punta Cana is safe, more than two million tourists visit us every year, of all those who visit us, 99% want to return.

  17. More people die and get killed while vacationing in Las Vegas at any given year and nobody talks about it but six people died in different months in DR and the world comes to an end. By the way all this is happening because DR is the only country that approved the reading of the Bible and prayers in the schools and a week later after that important event keeps receiving attacks by the media. A tiny island receiving more than 10 million tourist a year will never be bulletproof. Please stop this unfair and unbalanced news

  18. The State Department needs to issue a travel ban immediately. What do you mean they need to wait???? So more Americans can die? Get your head out of the sand and ACT!

  19. DR is cheaper vs Puerto Rico but Puerto Rico is a US territory with US. rule, FBI and VA. Hospital etc. In your vacation keep safe and go to Puerto Rico…a pice of US. in the Caribbean! Support the US. economy. Made in the USA!

  20. Americans are not liked no matter how much money you have…. People are getting poisoned!!

    Word of advice. If you are an American then vacation in America otherwise you're taking risks that are unnecessary.

  21. Interestingly..there's all kinds of chaotic disorder and riot killing in neighboring Haiti( same island)..and nobody mentions it.hmm..
    As an American who grew up in the Dominican Republic..ill refrain from much commentary..but will privately shake my head at the typical agenda- driven tactics..of media coverage of foreign nation issues.
    Apparently its " not about genuine concern for travelers.but rather..who's benefiting..from..what"

  22. Two other Americans have been found dead today! A middle-aged couple. Now this is too much. Do we have an American Embassy there?

  23. As a dominican I feel that the bigoted comments are very rude and innacurate…this situation is being put on blast by the media and its stupid. Theres a murderer but thats it, dont judge the entire country.

  24. 9 deaths over the course of one year isn't that bad in my book. You could turn on your local news today and see 3 murders done that day. Just stay away from the booze and you should be good to go

  25. How many Dominicans has the US military murdered over the years, multiple invasions? Thousands, at least

  26. Yoo you need to investigate DR this is becoming a real issue!!!!!!!! I will not be going to DR ever again I suggest everyone follow!!!

  27. When I went to Dominican republic i was at a resort and didn't get poisoned. My mom was there after we left Dominican republic and came back and she got sick from eating a lettuce from a beach. I think somebody is murdering people in Dominican republic.

  28. Fake news, Dominican republic is the country more safety in latin america for tourist, It's just a dirty campaign on the part of the Fox network

  29. Crazy how people keep going there, why not travel to Puerto Rico or Florida why invest your money in a country that dont care about their tourists.

  30. What about tourists from other origins? Could the problem be on the flights? What airlines did they use? I remember some type of chemicals being thrown in the cabins through the ventilation systems in some our our flights to the south. I also think that about half of the tourists are from other countries…. If something accidental is wrong in the hotels it should also affect other tourists proportionally, right?


  32. Those places are full of tourists from all over the place because the resorts down there are very inexpensive, all inclusive holiday destinations. It sure looks like someone there is going after Americans specifically.

  33. Sounds like they putting visine in they drinks old trick but🤔why is it only Americans not londoners Frenchman's spaniards Germans icelanders Greeks 🕵️?

  34. Everyone thumb down this video full of bs, hysteria and negative propaganda.
    Todos póngale dedo abajo a este video lleno de mentiras y exageraciones.

  35. Attention there is something strange happening in Mexico 🇲🇽 .198 Americans mysteriously killed in 2018 and 998 in 5 years. 4 dead of the same family. Young man drowned after drinking something. They have to investigate. Something strange happens in Mexico
    You have to make this viral news

  36. I am Dominican, and I know that this is a dirty campaign for tourism, tourists who come from any part of the world not only the United States to discredit us and do not say it through networks, newspapers or news programs, but some countries do this campaign because their tourism is very low in the flow of tourists to their country and they want to harm us

  37. In Las vegas they die more than 1100 people at year, many of then people

    they are killed .In DR just died for naturals situacion, and maybe you will say that Las vegas is safe, it is to simple to undertand. @. GIVE DATA.

  38. After the Texas and Ohio shootings I wonder if tourists from other countries will be forbidden to visit the United States like they forbidded toursits from visiting the Dominican Republic.

  39. Bunch of haters read the report today
    From the FBI
    The report say every dead was
    By natural cause.
    What else you need to heard

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