North Carolina’s Anti-Gay Tourism Commercial

North Carolina’s Anti-Gay Tourism Commercial

Female Narrator:
Ahhh, North Carolina. Home of beaches, mountains
and an extremely homophobic governor. Now, you can experience the
beautiful outdoors, cityscapes and incredible ignorance by hang
gliding backwards in time, racing to the wrong side
of history in a kayak, teaching your children to
judge others while frolicking in the waves, and
enjoying our waterfalls without fear of gay people
falling on you. If you are grossed out when same
sex couple order wedding cakes, or if you’re obsessed with
who is in what bathroom, or if you think religious liberty
laws only apply to your religion, North Carolina is
for you. We’re resisting
social progress, rather than helping
people in need, because North Carolina
stands for Nobody Cares.

100 thoughts on “North Carolina’s Anti-Gay Tourism Commercial

  1. Good, all the more reason to avoid any and all Southern states. I hope more of states adopt laws like these so homosexuals and bisexuals like myself can open up a market to where we can choose to move the fuck out of these shithole states.

  2. So, now, in most places around the country any man can, in effect, dress up as a woman and enter any woman's toilet – and no one will dare to question that – even if he is a predator or a freak of some sort – because god forbid they would then appear homophobic, or violate this person's civil liberties subjecting themselves to civil penalties – and in so doing could be subjecting themselves or others to far worse than that. What happens when transgender fakers start following little girls into the ladies room – such as what happened in Seattle? I sort of have a problem with this whole thing on pragmatic grounds. I tend to think that men and former men should pretty much stay out of the ladies room as a matter of public safety.

  3. I don't like that they ended the video on Charlotte, seeing as Charlotte passed the bill that HB2 was a response to.

  4. The only issue here is Gay/Lesbians think everyone should cater to them. I don't care about anything in this bill except the bathroom issue. I don't want my 8 year old daughter using the same bathroom as someone with a penis, even if they think they are a female. Its very simple, quit making a huge deal over it like this group does over everything. BTW, I live in North Carolina. Don't just listen to stupid people that make a youtube video for views and take it all for absolute truth. This is a comedy channel, not a political one. Do a little reasearch, then make a decision if the governor is homophobic. And by the way, just because you don't agree with the gay/lesbian lifestyle, it dosn't mean you are a homophobic. Believe it or not people can have different opinions!

  5. N.C already stood for Nobody Cares. Whoever Mars this was either late as hell realizing that or never cared because until now the goings on of NC didn't affect them so they hence " didn't care". If you've lived here like I do for the majority of your life this is no surprise honestly. Where are the pray for NC flags? We need some America. The residents that do agree with this must be keeping mum and smug about it, not everyone here is for the bullshit. Aside from even this bathroom mess, watch all the federal funding get cut.

  6. well done. I know it doesn't apply to all North Carolina residents, but majority rules. North Carolina through away your bad history and let your citizens live their life.

  7. I live in NC – and I'm convinced that our legislature and Governor are living proof that America spends far too little money on mental health care. My apologies to the rational World and enlightened civilizations everywhere.

  8. Lmao none of this shit is true in North Carolina just because some people don't accept that shit doesn't mean it's true for all of us.

  9. are you serious? I hope people can think for themselves and not just buy into this bullshit video.. DIVIDE AND CONQUER.. that's their game plan here in this video..

  10. You know, I've noticed that conservatives always make the most extreme comparisons to make their point. Their brains tend to think in extremes.

  11. Who but Democrat vote miners even think about stuff like who is using
    the urinal or shower stall next to you in a state owned school or other public building? Exploiting the fears of every special interest group to whom the NY Times-CBS-NPR crowd lends an outsized voice, anyone satisfied with the consensus held by every major religion and civilization for 99 percent of human history is automatically labeled a bigoted homophobe.!

  12. Your NOT Judging others when you 'judge' what they openly are doing and admit. [Judging is cast a Judgement based on assumption without proof] Secondly 'homophobic' is an oxymoron. More like a Moral Governor is in place. You don't get extra rights if you choose to be a part of a gay separatist group then want sovereignity. Speaking of Judging. . . There is one Far Mightier who will pass the final Judgement. He is who you have no respect for. You will tremble is fear and if you die unrepentant. There is NEVER a turn back as many have sadly been given over to their unlawful desires. Rather to be shamed among man than GOD. You have no idea what awaits for ETERNITY. For clarification purposes goes does NOT hate gays but their sexual perverted abominational ways. For people who havent shut themselves from GOD's ears display righteous anger. Which you call homo-phobia. Homosexuality hasen't been illegal for over 5000+ Years for no reason. Same as with Murder, Rape,Stealing etc and so on. They are called deadly sins for a reason not cause they were suddenly deemed such. Its a Spiritual death (Hellbound) as well under Old Law to be carried out on the spot. To stop the spreading of these evils that EVERY person who justifies as 'good' or with their own "Rationalism". If Jesus Christ didn't come we'd be under the Jewish Law. So cheating on our wife (Adultery),Stealing even a piece of gum etc. Would of ben dealt with quickly. GOD is extending his Mercy by Sending Jesus to the Cross so you have a CHANCE. God is a God of Love, He is not given us a Spirit of fear. This is where Jesus proxies for us to GOD. While you have time people look to Jesus.

  13. A bit twisted? NC has more bisexual, gay and other residents in Asheville than most places in the US. Just because one has a choice to be straight does not mean it is discrimination, it means they ALSO have a choice. As for little girls sharing bathrooms with men, seems a bit disturbing to me, maybe not you. I have always enjoyed Asheville as being multi most everything. Don't discriminate against others who have the freedom to disagree with you with the ploy of an ad seemingly put out to prevent discrimination…. God does not accept all things but God is love. Read His book. If you have to change His book to fit what you believe then you don't understand that The Word IS God and means what He says.

  14. gays and transgender people r not the same! for all of North Carolinas problems being homophobic (the fear of people who r attracted to the same sex) is not one of them

  15. Le reddit armie is hear! I have a friend who is a gay, and I work with a black. There is nothing wrong with them. They are clean, articulate, and always offer help when called upon.

  16. HAHAHA This is too true. I'm going back to Raleigh next year (I was born there) and part of me is just like "ugh, the cavemen."

  17. I wish more tourists would stay out of North Carolina. I don't care about their reasons, just go away. Traffic is bad enough in many places without idiot leafers holding us up.

  18. OMG this can't be real if it is ppl get over it ppl are gay. Think about it if you were gay you don't want someone judging you srsly where is humanity

  19. Wait a minute, I have lived in NC and the governer there is a democrat and he is not even homophobic. Funny or Die, not all red states are like this so please shut up because NC is not like this.

  20. It's not a certain area it's everybody, everyone's a hypocrite And are just alike so stop bitching and listen to other people's opinion and not only yours

  21. @ItsJustNick reacted to this video and that's why I'm here, I just love how sarcastic she is… hope the elections turn out well this time:)

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