100 thoughts on “NO SANDWICHES ☀️ Fun SUMMER Lunch Ideas

  1. This was really helpful because my ten year old daughter won’t eat sandwiches and I was stuck for lunch ideas.

  2. Hello my name is, Ivalu and i am 11 years old i have a lunch idea: an tun salad: snack cheese: drink. Grape juice: gold fish crakers. And thats all

  3. i have a fun mah game sugestion its called prodigy you can make an account and select yyour grade and its pretty much a fun math game and you go to diffrent worlds and have to finish tasks but on the way you will have to battle monster u selecs a spell and do a math equasion if you get it wrong then your spell does not work if you get it right it does and you levle up along the way i can promise you is a lot of fun!

  4. Just suggested your channel to someone who needs idea for lunches and snacks for her five years old child.

  5. Hi! I'm a follower on instagram! Please a shout out? Your the best mum ever! Those lunches look very tasty!

  6. Be careful what ur kids do after having dairy products. The heat will make it spoil in the stomach!

  7. I know what it's like not having a working stove/over. Ours is out right now so my mom is usiing a toaster over, single burner and an electric skillet to cook with. It's been in the upper 90s in my area with a heat index of about 112°! My bedroom has been over 90° all week! 😲

  8. These were great ideas! I like them for myself & my teenage son! Going to need to try these soon! 💙😊👍🏻

  9. Hey Jennifer! So I was wondering if you have thought about buying a teepee for your kids! My youngest, who isn’t much older than McKenzie. She loves hers..

  10. I have a lunch suggestion:
    Moana theme

    Main meal: mini pancake or waffles with syrup
    Fruit: pineapple
    Vegetable:carrots and ranch
    Treat: coconut waffer biscuits
    Drink: fruit punch

  11. wait how old are the fruit bares because the country cards are really old and I should know because I used to do little rating fruit bare cards on my dads I phone 4 when I was younger lol xxxx

  12. Love these kind of videos I’m from the uk and my local cinema does cheep tuesdays where their tickets are cheeper how crazy I’m going on vacation next week to Florida any good places to eat recommendations or anything I should try from the stores let me know xxxx

  13. Macys online has some really soft and modest dresses for girls. They are by the brand Epic Threads and are usually $9. My daughter got a cherry print blue dress with a flutter sleeve. She’s a small 10 year old and wore a medium.

  14. I love how you give your children such a variety of foods and the fact that your not upset if they don't like it. You are a great mom.

  15. Hi I am in summer camp and I need a awsome lunch for summer camp any ideas please share and let me know

  16. Yes we we actually do sold the regular tickets for kids and adults are 12.50 and on Tuesdays are five dollars

  17. I've been binge watching your lunch videos. They are sooo awesome. My 5 year old will be going to kindergarten in September so I'm trying to get ideas on what to pack. She eats very little so I won't purchase hot lunch at school. I'd rather pack hers. I have 2 older daughters…. much older and I never packed their lunch…I know, how horrible. They liked hot lunch but with my youngest I'm sure she'll not eat it. Love your voice as well. It's soothing. I see a lot of children comment on your videos. They keep saying how they wish their mom was like you and I feel so sad for them. I want my child to smile when she opens her lunchbox just like your kids do!

  18. I love how they all love one another and hug and share things.

    Me and my siblings take each other’s stuff and wouldn’t be caught dead next to each other. And if we are touching…. it’s basically death row.

  19. Your children are adorable. Your recipes are phenomenal and you are amazing. Have a blessed day.😁😇🙏

  20. Your the reason i still have hope for the next generation of kids your a great mom and it shows keep up the awesome work

  21. Okay u made me realize i feed my kids nothn but junk and im a trash mom . Lol . Love your videos. I gotta get on my mom game.

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